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Crown Store Item Wish List

  • yngvilrundeb16_ESO
    I'd love more intricate feminine dresses, similar to the Treethane Ceremonial dress for example. I hope we get more of it with the Summerset DLC? Altmer style would be perfect for more dresses. I think we have enough of Argonian/Primal-ish skirts and dresses with teeth and horns.
    (*) Vaetilda, NA & EU (*)
  • robo26
    I've come back after another break and was tickled to see the unicorn barding I suggested featured on a mount. Awesome, ZOS!

    My current wishlist (growing steadily smaller as my wishes are fulfilled):
    • Still wanting for a massive black stallion, like a Friesian or something with the size and proportions of a draft horse, like a Percheron. Something with simple or customizable barding. I see you've been releasing some more variety of horses lately, which is fantastic!
    • On the note of barding, I'd still like to see a customization system for that, maybe a few different models of stamina faceplates, bags and speed upgrades to choose from, and perhaps color dying. I know this would take a lot of work to implement and it isn't a high priority.
    • More hats! (Which don't override/hide your hair.) I'd like to see more hats with wide brims, like vampire hunting style hats or witch hats.
    • More hair! Hair with fluffy, face-framing fringes for both women and men.

    Agreed but the horse would be great if it were a destrier - the horse preferred by knights of old
  • Yzalirk
    All I want to see added are the following:

    - Jorunn the Skald-King’s hair and beard style from in-game.
    - Sai Sahan’s beard style from in-game.
    - More long hair and large beard styles with braids to truly fit that Nordic/Viking look.
    - Hair color pack of all existing hair colors in-game.
    - Character height pack (for if you want to play a Nord with the height of the shortest Bosmer.)
  • SkyIsTheLimit1206
    @ZOS_BillE and @ZOS_GinaBruno , my humble wish is for the Doom Wolf mount to be purchasable again. *bows humbly but proudly*.

    You can "purchase" it by purchasing the Dark Brotherhood Expansion in The Elder Scrolls: Legends, which gives you a code for a "free" Doom Wolf mount.

    Edit: Costs $20 IIRC
    Edited by SkyIsTheLimit1206 on April 16, 2018 12:31AM
    With strength and intelligence comes hard work.

    Which is why not a lot of people are strong nor intelligent.
  • Krainor1974
    Other racial styles of ships and boats.
    Weapon and armor racks full so we can add them to our forts and ship. Armor, axes, swords etc.
  • godagarah5000
    vampire racial style motif and werewolf style motif and a xivilai style motif
  • godagarah5000
    and a new playable dremora race, xivilai race, and xivkyn race
    Edited by godagarah5000 on April 19, 2018 7:41AM
  • Taranthula
    I would love the Pale Velothi guar to return to the crown store :D Would perfect my costume then. :D
  • Giraffon
    I would like to have an option to revisit or select new voices for my characters.

    I still want guild banking in my house or via assistant.

    I still want equipment repairs in my house or via assistant.

    Ram/mountain goat mount like they have in the Hobbit movie.

    In home portal. Why can I port in but not out?

    Interactive Coffee bar for my home.

    Magic boat I can summon for crossing larger bodies of water. If I can carry this damn catapult in my pocket, I just don't see why there isn't room for a boat as well. The boat would give you Argonian like speed in the water, but would also allow you to fish in larger areas of open water.

    A variety of wizard hats to choose from that aren't tied to an event or season.

    Armor skins for mounts that also allow for dyes.

    Dirty appearance of a few degrees. The could be like a polymorph I guess. It might be fun to make yourself look all dirty from time to time say if you've been running dungeons or mining or something.

    Stairways or working ladders for homes so we don't have to use a bunch of slots to ascend in our homes.

    We need customizable settings that we can save with respect to our in home lighting. I want three options. All on. All Off. Custom. Custom just remembers each light setting as it was before they were all turned off or on. These options should be available only to owners and perhaps in home designers.

    All I can think of for now.

    Giraffon - Beta Lizard - For the Pact!
    Bloodthorn Zombie skin (with the vines and everything)

    Levitationist personality- with all the NPC levitating animations,

    Mannimarco's hair cut

    NPC weapon style pack - All the 5 Companions weapons style, Mannimarco's staff and some other unique weapon styles

    But mostly The Bloodthorn zombie skin!!!!
  • Karmanorway
    Would reeeally like a ninja outfit similar to this:


    Didnt find any good picture, but its kind off a black leather coat with hood and mask, simmilar to outlaw/akaviri hood but wider.

