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PVP is dying, and will continue until we get campaign account locks.

  • Drdeath20
    A small part of the problem.

    Poor balance
    Bad incentives
    A very gammable cyrodil (morning cap)
    Faction jumping
    Population imbalances
  • Vapirko
    Solariken wrote: »
    Yes, at least provide one campaign that is locked and disallows cross-faction chat.

    There isnt a cross faction chat, just whispers or guild chat, and you can't really disallow whispers between accounts. Though Cyrodiil would be a lot nicer if they did.

    But then how would all the salty Xv1ers let you know that you’re trash when they try and fail to gank you after challenging you to a duel.
  • Vapirko
    Lmao the moment I can’t switch factions to play with a friend is the moment I uninstall. There’s more to the game than winning a campaign & thinking players should be loyal to a faction. It’s about playing with friends. Sorry people want to play with others on different factions.

    FFS. You get a home and a guest campaign and the lock would only be per campaign (id take an account lock but no one else would), which means that between you and your friends I’m sure you can find a way to play together. Hint, hint, try going to a different faction for your guest campaign and/or play alts in another campaign.
  • Alucu
    Told a RL friend yesterday that playing EU and living in EU I have 280 ping in Vivec with 200mb ADSL. He plays ARK in NA and gets 50. How can this be? He's not very interested in trying ESO as you could imagine
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  • idk
    I am surprised this thread keeps getting bumped. It does not matter how many times it gets bumped the OPs claims are still baseless.
    Really, idk
  • Mintaka5
    Elong wrote: »
    Mintaka5 wrote: »
    Lock it down, please. There is no reason to faction swap. The only reason that people do it is to exploit AP gains (looking at you @Elong )

    Reported for harassment.

    Big whoop-dee-doo. Lamer

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  • RedGirl41
    that will effectively kill the game. unless all this siege damage does
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