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Content packs for organizing guild events

It are the awesome guilds across Tamriel that hold guild events.

And I was wondering who'd love to see content packs designed to enrich guild events,
Which items/interactions would you like the content pack to add?Do you have any suggestions for content packs you'd like to see for your guild?
Or is there an overarching theme of guild events you'd love to see covered with a content pack?

There are so many gorgeous places throughout Tamriel,I believe content packs for guilds could bring more player activity to maps of all levels.
While also granting new players the opportunity to meet guilds on the way while guild events are happening.

For example
One content pack could be for organizing races ,where the officers/organizers can set a race track on the map ,along with a destination/finish line/obstacles(ofcourse only for those in group)
This might be one sport that comes with an overarching content pack that allows guilds to set up a guild event to do certain sport activities

Another content pack might focus on parties,celebrations and rituals

Hunting could also be a guild event content pack
,where players have to collect clues ,items,letters,..
A hide and seek mode where new disguises are introduced in the content pack,with many references to lore.
Treasure hunting could also be covered under the overarching content pack,which would allow guild event organizers to stage a treasure hunt similar to the one on Stross M'kai.
Also the treasure chest could be filled by the event organizer,which would be as easy as filling the guildbank.

A crime solving content pack is also something I'd love to see .With lovely & horrific ways to set a crime scene, which the organizers can create.
New murder animations for the player who roleplays the victim.

content pack that allows a guild to go on a mobile recruiting tour with banners and all that..
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