    Would love to run around with this on my assassin ;) IF the lower part of the coat isnt glued to the legs so it looks like a dress .. like the breton hero costume lol

    Ps. Pic is off a yakuza from Altered Carbon, arena fight scene
    Edited by Karmanorway on April 21, 2018 1:20PM
  • Anotherone773
    I would like to see Crown Crates offer the previous season of crown crates as a reward. For example:

    Scalecaller Crates:

    *Blue tier =1 Flame Atronach
    *Purple tier = 2 Flame Atronach
    *Gold tier = 5 Flame Atronach
    *Apex tier= 12 Flame Atronach

    Flame Atronach:

    *Blue tier =1 Reaper's Harvest
    *Purple tier = 2 Reaper's Harvest
    *Gold tier = 5 Reaper's Harvest
    *Apex tier= 12 Reaper's Harvest


    If you wanted to be more conservative with the rewards you could also do something like:


    *Blue tier =1 Reaper's Harvest
    *Purple tier = 3 Reaper's Harvest
    *Gold tier = 3 Flame Atronach
    *Apex tier= 8 Flame Atronach

    Flame Atronach:

    *Blue tier =1 Dwarven
    *Purple tier =3 Dwarven
    *Gold tier = 3 Reaper's Harvest
    *Apex tier= 8 Reaper's Harvest

    On down the line. I really enjoy opening chain chance boxes. I think people would buy more crates if they not only could get more gems ( from crate chains) but if they also had a chance at items that they werent here for. People who are new to the crates and/or the game have a chance at items from before they played/ bought crates.

    If you really needed to you could increase the cost of gem items to reflect the increase in gems you get from the chains. But honestly it would just make the crates more of a bargain and more people would buy them as opposed to the current system. It worked well for Kabam, They sold stupid amounts of chain chance boxes. Funded the entire game off of them.
  • simox
    I suggest adding a bottomless container where you can store an unlimited amount of furniture.

    Every update adds new furniture and it gets harder and harder to try and find space and to organize your furniture and having to play inventory management is getting tiring, its already bad enough trying to store set items, recipes, motifs and the likes since those also expand every update. And yes I am aware that it is possible to buy houses for the purpose of storing furniture there but it feels like an unnecessary hassle.

    I think the best way to implement something like this would be by using the storage chest collectibles that was introduced in the Dragon Bones patch; they contain the same items regardless of which house you place them in so you could have access to all of your furniture in all of your houses by simply placing this collectible anywhere in your home. You are also able to browse and place items from these chests using the housing editor so it really would be perfect to utilize this system to create something like this.

    I believe this would be a fantastic convenience for anyone who enjoys the housing system and it would be great for players in general to have a place for their furniture without having to clog the bank and the inventory of their characters.
  • Banana
    Account wide exploration and skill research
    Better server connection
  • Asalezand_Wilddragon
    Soul Shriven
    Suggestions I'd like to see in game:

    Costumes/clothing/motifs/outfit styles

    1. Individual chapters for rare clothing motifs. Bound on purchase of course. It'd be a lot more convenient when you've found everything but that last one and nobody has it for a reasonable price in the guild traders. It'd be nice for casual players as well, for when they really just want a particular styles helmet but don't have the free time to actually grind for it. (Provided it's not insanely priced). I'd be more inclined to purchase motifs chapters than I am to purchase an entire motif style.
    2. Outfit style motifs for regular clothing. Meaning, regular shirts/pants/shoes like what NPCs in towns wear. You can start with the basic texture models for the clothing we can steal from chests and boxes and expand from there. Alternatively, if you feel it would crowd the crown store too much, you can make the clothing items you find in game able to be "deconstructed" at an outfit station to add them to your outfit catalogue. This would provide the double service of giving a purpose to the clothing you steal from NPC houses.
    3. Separated garments for costumes. Like, if I buy a costume set, I would get access to the top and bottom separately, unless it's a dress. It'd be nice to be able to mix and match, since I find none of the outfits are exactly what I want on my characters. Alternatively, you could also just sell separate pieces rather than outfit sets. For example, a shirt and then separately pants. Although now that you have the outfit thing I feel like the desire for costumes is going to go down.
    4. Those special crown store only motifs to be available all the time. There are a few that I missed back in the day, and I'd like to be able to gradually acquire them all, at the very least for the outfit maker. Alternatively, you could put them as drops during special events. Sort of like what happened with this years Jubilee event, but with crown store specific motifs instead. If you're worried about it crashing the market, you can always make the individual chapters bind to account.
    5. More hats. I like hats. Particularly when they don't give me weird hair styles or make my characters bald. I'm fond of animal masks as well.


