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  • Essiaga
    Destruent wrote: »
    You are just writing about the differences between PvE and PvP. But guess what? If you want to play competitive it's in no way different. you need the best build, gear and playstyle and you have to know your character like noone else to be succesfull.
    Some things behave different in PvE and PvP but to be competitive you have to follow the same rules.

    But in the end, such a toggle will never happen. I guess it's more likely, that ZOS applies the possibility to change traits on your armor/weapons through crafting.
    But the worst ZOS can make, is a system which allows one part of the playerbase to get their BiS trait immediately whereas another part has to grind for ages.

    I'm not sure you read my posts. You disregarded pretty much any point to reiterate your same point again.

    You're saying competition as if that is definitive thing like a hydrogen. It's simply isn't. Poker is competitive and played with a great deal of different rules. If everyone at the table is playing the same game it's competitive.

    Competition doesn't require gear or any gaps. Quake doesn't give an advantage to a player. There is no RNG glory. It's just player vs player ... It's still competitive.

    Gear Grinds ... PVE is progression based. It's based on grinding/progression and rewards. You're working your way to "End Game." If you're not grinding gear what are you doing? You're grinding Trial scores 20 mins at a time. That is the name of the game.

    PVP is not progression based. Whats the end game in PVP? What are you building towards? There's no Vet Trial for PVP. The elite compete against the novice. You're not in the kiddie pool (normal/vet dungeons). You're in the ocean. If anything its a reverse progression. You have to compete against people with Alliance Skills unlocked to unlock Alliance Skills. You have to figure out how things work differently and learn the ins and outs while getting ganked and zerged or rekt 1v1. It frustrating, often confusing, and unwelcoming. You accept it or you move on. There is not really an alternative.

    Does anyone actually believe the PVP leader-boards are reflection of player skill? Many of those on the leader boards are elite, and many are simply following crown religiously doing what ever they're told. Some don't even have builds. They're wear subpar gear, slot the skills they're told: spam heals, AOEs, and work siege.

    I'm no suggesting giving people best in slot gear. I'm suggesting allowing a person to be able to toggle their trait to the PVP trait so they're not put off by the investment everyone is telling them they should make before entering. Do you have issue with Battle Spirit buffing health? I'm suggesting something be done to grow the population of a failing/dying part of the game (on PC at least). Think of an Impen toggle as salary cap. It's good for the smaller market (pvp) who will simply fail because they can't compete with the big city clubs (pve).

    The worst thing ZOS can do is a system that allows one aspect of the game to continue to prosper and the other to continue to fail. Hopefully they look at this like developer instead of a player and do something to grow the population of PVP. I don't know that an Impen toggle in Cyrodiil will fix that. It simply a suggestion.

    I agree that it's unlikely that such a toggle will happen, but they can not change anything expect different results.
    Edited by Essiaga on July 11, 2016 7:27AM
  • Destruent
    Sry, but if you think competitive pve is just geargrind you are just wrong. It requires good gear (same as in pvp), but as soon as you have it the real "work" just starts.
    Improving gameplay as a player/ground regarding tactics, buffs, rotations, positioning and things like this. These are the things which make the main difference in pve. I guess it's the same as in pvp. You have to work as a group, time your skills and such.
  • Jaronking
    @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_JessicaFolsom Will you guys post the thread rather to add impen back to the PVE loot table today?
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