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Crown Crates no longer giftable?

  • oversleeps
  • jsjem
    see you next week
    Soul Shriven
    jsjem wrote: »
    see you next week

    haha, that confidence xD
  • sparxys
    Bruh, we just want the update at this point ☠️
    Gib me funny itemz 💅 slay 💅
  • oversleeps
    if theres no date this time, just another next week post, seems fitting most people here will uninstall. Seems preorders are being cancelled as well amongst some people. not that it really hurts zos as its prob a small base of people, but sucks to have your favorite game's devs not really be transparent with you, and just have a 3 month long problem. Might be time to uninstall for me
  • Sythen88411
    Crate gifting you will be missed...
  • Mizael
  • ZOS_Lunar

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  • LordeGian
    I don't know what to do with so much gold now, is anyone interested in buying?
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