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Daggerfall Covenant for the win! B)B)B)B)B)B)B)B)B)B)

Show your pride my fellow Tamriel citizens!
NA-PC Daggerfall Covenant #dcforlife
  • SydneyGrey
    Smurf scum. :p
  • FloppyTouch
    True blue!!!
  • memofin
    Pee people and strawberries are no match for the blueberries!
  • Chaos2088
    AD all the way, have been from the start, all my characters are AD. AD AD AD!!! :wink:

    @Chaos2088 PC EU Server | AD-PvP
  • AnviOfVai
    I play all Alliances. I pretty much like all of them now.

    "I appear at my lord's behest, or perhaps I was always here, and you merely lacked the ability to see me."

    PS4 - EU

    AD - Pet Sorcerer - Damage Dealer - 160
    DC - Warden - Werewolf - in - progress - 160
    DC - Templar - Tank - 160
    DC - Sorcerer - Damage Dealer - in - progress
    EP - Dragon Knight -Fire Tank - 160
    EP - Nightblade - Damage Dealer - 160

  • Enslaved
    15/15 EP
  • Aliyavana
    cant wait till the pact falls and the races go back to hating each other and the dunmer can go back to enslaving the other two
  • BigBadVolk
    Hail Sithis!
    "The ass is similar to the opinion: Everyone has it, but no one cares about the others!"
    I'm 120 years old
  • LadyAstrum
    Don't really get Alliance loyalty in this game. It's easy to jump to a different character and pvp in another alliance. In GW2, for example, the large-scale pvp is WvWvW, server versus server, which made it unavoidable to be loyal to and proud of or ashamed of (whatever the case may be) of your server. But with ESO I'm pretty unmoved. I guess I support the Alliance of whoever I happen to be playing, but besides that I feel no passion either way. Though, if I had to choose, I guess it would be DC.
    ~ "You think me brutish? How do you imagine I view you?" - Molag Bal #misunderstood ~
  • Aeladiir
  • Feanor
    It’s only really bad when you’re red.
    Main characters: Feanor the Believer - AD Altmer mSorc - AR 46 - Flawless Conqueror (PC EU)Idril Arnanor - AD Altmer mSorc - CP 217 - Stormproof (PC NA)Other characters:
    Necrophilius Killgood - DC Imperial NecromancerFearscales - AD Argonian Templar - Stormproof (healer)Draco Imperialis - AD Imperial DK (tank)Cabed Naearamarth - AD Dunmer mDKValirion Willowthorne - AD Bosmer stamBladeTuruna - AD Altmer magBladeKheled Zaram - AD Redguard stamDKKibil Nala - AD Redguard stamSorc - StormproofYavanna Kémentárí - AD Breton magWardenAzog gro-Ghâsh - EP Orc stamWardenVidar Drakenblød - DC Nord mDKMarquis de Peyrac - DC Breton mSorc - StormproofRawlith Khaj'ra - AD Khajiit stamWardenTu'waccah - AD Redguard Stamplar
    All chars 50 @ CP 1700+. Playing and enjoying PvP with RdK mostly on PC EU.
  • Reb
  • xeNNNNN
    For the glorious Ebonheart pact!
    Ah, e-communities - the "pinnacle" of the internet............yeah, right.
  • Fischblut
    Took it like 2 months ago :smiley: Actually should have had 9 mails (9 characters), but it was first time I was PvPing after CWC update, so I claimed first mail eager to see if there are really 50 crystals :D


    Also had to buy "Any race" upgrade, so I could create characters with different races who all fight for same alliance. Currently this beautiful dragon, nord and redguard :) Waiting for alliance change token to revive my other dragon, my only Pact character (who was created 2 years ago when I didn't have upgrade and didn't think I would ever PvP). He lives in bank and occasionally does PvE tanking - very sad fate for a dragon :/
  • Runschei
    Mainly EP but I will go AD if EP is acting up. Huehuehue
  • JerzeeDevil
    DC, True Blue!

    *But, I do love the game and all who play/enjoy it!*

    If looks could kill, then Death would be my name.

    Daggerfall's Mightiest- PS4 NA
    Wardens of Morrowind-PS4 NA
    Cyrodiil Death Squad- PS4 NA/EU

  • JobooAGS
    With the exception of my EP magblade (who is collecting dust) and my EP tank, DC ALL THE WAY!!!!
  • Narvuntien
    For the Queen. For the dominion!
  • illusiouk
    I only play one faction : Ebonheart Pact

    Tbh not a fan of being able to join more than one Alliance per server. Back in the heyday games like Dark Age of Camelot, you could only join one realm per server and with it brought a more sense of realm pride (community). Hoping CU can bring a bit of that back, if it ever gets released.

    Or ZOS releases three new alliance servers. (Hey I can dream!)
  • MjolnirVilkas
    Sick liaisons raised this monumental mark
    The sun sets forever over Blackwater Park
  • thedude33
    AD, even though we have a losing record. I didn't realize when i made my tank later that he automatically was DC because he's a Redguard. Would really like to play him in PvP but no way gonna run with the blue horde. Now I bought the all race all alliance perk so my newly created Orc can stay in AD
    1v1 Win/Loss Record in PvP.
    1 Wins - 392 Losses (guy was AFK)

  • MerlinPendragon
    My existing characters are aligned with the Ebonheart Pact, but the guild I play is loosely aligned with Daggerfall, so I fear my next characters will be DC so I can participate in their PVP events.

    It seems to me that the most well-rounded players often have several characters across all three alliances.
    Merlin Pendragon - Uther Pendragon - The Lady of the Lake - Sir Lancelot
  • Vapirko
    My life for the Covenant. There’s a reason EP and AD always push DC from the ring before squabbling amongst themselves to crown their next false emperor. We are the strongest faction and the weak will always seek to use numbers to take down the strong. But we will rise again, always and forever. We will deliver death to the south and fury to the east, swiftly and justly.
    Edited by Vapirko on February 23, 2018 2:26PM
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