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please clarify 20,000 points of damage taken in 2 seconds

ok I am a new to this format of pvp. I logged into a campaign last night with a 22 level character. my average life span was around 5 seconds with a 3-5 minute reload after death. but that's not my question even though that was frustrating as hell and created a hatred for the game. to the point, in one fight I was destroyed by a mage who hit me with 5 shots of "something" each doing 4300 points of damage in a matter of seconds. question is this normal and my character is super weak? or is there hokey pokey going on in this game? note it was one single player that did the damage

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  • Tankqull
    5 seconds is actually quite long survival time ...

    80% of the time i´m dying in less than 1 sec...
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    Sallington wrote: »
    Anything useful that players are wanting added into the game all fall under the category of "Yer ruinin my 'mersion!"

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