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Suggestion:Alliance specific justice system & revisit the "innocent npc" label

I do enjoy the addition of justice sytem a lot.
But i'd love to see the justice systems separated for each alliance.
During my own alliance campaign I tried to make all the good choices for the alliance,never killed someone or plundered something.
But during cadwell silver and gold I plunder and steal non-stop in the enemy alliance,attempting to sabotage them with quest choices too.. xD
At a time,while I was trespassing in an enemy alliance, one of the home owners attacked me after discovering I was plundering their home.
They attacked me first,yet they remain "innocent"?and since i switched " prevent attacking innocent" on,I couldn't defend myself.
In my opionion,it would only be logical if they attack first the label of innocent should be disabled on that npc.

So in Cadwell's silver & gold,npc's could have badges (the quality of badge increasing with the difficulty to kill the target)
IF you are able to bring home these badges to your own alliance ,you get rewarded as your own faction will consider these badges to be proof of your service to the alliance.
(there could be new faction specific sets which use badges as currency)
It is not that easy to return the badges to your own alliance though;
once you have a bounty + badges of other alliance kills,you can only escape with the boat or by reaching the wayshrine in the capital town center of the enemy alliance
which will be heavily guarded.
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