    1. Taxidermy animals. Like, stuffed birds or mounted foxes or rabbits in various poses.
    2. interactable toys. Like dice you can interact with for a roll animation. Cards you shuffle. That sort of thing.
    3. Playable instruments that you can display in your house. (or blueprints to make instruments you can display in your house)
    4. Whimsical stuff, like carpets with animals on them.
    5. Stuff you steal can be used in your house. There are a lot of neat sounding tabards, instruments, and paintings that I find and always want to put in my house, but they aren't usable for that. I think it would be fun to do my house up with just stuff I've stolen over the years.
    6. Something weird, fun, and Sheogorath inspired. A Sheogorath inspired house and housing items would be fun. Doesn't need to be a large one, I don't have user for notable houses. But something modest, like an upside down cottage with would be fun. Naturally everything should be purple and gold. Purple grass, gold rocks, tapestries and carpets done up with Sheogorath's symbols. Maybe plants that aren't plants. Like flowers with faces in them, or mushrooms/trees shaped like hands coming out of the ground. It is a summer cottage made by the god of madness after all.


    1. Anything cat related. I collect cats, so I'm always happy to see more cats or cat themed stuff in the crown store.
    2. Skeletal cat
    3. Zombie cat to match the zombie horse
    4. Daedric cat
    5. Armored cats in various armor styles
    6. Shadow cat (like the shadow wolves in the shadow cleft delve, can use various colors for the aura other than just red too)
    7. Artificial cats, like clockwork cats or summoned atronach style cats of various material types
    8. outfits for pets. A bit outlandish I know, but I think it would be fun to put matching celebration hats on my pet and character or bows/collars on them.
    9. Intractable pet emotes, for example, petting your pet or playing with a bit of string/grass and having your pet respond to it.


    1. Mommoth mount
    2. More wolves with the new body style used in the Scale caller models.
    3. Differently styled saddles or bags that you can use to change the default appearance that comes with your mounts. It can be something simple, like color pallet swaps or complex like super ornate or super simple styles. You can do them to match the various crafting motifs available. You'd equip it to your character the way you do an outfit and it would override the default appearance on the saddles/saddles bags/armor. You unequip to go back to the default appearance.
    Edited by Asalezand_Wilddragon on April 22, 2018 7:49PM
  • Asalezand_Wilddragon
    Soul Shriven
    simox wrote: »
    I suggest adding a bottomless container where you can store an unlimited amount of furniture.

    I second having some sort of furniture storage. It's a pain.

    It doesn't necessarily need to be physical storage like the storage chests though. It could be digital, like the crafting bag is. Crafting bag doesn't need a physical presence in the house to use, has unlimited storage, and is shared account wide. I propose something similar to this for furniture.

    For housing, to prevent it from being abused, and breaking immersion, you would simply need to have a specific NPC that grants access to the furnishing warehouse, exactly the same way you can only access items in your bank from a banker NPC. Warehouse would be accessible from any warehouse NPC and is account wide. Items in the warehouse automatically show up in the housing editor. You can add a special warehouse npc you can purchase to follow you in the crown store if you don't want the inconvenience of having to find a city with a warehouse npc in it.

    Something like that would be nice for all the physical copies of books that I don't want to always have displayed in my houses too.
    Welwa mount. Then put it in crown crates.
    No wait........ forget the crown crates idea that's a terrible idea.
    Just let me buy it.
    Or better yet, let me earn it in the next dlc you release. That might be fun
  • godagarah5000
    different vampire and lycanthropy strains when they come out that are both visually and functionally different
  • godagarah5000
    an under-clothing skin section that changes underwear and bra looks lol
  • mikejezz
    Probably said a thousand times, but the opportunity to buy the stuff inside the crates for crowns instead.
  • Versispellis
    I would like to request another thing: please bring back the zombie horse again! Two Octobers have come and gone and I've managed to miss it both times. In fact, spooky things in general are very much my brand, so keep those coming. :)
    PS4 NA // ♀ ☽
  • Krainor1974
    - A windmill house with a large plot of farmland with mixed crops.
    - A ranch house and barn with grazing fields from livestock we can buy from CS.
    - Dunmer style ship house.
    - Npc, creatures, ww, Vamps, bloodifends etc we can add to homes.
    - A big heavyload frieght wagon.
    - Piles of hay, coal, dirt, wood planks.
    - Small, medium and large cranes found in ports and docks.
    - A Nocturnal furnishings pack with a statue of crows, a alter, braziers etc.
  • Gilvoth
    a permanent increase sneak speeds buff.
    best in slot: is the armor, weapon, clothing look, pet, or no pet, jewelry, race, class, skill choices, amount of DPS, and skin color best fit to you and the way you wish to play and makes you feel good and performs what YOU think it should be.

    worst in slot: what you read in zone chat, and forum comment, and forum thread, and you tube video, and live streamer advice, and class rep advice, and guild chat advice, and whisper told you to wear, and use for skill, and dress like, and use for weapon and armor.
  • ExCalz
    Soul Shriven
    Ability to buy a second class for your character.

