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Crown Store Item Wish List

  • rosendoichinoveb17_ESO
    Need conjured weapons arms pack.
  • Karmanorway
    I want a ice castle as a home for my magicka warden, hidden under the frozen sea.

    Saint personality with default levitating

    All i can think of atm :-)

  • Raltin
    Three pet ideas:



    And a Wormmouth.
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  • godagarah5000
    adding xivkyn, xivilai, and dremora as playable races in an upgrade or something
  • Versispellis
    I recently got into housing. I have a handful of wishes!

    1. A winter house with lots of real estate. There is the Snowglobe house, but my favorite part of housing has been building on the outside. I absolutely love dense winter forests and would love to be able to create one of my own, with a lot of secret little easter eggs and crafting stations. It absolutely needs the perpetual snowfall! A cabin on a gigantic chunk of land like this would make me very happy! An autumnal house like this would be enchanting, too!

    2. The ability to fix the time of day at your house (excepting houses that have a unique skybox, of course.) I want it to be night all the time. It's really atmospheric and I think nighttime is when all the wonderful light objects really shine. If not this, please consider making the above eclipsed in a constant night. :)

    3. Furnishing items:
    • Runestones (like the nodes) as decor. I've been in love with them since I first started playing!
    • More light sources with an orange/amber bias in general
    • Winter trees and snow covered stones
    • Sheets of different ground texture--soil, grass, snow, cobbles, water, etc.
    • More rough hewn structure options. There are lots of architectural resources in the Alinor style. It'd be nice to see something in, say, the Wrothgar style. I know you can acquire a gazebo in that style, which is excellent.
    • Furnishing animals. The butterflies are a nice start. It'd be nice to see some more of the ambient creatures become furnishings. A small cluster of crows, little squirrels that scurry when you approach, etc. I'd eventually like to see it graduate toward bigger animals like livestock, deer, and wolves. Big properties feel so empty and lonely without some creatures.
    4. The ability to mount on your property. I understand that being able to mount may be redundant when you can place your mounts as furnishings, but I desperately miss this ability whenever I visit a big property. It'd be cool if you could effectively take your mount out of the stable, even if it's simply a case of the mount disappearing from where you'd placed it when you mount up.

    [Edit] 5. Another tier of permission options for visiting players. The options can be frustratingly restrictive. I want to give players the ability to place (not remove) items and visit ALL of my properties. Please?
    Edited by Versispellis on December 9, 2018 5:44AM
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  • Windstrider2017
    I definitely second adding the ability to let players visit all of your properties, instead of having to change your primary residence if you want people to see your other house(s) or whatever.

    I also think having the option to purchase a furnishing capacity upgrade would be great, if you can't afford ESO Plus at the moment. Maybe it could cost the same as an outfit slot upgrade, and like an outfit slot upgrade is for one character, be for one house? Seems reasonable. Having it for all houses would be nice but it would probably be horrifyingly expensive, so the option to buy it for an individual house is a must - besides, what if somebody only wants to increase the furnishing capacity of one house?

    Actually, that brings me to the next thing. Maybe make individual items in packs of crown stuff purchaseable (like instead of paying for, for example, the entire adornments pack, a player would have the option to purchase, say, an earring and a face paint). It would still cost crowns, so the game would still be financially supported by players buying crowns, but we would have the ability to buy the individual things we want instead of paying for an entire pack of things, many of which we may never even use. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to even have the option to buy it at all, but it would be even nicer to be able to pick and choose. And people would still be buying crowns and supporting the game. Heck, people might be more likely to buy crowns if we were given the option to spend them on a ton of different little things, instead of spending all the crowns we just bought on one thing. Though this, I think, shouldn't be like the outfit or house thing, it should work like other Collections stuff - like how I bought a tattoo in the crown store and it's usable by any and all of my characters. Once a player buys something this way (if this gets implemented), it should be added to the Collections; hair, major adornments, etc, and accessible to all of a player's characters.
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  • godagarah5000
    the ability to play as one of the forces of order, a golden saint, and dark seducer as races
  • Delsanab14_ESO
    Ayleid house or I guess delve house would probably be more appropriate, maybe Ayleid ruins for a mage? The Tel tower was disappointing in design and size honestly.

    Bring back all the crates at once!
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  • Reistr_the_Unbroken
    LeHarrt91 wrote: »
    A Psijic Elk.
    Omg yes, we need more elks.

    Vampire lord polymorph or something decent for vampires please.

    A neutral skin to hide one's vampire aspect (basically canceling out the vamp skin layer) so your toon's skin remain as when initially created.
    Been waiting for this since 2014, i'll gladly drop 5k crowns on something like that to finally get that out of the way.

    Count Verandis Ravenwatch can do it, it's lore-friendly and probably easy to implement, so I see no reason we can't as well.
    I’m using a Soul-Shriven skin until they do something like that. Yeah sure it looks weird, but at least it’s a bit better than the stage 4 vampirism.
    Edited by Reistr_the_Unbroken on December 17, 2018 11:10AM
  • Wrathmane
    I would like a large statue of Meridia.... similar to the one of Azura found in Stormhaven's achievement funishers.

