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ESO Live - Ask Us Anything!

  • kongkim
    Any ETA on new fixes to the Groupe Finder?
  • Moncho11
    Any word on the animation issues going on with DW on consoles. There seems to be a delay with light attacks and spammables. The also appears to be an issue with Heavy attacks and channels. In both cases after the attack animation the skil animation is then delayed and then it all hits at once. There's several posts on the bug forums with no acknowledgement.
    Edited by Moncho11 on June 9, 2017 8:31PM
  • Rewws
    We need a group finder fix, it's becoming ridiculous beyond belief that this isn't fixed yet, 6 months to fix a major ingame feature is stunning, this is crippling group play and how many enjoy the game, what are you plans for this?

    My personal theory: You paid someone to make a group finder tool for you, a decent price tag and it worked fine for a while, now after updates it is screwed up in ways you didnt think was possible, and you have asked the same programmer to make an update to the tool, he / she says "sure, I'll do it for xxxxxx$" and you go "hmmm this is pricey for a fix that we as developers don't need right now, people can still teleport into dungeons if they wish, it's good enough for now, we will postpone this once we have secured our revenue elsewhere in matters we deem more important" So now you let us tear out our hair in despair over how frustrating the dungeon tool is, there have been some posts about updates done to it, but it's still broken and its unacceptable...
  • Danny231
    kongkim wrote: »
    Any ETA on new fixes to the Groupe Finder?

    It is out, in the Patch notes for pc, but not for console as of yet!
    Edited by Danny231 on June 12, 2017 4:10PM
  • Djeriko
    Are you planning on releasing the Hero costumes (High Elf, Nord, and Breton) again?
    Edited by Djeriko on June 13, 2017 10:56AM
    "When in doubt, kill it with fire."
  • Djeriko
    So more than a year ago I had an idea after you guys nerfed ash cloud and its morphs for DK's. Here's a copy from that thread:

    I have an idea to change the ash cloud morphs for DK to allow more flexibility with DK builds. The idea operates much like the morphs for the Fighters Guild ability Trap Beast.

    The old ash cloud ability used to be an aoe that was cast targeting the caster's position at the time. Also cinder storm used to have a miss chance as part of the aoe to any enemies that entered the space which was great for tanks. This miss chance was removed and we were given a ground targeting aoe that we could cast from a distance.

    To help players choose their route, make the cinder storm morph self targeting like it used to and give it a dodge chance instead of miss chance. This works like the NB blur effect when the DK gets major evasion but add "only as long as he is in the aoe" plus the aoe does the same dot of fire dmg. This would make it a great tanking skill while still not putting miss chance and it only works on the caster to have the dodge chance if you are worried about it being spread to too many allies.

    As for eruption, keep it the way it is now. This way you can choose cinder storm for a less damaging tanky spell or a higher damage distance casting spell.

    What do the rest of you guys think?

    So that was the comment from late 2015. Sounds familiar doesn't it? It should, it's pretty much the same as the Warden spell Impaling Shards. It behaves almost exactly the same way my idea came to fruition. You got an aoe that can be used as a ranged dot on one morph and then the other morph is an aoe cast on the area where you stand.

    So since we obviously know you have the ability to make this mechanic work, why not do that for our classic tank, the DK? You can totally give DK some kind of buff to cinder storm where they get minor protection when in the aoe or something to that effect. DK Tanks get their self targeting aoe with a buff and DPS DK's get a ranged aoe with increased fire dmg. Win Win just like what you did with Warden.

    Though I have to admit, you failed to have the Gripping Shards morph have some kind of increasing stats with the I, II, III, IV morph levels. They are all the same. Maybe increasing the time that enemies are rooted would be viable. Looks like an oversight. Either way, I'll ask again. So what do you guys think?
    Edited by Djeriko on June 13, 2017 10:57AM
    "When in doubt, kill it with fire."
  • Qbiken
    In maelstrom arena there´re other sets aside from the maelstrom weapons. Example: Winterborn, para bellum, elemental succession....etc

    These sets doesn´t follow the principle of the rest of the sets in this game (all itemslots available in all traits, depending on wether it´s a weapon, jewel or body part of course) These sets doesn´t come in any weapons/Shields and doesn´t exist in traits as sturdy and impenetrable. Any plans on adjusting this??