    Some of us aren't alt-aholics and prefer to spend our time on just one character as we have developed a bond over the years with him/her. Our characters have been through the toughest challenges Tamriel has to offer, I don't see it unreasonable that they have the ability to train as another class type. My high elf MagSorc could finally put up the staff, and pick up some dual daggers as a Nightblade. This was my favorite thing about ffxiv, having the ability to master every class on one character. If it weren't for the combat I would have stayed with them.

    This would greatly increase my time playing in this game as I would have another role to master. When I think about making another character I just feel discouraged knowing how much time I already spent with my main. All those adventures and all those battles will feel cheapened going through it all second time, rushing to get to end game.

    It can be expensive, I wouldn't mind. There's even talk about a necromancer class being a possibility, who better to venture into the dark arts then a master MagSorc.

    Tldr: Give me the ability to buy a second class for my main, Ill pay $$$.
  • Glenmorils
    Please I’m begging! Bring back the Glenmoril Witch Robes - I missed my chance to get them and I’d love to have them.
    Wyress Morrigh: Breton Warden - Magicka Healer - DC
    AÍfe Hag-Daughter: Nord Necromancer - Tank - EP
  • Krainor1974
    - Colovian Estates ( we tired of the locked gate ).
    - Imperial posts and walls with spire on top just like the ones in the Imperial homes.
    - A ranch and barn (in Colovian Estates).
    - A farm plot with windmill house ( in Colovian Estates).
    - A Nocturnal furnishings set: crow statues, alter, rug etc.
  • Jaimeh
    A clockwork skeevaton polymorph, like that quest in CWC :smiley: I got a real kick out of that transformation--so cute!

    PC/NA CP810

    AD Nefelyn - Altmer Sorcerer - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Master Angler ǀ Hero of all the things (fine, some of the things)
    DC Bastiene - Breton Templar - Healer ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Prefect ǀ Blackrose Executioner
    AD Niobeh - Dunmer Nightblade - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Black Market Mogul ǀ Blackrose Executioner ǀ Master Thief ǀ Silencer (but we don’t talk about that)
    AD Ashayam - Khajiit Sorcerer - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror
    DC Sydhe Narjes - Redguard Nightblade - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Blackrose Executioner
    DC Eva Saint Claire - Breton Warden - Healer ǀ The Flawless Conqueror
    EP Rruns-With-Scissors ­- Argonian Dragoknight - Tank ǀ He’s a good boy, OK Bront?
    EP Moiranni Deyr - Dunmer Dragonknight - Healer ǀ The Flawless Conqueror
    DC Anur Imagua - Redguard Templar - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror
    AD Azoke Sen - Imperial Sorcerer - Tank ǀ The Flawless Conqueror
    DC Sàverin - Orc Warden - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Blackrose Executioner
    DC Zuwane Okoye - Redguard Dragonknight - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror
    DC Telella - Orc Nightblade - DD ǀ The more the merrier ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Dro-m'athra Destroyer
    DC Mal the Ghost Whisperer - Orc Necromancer - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror
    DC Riad Phoenix-Song - Breton Necromancer - Healer

    PC/EU CP810

    AD Ariadne Teledine - Altmer Sorcerer - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror
    EP Máyim - Dunmer Nightblade - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror
    DC Surjan - Orc Nightblade - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror
    DC Maven Asari - Orc Necromancer - DD
    DC Aliya Voltaris - Orc Sorcerer - DD
    DC Mesríne - Orc Warden - DD
    EP Speaks-In-Riddles - Argonian Dragonknight - Tank
    DC Abelia Cassine - Breton Templar - Healer
    DC Kirin Swiftblade - Khajiit Nightblade - DD

    vSO HM · vAA HM · vHRC HM · vMOL HM · vHOF HM · vAS HM · vCR HM · vSS HM· vKA · vDSA · vBRP

    It's not zerging if we are all solo and just happen to go to the same place independently xD
  • TonyRockaroni
    One thing I would REALLY love to see is for you guys to replace the interior of Hakkvild's High Hall with that of the Jarl's Manor from Fort Amol. Currently, Hakkvild's High Hall has an absolutely TERRIBLE interior, while the interior for the Jarl's manor is absolutely amazing. PLEASE, at the very least, consider replacing Hakkvild's High Hall's interior with the interior of the Fort Amol Jarl's Manor! I think a lot more people would be inclined to buy it if that happened, myself included. Because I absolutely love the exterior, but I cann't consciously get the high hall knowing what interiorI'd end up with at the moment.
    Edited by TonyRockaroni on April 30, 2018 7:50PM
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