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Vampires needing to slot ability to much of a punishment?

  • deviousthevile
    UrQuan wrote: »
    Why would you even be a Vampire if you're not going to slot a Vampire ability? Unlike Werewolves (currently, anyway - this won't apply after the big patch) who have benefits just for being Werewolves, with no penalties, the penalties for being a Vampire outweigh the benefits unless you're going to be using Vampire skills...

    So I really fail to see how having to slot a skill is a hardship for Vampires, considering there's no point in being a Vampire anyway if you're not using the skills.

    Pre patch, with CP into Elemental Defender in the (I want to say) Lover tree, I never slotted Vamp skills besides Invis Swarm in PvP, all just for the extra regen. Even without Fire Res jewelry, I still took jack for fire dmg, and no I dont have 100+ into Elem Def, only like 40. Now, post patch, even with a vamp skill slotted, the Passive doesnt seem to affect my regen.
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  • Alucardo
    Kammakazi wrote: »
    Just slot Mist Form (It's pretty g)

    Does mist form actually work? I have slotted my Essence Drain and my Bats and have seen 0 change to my regen numbers. Mist form is only vamp skill i dont have.

    I had an issue with Werewolf after the update. I literally had to cure myself and become reinfected to see the stamina buff. A similar thing happened with my Vamp, but I didn't bother getting reinfected.
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