    Another thing that bothers me with these sets is that necklace exists in blue, Purple and gold quality, but rings are only available in blue and gold quality for these particular sets. Any plans on adjusting this??
    Edited by Qbiken on June 13, 2017 11:31AM
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  • Danny231
    Is there away you can add 12 player trials into group finder thanks!
  • MilwaukeeScott
    Will we be compensated for buying a broken Chapter?

    All I see is hate and rage from people who don't understand how to.....
  • Danny231
    Will we be compensated for buying a broken Chapter?

    Sorry, but I do not agree that the chapter is broken! It seems fine. There will be a few bugs here and there. But they do fix them. But I sure they would never make a broken chapter!
  • Elsonso
    Will we be compensated for buying a broken Chapter?

    Wow. It's been ages since I have seen you in the game.
    @Elsonso on PC North America

  • Easily_Lost
    Will we be compensated for buying a broken Chapter?

    I don't know what's 'broken' about it, mine is working fine ( if you are talking about Morrowind ).
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  • SwaminoNowlino
    Danny231 wrote: »
    Will we be compensated for buying a broken Chapter?

    Sorry, but I do not agree that the chapter is broken! It seems fine. There will be a few bugs here and there. But they do fix them. But I sure they would never make a broken chapter!
    hagermanj wrote: »
    Will we be compensated for buying a broken Chapter?

    I don't know what's 'broken' about it, mine is working fine ( if you are talking about Morrowind ).

    Battlegrounds, the sole reason many of the PVP oriented players bought the expansion, is indeed broken. For consoles, they aren't expected to give us an update that "MAY FIX" the issue until Mid-July.
    KingJ wrote: »
    Hey guys, just to give you an update, we are testing several fixes relating to the Grouping Tool that should help with the remaining queuing issues. Our plan is to include these in Monday's incremental patch, assuming they pass QA.
    @ZOS_GinaBruno Will console get this patch?
    That's the plan, yep. It'll be in the next console incremental, currently looking at mid-July.

    Hey guys, just to give you an update, we are testing several fixes relating to the Grouping Tool that should help with the remaining queuing issues. Our plan is to include these in Monday's incremental patch, assuming they pass QA.

    Can we get some insight into what is broken and what is being done to fix it?
    I can't explain how the issues are being fixed (I'm not a programmer), but can list some of the issues we're currently working on that affect the Grouping Tool and queuing:
    • You can currently join a Battleground with less than two minutes remaining, which along with being less than ideal, also can cause you to get hit with an error message and get kicked back to another queue.
    • You will sometimes never get a Ready Check and will be kicked out of the queue after a full group has come together.
    • After joining a queue, you'll receive an error message that someone has declined the invite, and will get removed from the queue. We're working on not only fixing this issue, but also clarifying the error message so it's clearer what this means and what's happening.
    • You will sometimes encounter a long loading screen when zoning after accepting a Ready Check.
    • There are also a handful of backend issues that are resulting in groups failing to form.

    The certification process on console takes approximately 1 week, depending on the size. Ubisoft generally gets their small ones out in 3 days or so, and 5 days for a bit larger one. Classify this as a bit larger one. No reason console players should be getting this patch any later than 26 June. ZOS has told console players to go pound sand instead of fixing their broken content in a timely fashion.
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  • GeorgeBlack
    Will you remove 5piece proc sets?

    Will you remove Evasion because mmorpg combat is not Dota combat and you must roll dodge or sprint or block to avoide damage?