    A large statue of Amalexia (sp.?) like the one found of Vivec in Vvardenfell's achievement funisher.

    The Brassy assassin personality needs to make a return.
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  • Vudokan
    I would like to see tokens for a reasonable amount - say, 150 - 250 crowns - that allow you to go to the style parlour and change one thing about your appearance. Once you've selected the single change, all of the other options are locked to you until/unless you revert that change and select another one.

    This would allow people to make one or two tweaks to their appearance at a more reasonable price and would likely lead to a lot more spending on this type of thing. There's no way in hell I'm spending 1k-3k crowns to change the eye colour of my character, but I would definitely pop in and change the eye colour or hair colour on a fairly regular basis to suit my whims if this cheap option was available.

    EDIT: Another way it could be done is to simply use a similar system to the outfit system where the more changes you make, the higher the price. So if you go in to change the eye color it might cost 150 crowns, but if you click to give your character more of a smile that adds another 100 crowns to the cost or whatever. Then you are paying for what you change rather than the current system of paying full price whether you're changing one thing or 10.
    Edited by Vudokan on December 18, 2018 8:51PM
  • Matchimus
    Loving the game. Thank you.

    1. A location to put all my pets and mounts.

    2. A rocky water pool so my waterfall from the Summerset achievement has somewhere to go.

    3. Jumping Fish (exactly like the fishing spots in game). I could put them in the rocky pool. Others could put them in the water at their homes (E.g. Hundings, Strident Springs, Serenity Falls)

    P.S. Please dont hide them behind gems.

  • weepyfox
    Soul Shriven
    i'd love to live in a lighthouse... or a tower of some kind
  • Greystag
    -This costume in the Crown Store (or next Crate Season but please keep it cheap).

    -Better dyeing. A lot of the motifs and costumes, especially the ones released in the last years, look extremely shiny. I'd love it if the textures on cloth dyed like the Ebony motifs instead of looking shinier than metal.
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  • Anumaril
    We need a Nerien'eth Arms Pack that includes one of those lich staves. I've been dying to get my hands on one of those to use in my outfits but a cosmetic one as of yet does not exist.
  • fakingfocused
    It would be nice to have more chest motifs like frostcaster but with different amror styles (more exposed for my barbarian). And fur that can be dyed. You could then wear a helmet and still have the appearance of having long hair underneath it.
  • swook33b16_ESO
    Well now...lets see.

    I wish for is a Welwa mount, Mammoth mount.
    Titanborn Motif/Half-giant Motif and Atmora Motif (ancient Nord armor and weapons).
    And instead of castle houses, can we see some smaller/medium houses come once and awhile instead of only castle houses.
    A house in the sewers for those who play like a rogue/thief, maybe next to a Outlaws Refuge or better yet next to the thieves guild in Abah's Landing. A house in Orsinium and a house in Balmorra (lots of vacant houses in Balmorra)

    New pets for the warden, wolf, elk, welwa, tiger, sabertooth tiger etc

    More Hairstyles/beards for all races.
  • M_Volsung
    Dwarven saber cat mount.
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  • Vudokan
    weepyfox wrote: »
    i'd love to live in a lighthouse... or a tower of some kind
    The Snowglobe house currently in the store is basically the tower lighthouse from the Gold Coast stuck inside a snowglobe.
  • Avrael
    A fully topless male costume. A lot of costumes are close, the Dark Shaman costume is the best so far, but the arm-pieces are... ugly, and the belt is very high up. The argonian "Ever Damb" Reed-Fiber Kilt sadly has the big sash across the entire body, also the belt is even higher up. And now the new Bonding Rite Vestment, if the entire upper piece wouldnt be there it would be the one i wish for the most. You reall had the chance with this one, but you had to make it a normal costume with an upper piece again... So far nothing really fits my argonian shaman character for which i only want a kilt...
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  • TrinityBreaker
    Can we get the drunk personality back please?
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  • Shawn_PT
    Now that we have 'lizard' skins and lizard mounts, can we have a cosmetic accessory of sorts to give players a wiggly lizard tongue that pokes out every now and then, like the mounts have? That'd be so funny :tongue:
    Edited by Shawn_PT on December 27, 2018 2:38AM
  • j.greenmanb16_ESO
    Everything and anything involving our dear daedric prince, Sanguine.
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  • StormChaser3000
    High resolution, hairy and cute reindeer. The one we have right now is too low quality looking one.
    Edited by StormChaser3000 on December 28, 2018 6:58PM
  • WeerW3ir
    High resolution, hairy and cute raindeer. The one we have right now is too low quality looking one.

    we have indrik, elk, dark elk, and will have indrik pokemons. thats enough?
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  • StormChaser3000
    WeerW3ir wrote: »
    High resolution, hairy and cute raindeer. The one we have right now is too low quality looking one.

    we have indrik, elk, dark elk, and will have indrik pokemons. thats enough?

    Did you read the part "the one we currently have is too low quality"?

    Indrik mutant is not even close looking to that. I'm pro natural looking, high-resolution mounts.
    Edited by StormChaser3000 on December 28, 2018 9:41PM
  • Reistr_the_Unbroken
    Daedric titan Mount or pet
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