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Hardest level in vMA

I’m relatively new to vMA still (I’ve cleared it about 8 times now), and for me, the final boss fight in the last stage is the hardest part. Anyone want to weigh in?
  • code65536
    If you're new to vMA, the final boss fight.

    Once you're experienced, then it's stage 5. Maybe 7.
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  • Noldornir

    Stage 1-4 are all easy especially with high DPS you can melt them down pretty fast and there's no real "mech" just some sort only environmental damage.

    Stage 5 CAN be tricky if you don't focus and if your DPS is high. You need control more than raw power there (until last island). Dunno why but many DPS are horrible at control and just nuke wathever they see even if they know they shouldn't.

    Stage 6 CAN be tricky with low DPS, it will force you to repeat the whole mechanich 1-2 times while it gets easy with good DPS

    Stage 7 is IMHO the harder once you know the place. Even if you do memorize everything there are many many random things there. Probably the "Flawless Conqueror Wannabes Slayer".

    Stage 8 shoud have been placed before 5 IMHO since it's easier than 5-6-7

    Last boss is a different story;

    VERY hard but where's this difficulty coming from?
    High damage on you? nope
    Boss to strong to kill? nope
    Mechanichs? Yes, yes and, then again, yes.

    The only "Hard hitting" things in there are Crematorial Guards, Necrotic Wave and Soul Churn.

    1- The CG, you just need to know HOW to approach these guys. Once you do they are hardly a threat.
    2- Necrotic Wave can/must be interrupted
    3-Soul churn is just a mechanich env. damage and it IS resettable just by jumping down again.

    This to say that last boss gets more and more easier once you beat him once.

    (My first clear stuck me in last boss for 3 days, my second clear was a weekly score of 200k+).


    Stage 7 imho cause others gets better with training. Stage 7 will gets better as well but not just THAT much. Volatile Poison sucks.
  • Dont_do_drugs
    in the beginning it was the spider-stage bcs i had problems getting used to the glowing obelisks and beeing fast enough there when the spiders appeared. but same time i also had problems with the stage 5 - ice stage. in times of overload-sorc its been about timing the overload good, to get rid of the ice caster and the bigger group before the stage-boss (i guess its round 5-4 where two giants and multiple adds appear). that specific stage round annoyed me a lot. when i retried on mag dk melee it finally became fixed as definite most annoying stage. tho i know, chains... its the ice casters, always those ice casters annoying the heck out of me. its not the final boss, its ezpz, its those damn ice casters.

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  • de_la_Dude
    For me its stage seven. The poison rng usually gets me at least once, and when its not the rng its those damn archers! Last time through I learned the hard way that archers can dish out the poison dot too, ugghh. I also sometimes struggle on stage six because there's a lot to keep track of and I often mess up the mechanics. Having the obelisks primed before the boss phase helps a ton.

    The final stage and boss have come to be among the easier stages for me. My first attempt I spent a lot of time failing there and learned it very well. Its all about respecting the mechanics. I highly recommend @Joy_Division's guide on these forums if you are struggling.
  • msalvia
    Stage 5 (ice round) is the only stage I die in. RNG hijinx in round 7 rarely get me anymore, and I usually get the end boss down in 1 try (now that I know the choreography).
  • MattT1988
    Stages 5 and 7 are the hardest. Stage 7 can be downright unfair due to the level of RNG involved. You should only die in a video game due to lack of skill, lack of knowledge of the mechanics or a mistake by the player. You should NEVER die in a video game simply due to bad luck.
    Regardless, it gets easier every time you do it, but don’t get too disheartened if your top notch flawless run gets ruined by RNG on stage 7. We’ve all been there.
  • Gariele
    Stage 5 is by far the bane of my existence. That stage caused me to rage quit and not go back for about 6 months. But once I got past it it was pretty smooth sailing. So many great informative vids out there really helped me.
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  • Streega
    Stage 5 is tough until you learn the mechanics, then it gets easy. Stage 7 is the worst IMO (especially for werewolves), because of RNG - in my case it was one of those damned poison funguses spawning under the dome during last boss fight. Stage 8 can be tough for vampires, the last stage is hard, but not that bad - again, after you learn the mechanics.
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  • StormChaser3000
    #9 for me, even after total ~12-14 farm runs during the Orsinium event. I was too bored by that time and was losing focus.
  • Pontypants
    For first timers the last boss fight is definitely without a doubt the hardest fight in the Arena. It is however very predictable which makes it a piece of cake when you have more powerful gear and know exactly what to expect. (I definitely don't mean to sound mean, I struggled for days and days on the last boss and I couldn't figure out how to beat it for the longest time).

    After that it really is the poison spore level, at least for me, when I was gong for Flawless conqueror, definitely the poison spores got me most times. But even that level can become quite straight forward when you know how to deal with the spores.

    Funnily enough, I find the second level to be most annoying now with the spinning helicopter blades xD
  • Blinkin8r
    Stage 7: I have 3 Flawless Conquerors and this stage is the RNG shutdown. Broken enraged stomps. Poison spawn under bubble. Venomcaller lives during scream and spawns multiple poison spores until one lands under you and takes you out etc.
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  • xWarbrain
    Stage 5 made me give up for months

    Stage 7 still keeps me from getting Flawless Conqueror

    Stage 9 took a week of frustration to figure out, now its the only round I enjoy
    XB1 NA
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