    Will you simplify CP stats so that people stop going only dps since they can't defend against all: DoT type, critical type, penetration type, direct type, poison type, disease type, barrier breaking type, elemental type, magic type, normal hit type.
    I can't defend against 10+ dmg types so ima go as a DAMAGE DEALER AS WELL with a choice of my attack, let's say proc armor dmg.

    Will you remove max resources damage so that we can make hybrid builds instead of meta riding? (Challenges presented to PvE by the proposed change can be addressed by increasing or lowering PvE mobs power.)

    Will you properly address armor imbalances by making:
    Light armor huge boost to magica and regen and at 7p increase SD
    Medium armor huge boost to stamina and regen and at 7p increase WD
    Heavy armor huge boost to HP and reduce cost of blocking and at 7p reduce cost of break free

    Will you add a good looking Knightish monster helmet making a set with a good looking big shoulder piece?

    Will you add capes? Just watched Berserk and I would like a cape. I would buy crowns for it.

    Would you change how sustain and resource management works so that DAMAGE DEALERS who can burst you in 2 seconds cannot sustain 1v10 AND so that TANKS that are impossible to kill don't end up out-resourcing 10 people and become last woman/man alive?

    Would you boost PvP with a phenomenon like IC DLC?

    Would you consider changing how sneak in PvP works:
    Enemies are no longer invisible
    Sneak hides names, icons, pets, bright animations (flames lightning etc)

    You wanna hide, go hide behind that tree and move only when it's safe.
    Scouting, organized ambushing will help against zergballs and rush siege.
    No more AP farming gangers.

    Come on zos. You can do it.

  • ccfeeling
    There is a huge lag , about 1 month ,
    any dos attack issue ZOS found?

    PS4 Platform
  • SomeDudeOnFire
    Dear ZOS,

    Will there ever be more race specific quests? In other words, quests that if you are a certain race, you would get an additional option that other races don't get (like Orcs for the Shatul Clan in Wrothgar). I love those types of quests. And quests where my choices really effect the storyline.
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  • delarb14_ESO
    1) Will 2hd weapons ever count as 2 items for set bonuses?
    2) Will wayshrines be added to player housing?

  • Tiedän
    Hey guys; I know there are already plans to build upon the existing housing mechanics: Is there any chance that there will be more 'interactability' with items in player housing? Being able to interact with lights, candles and chairs are a nice touch...but what about interacting with food, drink and beds? I think it would be cool to further integrate our provisioning crafting mechanics; allowing players to display actual useable food or potion items around our houses, rather than making fake wax ones for display. It would also be cool to have nodes to gather crafting materials or even fish in some of the larger homes that have the space. And beds. I know sleep has no actual benefit to gameplay...but it just seems kind of silly we can sit in chairs but clicking on a bed doesn't just automatically trigger the /sleep emote or something. Otherwise I love all the spacious homes in Morrowind!
    Edited by Tiedän on June 17, 2017 2:31AM
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  • Aiphaton
    Dear Zos,

    Since you choosed to destroy PvP in 1.6 the diversity of builds went down, mostly you see now are procbuilds and oh yeah procbuilds and destroults..
    Also the mentality from the most players are just hiliarious, if you go out with an friend to have some nice fights, you have to be sure that you first dont take any ressource, that you dont go next to an keep unless you are an Sorc or Nightblade which can escape easly. But hey if you do it and take just an ressouce on an "completly" yellow campaign you have to face 20+ people against you which jumping with destroult and evry proc set which is viable (thanks again that you sold now the third time tremorscale and viper in the vendor). After you fought for your live you just tbgd cause you have an high rank, cause you are an noob.... since you can fight with useless classes like 1 stam Dk and an stam Templar against 20 people.
    So my actually question is when do you remove Proc Sets from PVP
    If i play my nightblade most players die cause i ambush them, and if they survive it i can easly take them down cause they are not able to heal up:
    1. Ambush = 4k
    2. Poison injection = 2,1k tick each second getting more after ambush
    3. Viper = atleast 6k +
    4. Oblibion Glyph = thanks to the chps passive im on 2,9k true dmg
    5. Selenes = 8 -14 k dmg
    6. poison from bow bar = 2,8k dmg

      And i have only 2,6k weapon dmg, but still 2,8k stam regen, also 1,2k magicka regen
      cause 5x Eternal hunt,5x Viper and 2x Selenes are just meta...

