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Castle Thorn Achievement bug

Hello, I want to report the bug for the achievement "Taking turns" in veteran Castle Thorn.
Taking Turns is awarded for defeating Lady Thorn after each player has successfully activated the Blood Scavenger synergy at least once during each of the two bat swarm phases in Veteran Castle Thorn.
We did it in HM and non HM, taking the four sinergies once per phase by each group member. We are pretty sure we did it correctly, but no one got the achievement in both runs.
Thanks for your time
  • ZOS_Kevin
    Hi @PushtheDeeps. Did you put in a ticket for this? If so, could you let us know what the ticket number is? Thanks!
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  • PushtheDeeps
    No, i can open a ticket though. thanks^^
  • Billium813
    I can confirm the same thing is still occurring. I ran with 2 groups, both Veteran, non-HM. Both times, we went in order and each person did it once, per phase, both phases. Nothing.

    Either I am misunderstanding the achieve, or it's bugged.
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