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Official Discussion Thread for "Scalebreaker DLC Game Pack & Update 23 Now Live on PC/Mac"

This is the official discussion thread for "Scalebreaker DLC Game Pack & Update 23 Now Live on PC/Mac" blog article.

Continue your Season of the Dragon adventure with Scalebreaker, a new dungeon DLC pack for The Elder Scrolls Online. Discover two new stories that tie into the events of ESO: Elsweyr and the free Update 23 base-game patch.
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  • RaddlemanNumber7
    The picture above the paragraph headed "Expand your mansion!" shows the wrong mansion.
    They fixed it :)
    Edited by RaddlemanNumber7 on August 12, 2019 9:01PM
    PC EU
  • frostz417
    How bad is the lag going to be? Someone please tell me
  • Grumblestiltskin
    Free Hat!
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  • Alienoutlaw
    Sorc's have been rendered useless give back the crit damage proc on power surge or add Major Sorcery to crit surge
  • gepe87
    Seems a Classbreaker.

    Could you bring some uniqueness to classes again?

    Edited by gepe87 on August 13, 2019 9:06AM
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  • Taloros
    - Solo and random group player, so probably core customer base. ESO Plus customer, about two years into the game.
    - Base game and early DLC dungeons completed on veteran, hardly done any newer DLC dungeons, not even on normal.
    - Occasional pvp in the noob category - having fun with random buttom mashing and player versus door (honestly).
    - Characters of all classes.
    - Bought all expansions, hardly played them except for the new classes in old content.

    - Entropy is more consistent with other abilities now, not that weird "every 6 seconds" stuff.
    - Weird fraction spell duration of Meteor rounded to full number.
    - Respeccs free (but should be longer - not everyone has the time to play this week).

    - Ground based AoE skill "nerfs" as in making them near-useless at least for their previous function, e. g. Caltrops. Why? Just why?
    - Sorc nerfs, esp. Matriarch and Power Surge. Wth?
    - Need to use generic skills to compensate for all the nerfs. Overall damage probably the same, but have to relearn everything, which will widen the gap between top and other players - so why change it at all?
    - Skill lines for sale. If implemented with a just a token price (e. g. 1 Crown), might have been okay to reduce grind. In that way, it's pay to win.

    Don't care:
    - New dungeons. After respeccing all my characters, I'm run out of ESO time/enthusiasm. Respeccing = new content...

    Overall opinion:
    - Was better before the patch.
    - Seriously dislike the direction the combat team seems to be taking, if one can even speak of a consistent direction. Too much change with too little (apparent) sense.
  • Tipsy
    Enjoyed moongrave fane and lair of maarselok ,so must give them that.
    The stranglers in vet lair of maarselok seemed a little overtuned,one hitting group members :D
    But the setting of both dungeons I like a lot.

    Some of the class ability changes leave me a bit puzzled as I believe for some classes it magnifies their issues,
    like increase mag costs for dk ,while sustain was already bad & now even worse.All while they should be about attrition
    yet wear themselves down faster than the enemy now :D (can only speak for that class ,since that is what i've been playing)
    So for what I've played ,I agree with combat direction not always making much sense,from what i've played & read in the patch notes for other classes.

    I do also love the quality of life added to crafting with "quantity" to craft at once too
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