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Crown Store Item Wish List

  • SydneyGrey
    More dyes, especially lighter and darker colors
    Example: light green and dark green
    More orange and pink dyes, in particular. They're the rarest dyes in the game.
  • Maki2859
    Housing :
    - Elf ears
    - Enclave of the Hourglass/Moon Hunter Keep court like second Empire style big house maybe in Colovia
    - Guard/mercenary of Convenant for houses
    - Guard/mercenary of Pact for houses
    - Guard/mercenary of Dominion for houses
    - Guard/mercenary of Empire for houses
    - Imperial Legion balist
    - Imperial Legion all size banners
    - Military camp
    - Museum showcases
    - Second Empire style furnishments (maybe with Colovia)
    - Wooden mannequin for armor

    More daedric Polymorphs :
    - Dremora
    - Shrike Crowcaller
    - Shrike Talon
    - Skaafin Bloodcleaver
    - Skaafin Masquer
    - Skaafin Tyrant
    - Spiderkith Venifex
    - Xivkyn Dreadweaver

    Pets :
    - Duneracer
    - Duneripper
    - (maybe) mini Crocodile

    Quests :
    - Ability to cancel a quest already completed
    - Accessibility for closed quest already completed area
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  • Aeschere3
    A deadric red banner thing for Meridia. Also a maormer skin.
    ZOS please give Maormer skin
  • Aeschere3
    Maki2859 wrote: »
    Pets :
    - (maybe) mini Crocodile

    I absolutely agree. A mini croc would be adorable. A vulture pet would also be good.
    ZOS please give Maormer skin
  • Cinbri
    1. Nightmare Guar mount.
    2. Red torchbug pet.
  • Brother_Numsie
    A zoom in and zoom out option so we can preview cosmetics better before buying and a preview dye channels before buying options so we can see how dyes look on items.
  • Sierra0209nub18_ESO
    Would really like limited time outfits like Naryu's and Dark well as Adorable assasin to come back please. I know I'm not the only one waiting!!
    I suppose thinkin before speakin is good in some cases, no?
  • coplannb16_ESO
    Snow Owl pet please
    max level: mDK, stamBlade, stamSorc, magPlar, mDen, stamDen, magBlade, stamCro
    # of mules: 4 (FULL)
    maxed bank: FULL -_-
    Stop the grind! Get rid of stupid events and daily-quest gallore. Get rid of "have a chance of 1 in a million to get a piece of 1 in 30 to get a stupid motif or pet... wtf..."
    And at this point just remove all classes and have everyone choose their set of skills. then balance accordingly to skills always used vs. skills never used.
  • radiostar
    Could we have an ESO+ perk that lets us go back to the Char Creation module? Maybe just up until Level 4 or 5, or whatever we get to the World as by skipping the tutorial.

    I made a great character but I forgot to make a class for her. Then when I got out the tutorial it was not the class I needed her to be. So to remake her I'll have to pay for a change token, screenshot her settings, then recreate her in the right class. If we could edit characters before they start leveling skills too much, it would save a lot of time; i.e., be more convenient. That seems like a Plus perk.

    Unless you're going to give us a chance to buy the class change token?
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  • mainarhont
    There is a suggestion: put coupons for access to a craft bag on sale in Crown Store (upgrades> account).
    for example:
    access for 1 day
    access for 7 days
    access for 14 days

    There are just situations when the ESO Plus is already over, there is no way to extend it, but there are crowns on the account for which I could get temporary access to a craft bag.
  • GChaseXmas
    Would really like limited time outfits like Naryu's and Dark well as Adorable assasin to come back please. I know I'm not the only one waiting!!

    Yeah this is always a demand and surprisingly not utilized enough by ZOS. For example during this Halloween period you would think the shrike nocturnal’s frock would have been rereleased but it seems these things (like the hero costumes) are only finding their way back through crown crates (or maybe now monthly “daily rewards”).
  • BretonMage
    I'd pay a lot of money for a solo mode.
  • BennyButton
    The ability to make our characters into NPCs for housing would be welcome, I think.

    Let us buy upgrades to housing item limits as well!!!
  • Cinbri
    Nightmare nix-ox
  • Kyuumu
    Really wish there were more options for Halloween Costumes. Some choices for full costumes like.....hags, witches, deadra for instance would be great. Next year hopefully....
  • Nord_Raseri
    SydneyGrey wrote: »
    A provisioning station that is also a fireplace, since none of the provisioning stations will work inside of fireplaces. That would be amazing. Of course it would still have to be able to work even when pushed up flush against a wall.

    Or a provisioning station that looks like an old-fashioned wood-burning stove.

