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  • frankynyny
    Soul Shriven
    I know this will not be taken into consideration, but at least I will put in my two cents. This will go free to play and it will suck real bad as you can't level as fast as people hoped. I been in this game for awhile and I only gained to level 13. Its pretty sad I must say. I do everything, but I feel like nothing is gaining. I keep coming thinking I am going into Elder Scrolls game but I am not. I keep telling myself that it has to be changed for MMO style. But frankly it should not. It should of stayed the same. Possibly had the exact same mechanics as Elder Scrolls, but Isolated where there is 20 people in the map so a person is not so crowded and they feel they are the 'one'. If you made it Skyrim Online style gameplay I would never go anywhere, I would stay in it forever. You are welcome for my hard earned 95$, I am never coming back to you again until you fix it. Which you won't, ever.
  • KerinKor
    KerinKor wrote: »
    SteveRuimy wrote: »
    As a competitive PVE player I'm really confused by the fact that you have not yet introduced "dummies" to test our skills and spells rotation on, it's a basic thing that should be implemented as we now know that Trials are coming up soon. Testing our DPS for PVE players is the most important thing to improve our character and our way of playing the game.

    1 dummie for single target with basic boss stats

    and 3 dummies to test aoe cycle rotation the same way
    Since the game gives me no idea what damage numbers I'm doing then what's the point?

    And no, I'm not going to use third-party add-ons for something every other MMO includes as a basic, must-have, feature.

    Then you will never have it. Zenimax made the ability to create and use add-ons so every can customize the UI exactly the way you want without them having to spend a lot of time on it. I run like 40 add-ons and can customize each of my characters exactly the way I want. It's fantastic!
    And when as so often add-ons get abandoned when their creator moves on then what?
  • glak
    KerinKor wrote: »
    And when as so often add-ons get abandoned when their creator moves on then what?
    If the add-on is popular enough, either someone else maintains it or rewrites it under a new name.
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