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PVP is dying, and will continue until we get campaign account locks.

First time I've been into Vivec in a while, and now I understand why. The campaign was pretty empty all day... and even now it's not full and it's peak time to be getting on.

Every mini zerg has two opposite colors running with them. This is to stop nightblades or anyone in sneak approaching. The color swapping has gotten to the point that game mechanics are now nullified by players multiboxing, or just having their group rotate who jumps on the opposing colors.

Can I suggest, and it's been suggested many times - that once you commit to a faction in a particular campaign, you are LOCKED to that faction for at least 7 days?? Or until campaign ends.
  • Rittings
    This would be account faction locking.
  • Prince_of_all_Pugs
  • Sarousse
    We've been asking for campaign locking since day one, but ZoS hasn't this in their scope. They want you to be able to switch
    if you wanna meet up with friends on another campaign.
  • Drdeath20
    Pvp is just terrible anyways with or without an alliance lock. Lag, crashes, freezes, imbalances, OP sets/builds and just the overall cyrodil theme.

    Would it help boost population at this point? Im not soo sure.
  • MipMip
    Agree with those who say that performance is the problem.

    If that can be fixed / improved perhaps population will increase to the point where a separate faction locked campaign can be introduced for those who absolutely want this (you won't find me there :) but I understand that there are different ways of enjoying the game)
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    Faction locks are wrong. Faction loyalists can play for their faction without lock. Multifaction players should also be able to play as they wish.
  • Reverb
    I don't really believe that people are multi boxing to get an advantage in cyrodiil. And while faction swapping within a campaign is a problem, it's maybe the 5th biggest issue driving people away.
    Armitas wrote: »
    This game is so broken I don't even know how people distinguish CE from negligent development.
  • Beardimus
    The point is guys above, its something they can do easily. Fixing code or servers is larger scale and costly.

    Stopping folks cheat (or hindering them) with a low cost solution isn't a bad step even if its a small m quick win.

    And as i said above. If pop was spread out it might help zergs / lag etc. You never know.
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  • jaws343
    Enkil wrote: »
    Mazbt wrote: »
    This is a red herring.

    It’s not a red herring to new and returning players. Play on Kyne and you will witness the astonishment first-hand when one realizes some enemy they just killed is now on a cross-faction alt less than 15 mins later asking for a group because their regular faction lost X keep/emp/__

    I recently returned to game in April after 3 year hiatus and had my own “WTF... I just can’t even” moment with this not long after.

    Same goes for when some lametard logs his or her cross faction alt, picks up a scroll and delivers it to an enemy player on their “regular” faction.

    If you think people don’t say “f*ck this sh*t” and go play either PvE or some other game you are sorely mistaken and/or incredibly naïve.

    Faction lock for campaign duration is the reasonable common-sense expectation ALL players have until disabused of it. This free-for-all (FFA) loosey-goosey no-rules crap is a pathetic joke in an mmo of this size, scope and name.

    @ZOS_BrianWheeler should know better, and do better.

    90% of the players can barely keep track of the names of players they are fighting against. The only time I remember GTs is if I have been killed or killed a player repeatedly. Or if they are a keyboard warrior spouting off in chat instead of actually playing the game.
  • Wizunas
    Agreed! Cannot lock people out of PvP. Can't block people from playing where they want. Can't block people from leveling skills on their different toons. Can't force people to join other campaigns when they are members of 5 guilds with members from all alliances. People bought and pay for the game so they can play whatever character they want, otherwise they would leave the game. We can see how people quit guilds that are exclusive to 1 alliance. For example Swtor has 2 alliances and nobody is locked from joining either, whenever.

    Make 2 similar Vivec independent from each other! 1 locked and 1 unlocked, maybe that would solve the problem. After all this is a game to be played and Not a political institution :)
  • NyassaV
    PVP is going to continue losing players until ZOS fixes the lag and persistent performance issues.

    ^ This

    Faction locking is a very small issue when you consider all the other factors. Yeah it would help but I feel like there are more pressing matters to attend to
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  • PemPem
    There are many things that will fix PvP but this isn't it. How about fixing lag?
    Edited by PemPem on September 25, 2018 5:36PM
  • olsborg
    PVP is going to continue losing players until ZOS fixes the lag and persistent performance issues.

    This is the main and possibly the only reason why Im thinking hard about just shelfing the game. Emtpy servers except in prime time, but by then its laggy af so youre up shiits creek either way.
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  • Solariken
    Yes, at least provide one campaign that is locked and disallows cross-faction chat.
  • greenmachine
    Just eliminate Cyrodiil. BGs are better.
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  • Mintaka5
    Lock it down, please. There is no reason to faction swap. The only reason that people do it is to exploit AP gains (looking at you @Elong )

    All you touch, and all you see is all your life will ever be.

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  • Syhae
    Faction locks are the last thing this game needs.
    The population is already small, locking campaigns will not solve any "imbalance" issues that exist. Factions win campaigns by organization via guilds and coverage. Having 1 or 2 different guilds running covering NA prime time, Oceanic prime time, etc.
    The other thing is, generally the people swapping factions are the people that are going to the underpopulated faction in search of good fights. They tend to be good players that a faction would want on their faction when times are tough.
    Faction locks would not solve any of these issues. It would potentially worsen any imbalance that may exist right now.
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  • Enkil
    They can offer at least one locked campaign and people can play where they like. Going from one extreme where everything is FFA to the other and locking them all wouldn’t be sensible.

    Y’all can keep the FFA campaign for your zergin’ scroll trollin’ & AP farmin’ habits.
    Edited by Enkil on September 25, 2018 9:09PM
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  • VaranisArano
    Solariken wrote: »
    Yes, at least provide one campaign that is locked and disallows cross-faction chat.

    There isnt a cross faction chat, just whispers or guild chat, and you can't really disallow whispers between accounts. Though Cyrodiil would be a lot nicer if they did.
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