    Also, a fix to the original provisioning station, since the flame/smoke effects disappeared after a patch about a year ago, but it was never fixed. It just looks terrible, because the "fire" part of it is just a flat orange with no fire/coal/smoke effects. It would be wonderful to see this finally fixed.

    I put a daedric table brazier beneath the ground under my provisioning station. @SydneyGrey
    Edited by Nord_Raseri on October 22, 2018 7:04PM
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  • Nord_Raseri
    The ability to make our characters into NPCs for housing would be welcome, I think.

    I second that
    “Barbarianism is the natural state of mankind. Civilization is unnatural. It is the whim of circumstance. And barbarianism must ultimately triumph”
    ― Robert E. Howard
  • heaven13
    As New Life is just around the corner, I request (again) that the Winter Garland Dapply Grey mount be released with a toggle to completely hide all new life decorations. Please ZOS. This horse's markings are my absolute favorite but I don't want new life cheer all year round. Please, please.

    (And in the future, also consider such diversity - more options = better.)

    Also, please, please FINALLY give us hair color choices in crown store. I want a black-haired Altmer.
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    Adelaisa Loche | Imperial magblade, Stormproof
    Alcaeus Thaevarian | Imperial stamplar/tank
    Yrsa Flame-Kissed | Nord warden tank, Stormproof
    Nyseilvei | Altmer Maormer magsorc, Stormproof
    Morrigan Le Guen | Breton magden/healer, Stormproof
    Vycentia Incendus | Imperial dragonknight tank
    Naima al-Janir | Redguard stamden, Stormproof
    Uvrissa Vilandrys | Dunmer magdk, Stormproof
    Maura Velane | Breton magcro/healer
    Aoife Erelié | Breton sorc healer, Stormproof
    Desdemona Opetreius | Imperial stamcro, Level 10 Master Angler
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  • Mordhar
    Banana wrote: »
    Class change
    Account wide everything
    Character copy. To another slot
    Hide shoulders/Hip flaps
    More hair colors
    MNsnowtaTy wrote: »
    An alliance change token.

    Started out playing solo, but now that I play with others I prefer playing with them for the AD in Pvp. Instead of deleting and starting over I'd rather just use a token and change my alliance.

    The biggest issue would be those that dont have the option for any race any alliance.
    These two, at the same time.

    Reason: I got an “every race” pack as part of the game purchase, back in 2014.
    I created my “perfect set” of 8 characters in every slot (not upgradeble at the time) 2 of every class.
    4 EP – main alliance I wanted to play, 2 AD and 2 DC – in case I need to access other alliances for trade or social interaction.

    After one year that become unnecessary, because every character got access to every alliance, but I kept my setup. One more year and I had to create 2 more characters (buying slots for them) in alliance I play LEAST, simply because new characters are added to the bottom of the list.

    Today’s patch finally allows me to re-sort my characters. It is great time to get that Nord-Warden in his rightful place in EP on top of my characters list. Or change my Wood Elf to AD.
    With one “small problem”: first, I have to DELETE two characters. One of them 4-year-old, with maxed-out riding skills, learned crafting traits, motifs (some of them limited-time only), recipes, achievements and so on. Other “just” a 1-year.

    I will gladly pay 2-3 times of the game price to be able to keep my first characters, while at the same time be able to use new features of the game.

    And dye packs for mount’s armor.
    For example ability to remove yellow tint on armor of witchknight horse or match color of saddlebags with saddle.
  • shaarkyy
    Soul Shriven
    Hello, will be nice if we have a chance to buy - Wayshrines for the houses, upgrade for more house slots, upgrade with board for the crafting writs and place for deliver them in the house, also if we have chance to upgrade, if will not be added in some future update, to can repair from the merchant in the house, and to use the guild trader from the banker in the house, just the same options to both like in the normal bankers and merchants in the zones, also will be nice if we have chance to train our mounts from the house. Will be nice if we can add this upgrades in the house, and when we just relog to characters for crafting, selling, training mounts, to be in our own house.
    Edited by shaarkyy on October 28, 2018 3:00PM
  • Mattys04
    I will be very happy if you add once more Long Patriarch Beard.
  • max_only
    I’d purchase the ability for the game to stop scaling down my mounts and combat pets on my shorter characters. I’m trying to be fierce here
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  • Wildberryjack
    Hair color change tokens, and they need to be cheap since ALL they'll let us do is change hair color.
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  • Heimdarm
    working group finder for example 1000 crowns? 500 crowns for eso+ members
  • Tsar_Gekkou
    I just want the Storm Atronach crates back at least one more time.
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  • BennyButton

    this skin
  • Starlight_Knight
    Warden Lives Matter!
  • tactx
    I just want the Storm Atronach crates back at least one more time.

    THIS ^
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