    Second thing is i payed 40€ for an unfinished game and im actually close to say that you scammed us..
    You promissed working battlegrounds for players..
    Im done with that zerg PvP on evry campaign its pathetic and just brainless...
    Give us our battlegrounds and fix it otherwise you GONNA LOSE PLAYER, cause not evryone is going to enjoy 40€ wasted!
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    Former Guildlead in Astrum Herois, now Officer
    Guildlead in Amnesia
  • MaxwellC
    When will Dragon Knights regain their player based AoE named Flames of Oblivion?
    I have made suggestions that the current useless skill called cauterize should be changed into a single target that applies a DoT while Flames of Oblivion should go back to it's AoE form with increased damage(plus it states flames which means more than one).

    When will DKs get a more updated passive for the current game. Some passives like the slow applied on ardent flame based abilities is/are useless and could be changed to benefit the players more. Even the draconic passive that gives you more health regen based on the amount of draconic skills on your bar is also useless as health regen in both PvP and PvE are not some worth while attribute.

    When will our ultimate (standard of might) go back to it's unique 50% defile and 200 cost ultimate with the other morph being 150? Standard of might is a stationary ability which is only good for holding down an area for a short time as the ability goes away relatively fast imo.

    When will Crydoiil function better + when will the same repetitiveness be fixed in Cyrodiil where you either capture resources,keeps, or kill players. There's nothing new in terms of changing battle tactics (before we the DKs could fly into keeps depending on the target player) and many players have suggested ways to scale in the inner keep. I've suggested in the past how to keep Imperial city relevant as it currently stands it is a complete ghost town. I suggested using the elder scrolls where players of the faction own all of them will have a quest as well as the enemy factions that lead them to the bridge (broken one leading to IC) where they will fight the daedra there which will create the bridge to IC where an event occurs. During this time new drops will be obtainable and new enemies/crafted treasure map locations (fragment pieces that provide a location to a new crafted set) would be able to be dropped.

    Lastly when will we receive new class related abilities. I know that the warden came out very recently but frankly I do not care about the warden class and have no reason nor want to ever play it. The game has been out for over 3 years and at this time most MMOs have/has added new skills to their main classes yet this one has not even do such a thing but only added some weapon skills. New abilities for our classes are way overdue and should have been released before warden came out.
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  • altemriel
    CAN ANYONE TELL ME WTH IS THIS ZOS??? [BUG] Hunding's Palatial Hall

    Apparently the shells and plants on the beach disappeared, WTH really?????

    Could you please run a hotfix asap ZOS???

    @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_KaiSchober @ZOS_JessicaFolsom @ZOS_RichLambert @ZOS_MattFiror
  • FatherMcfiddly
    Soul Shriven
    As a paying subscriber, will i be receiving compensation for the down time ? 2 days concurrent non play.....................
  • ProfesseurFreder
    Hi, guys;

    A video tour of your offices would be cool.
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  • F3arM0d3
    Are you thinking of adding an instance tab to the map? It's in many games. A drop down menu with listed and numbered instances instead of having to relog and randomly jumping from instance to instance.
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  • Tykune
    Will animation cancelling ever be fixed?
  • altemriel
    altemriel wrote: »
    CAN ANYONE TELL ME WTH IS THIS ZOS??? [BUG] Hunding's Palatial Hall

    Apparently the shells and plants on the beach disappeared, WTH really?????

    Could you please run a hotfix asap ZOS???

    @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_KaiSchober @ZOS_JessicaFolsom @ZOS_RichLambert @ZOS_MattFiror

    already the third day now and still no reply from ZOS about this??

    @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_KaiSchober @ZOS_JessicaFolsom @ZOS_AlanG @ZOS_BrianWheeler @ZOS_RichLambert
  • Wir2ality
    will eso plus guys ever get morowind to play ??
  • MilwaukeeScott
    Wow. It's been ages since I have seen you in the game.

    Still an everyday player!

    All I see is hate and rage from people who don't understand how to.....
  • Chantclaire
    Can I has battleground group queue fix pls
    Everyone has a plan, until their plan gets nerfed

    Apparently the only Stamplar left on PS4 EU
  • Skullstachio
    they have been working on it on the PC as described in the latest patch notes for the time.

    Here's the real question for the ZOS team: Will there be a way to improve Jewellery to higher qualities (Up to legendary quality.) in the future?
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      • Discussing Disciplinary Actions: If you ever have questions or concerns about a disciplinary action or decision we have made on the ESO forums, or wish to appeal a forum warning or infraction you’ve received, we ask that you please contact to do so (please specify that you are contacting about a forum-related inquiry or appeal). We are happy to discuss and review specific moderation-related actions with you, but we do not allow discussion of any moderation actions or decisions on our forums. If you have questions or concerns about an in-game disciplinary action, please contact to ask about a suspension or ban, and any other support-related feedback. We cannot assist with in-game violations on the forums.
      • Flaming: It’s okay to disagree and debate on the official ESO forums, but we do ask that you keep all disagreements civil, constructive, and on-topic. If a discussion gets heated and turns into a debate, remember that you should stick to debating the post and/or thread topic. It is never appropriate to resort to personal comments or jabs about those participating in the thread discussion.
      • Goodbye/Quitting Threads: We understand that sometimes people will leave the ESO community, and want to post a “goodbye” or “quitting” thread. Generally, we have found that “goodbye” and “quitting” threads have a tendency to go downhill fast. It is our policy to read the feedback in “goodbye” and “quitting” threads and close them, regardless of whether they are constructive or not.
      • Hate Speech: We take the use of hate speech very seriously in the official ESO community, and have a zero tolerance policy. Our definition of hate speech is prejudice or hateful comments, slurs, or statements that promote violence or intolerance toward others because of the following:
        • Race.
        • Creed.
        • Color.
        • National Origin.
        • Gender.
        • Age.
        • Disability.
        • Sexual Orientation.
        • Lifestyle.
        • Any other personally identifying factors.
        Please help us ensure that everyone feels welcome and free to participate on the official ESO community forums.
      • Impersonation: We do not tolerate impersonation of any kind in the official ESO community, and take impersonation attempts very seriously when they do occur. Impersonation includes using a display name, photos, posts, or any other material with the intent to fool people into believing you are a ZeniMax Online Studios employee, another community member, a celebrity, or anyone else you are not.
      • Inappropriate Content and Language: Certain topics and subjects are deemed inappropriate and not permitted on the official ESO forums. Things that we consider inappropriate are usually illegal, extremely volatile or violent, obscene, vulgar, or simply inappropriate for an official game forum such as ours. Inappropriate content on the ESO forums includes, but is not limited to the following:
        • Extreme violence
        • Illegal substances and activities
        • Pirated copyright-protected material
        • Pornography and other sexually explicit topics
        • Real-world religion and politics
        • Tasteless, vulgar, or obscene material
        One specific term we’d like to call out, as well, is the term “gay.” It is never appropriate to use “gay” as a derogatory term.
      • Malicious Links: We do not tolerate the posting of malicious links on our forums, for any reason. This includes links to pornographic material, key-loggers, and browser hijackers, but also includes links to private game server sites, phishing scams, and sites that sell in-game currencies and power-leveling services.
        We greatly appreciate when our community members wish to report a harmful or misleading ESO-related site to us, but please do not do so on the official ESO forums. If you discover a site you want to report to us, please report them at
      • Names in Thread Titles: Please refrain from placing the names of ZeniMax Online Studios employees or ESO community members in your thread titles. Directing a thread at a specific individual, or otherwise using a thread to call someone out, is not considered constructive. If you need to get a hold of a specific community member, please send them a private message.
      • Naming-and-Shaming: We do not allow posts or threads that are created for the purpose of “naming-and-shaming” other community member(s). “Naming-and-shaming” is the act of creating a post to call out an individual or group by name, and making them the subject of public accusation, ridicule and/or shaming. Generally, naming-and-shaming involves an in-game situation and/or Terms of Service violation, which the ESO Community Team is unable to assist with. A certain amount of rivalry and competitive razzing is healthy for any game community, especially one with PVP elements, but naming-and-shaming goes well beyond that. It typically elevates to a point where the subject feels legitimately harassed. We believe that naming-and-shaming posts and threads can be abused and are very harmful to the community. We also don't feel that publicly calling out or accusing others by name on our forums is in spirit of the game or our community. If you genuinely believe someone has violated our Terms of Service, you should report them in-game via the support interface — do not bring the situation onto the official ESO community forums.
      • Personal Information: For the sake of your own identity protection and personal privacy, we ask that you please do not share any personal information in the official The Elder Scrolls Online community. This also goes for sharing another community member’s personal information — doing so is not only considered malicious behavior, but it is a violation of our Terms of Service and something we take very seriously.
      • Petitions and Protests: We do not allow petitions or protests on our forums. Due to the fact that both promote the use of demands and replies that consist of “/signed” or little else, we feel that neither encourage nor allow for meaningful and constructive discussion. Instead of using a petition or protest, we recommend presenting your thoughts as a request or suggestion so everyone in the community can discuss it.
      • Role-Play/Fan Fiction God Modding: We support the fan fiction and role-playing communities on the ESO forum, and ask that you please respect your fellow writers and role-players by not “god modding.” God modding is the act of forcing another community member’s character into a situation they have not agreed to. If you wish to involve another person's character in a story or role-play scenario, please respect that individual’s wishes and get their permission first. Failure to do so is considered “god modding,” and is not allowed on the ESO forums.
      • Rude and Insulting Comments/Commentary: We understand that sometimes tempers rise, but it is never acceptable to resort to rude comments and insults. This goes for rude comments and insults directed at other community members, and ZeniMax Online Studios employees alike.
      • Selling, Trading, and Sharing Game Accounts: The act of selling, trading, or sharing your ESO account is a violation of our Terms of Service. As such, we also do not allow discussion about selling, trading, or sharing game accounts on our forums.
      • Spamming: Please do not post spam on the official The Elder Scrolls Online forums. Below are a few examples of what we define as spamming:
        • Posting the same message more than once.
        • Posting messages that are nonsensical or have no real content.
        • Posting messages or images large enough to disrupt the normal flow of conversation.
        • Reposting material that has been removed by a member of the ESO Team.
        Also, please refrain from posting the same topic in multiple areas of the forum, or cross-posting in an attempt to gain further views or replies. This is considered spamming, and the duplicate threads will be removed.
      • Thread Bumping: Please refrain from replying to discussion threads for the sole purpose of “bumping” them. This is considered to be a form of spam because it does not add to the discussion in a constructive or meaningful way. We understand that everyone would like to keep their discussion active and visible, but we encourage you to strive for meaningful and constructive posts instead of posts that consist of nothing more than “Bump!”
      • Trolling or Baiting: The act of trolling is defined as something that is created for the intent to provoke conflict, shock others, or to elicit a strong negative or emotional reaction. It’s okay and very normal to disagree with others, and even to debate, but provoking conflict, baiting, inciting, mocking, etc. is never acceptable in the official The Elder Scrolls Online community. If you do not have something constructive or meaningful to add to a discussion, we strongly recommend you refrain from posting in that thread, and find another discussion to participate in instead. It is also not constructive or helpful to publicly call out others and accuse them of trolling, or call them a troll—please refrain from doing so. If you genuinely believe someone is trolling, please report the post or thread to the ESO Team, and leave it at that.
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