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Official Discussion Thread for "The Road Ahead - May 1"

  • cjddrumnub19_ESO
    I am excited for the justice system and really hope it is implemented in a PvP and not just PvE environment, a lot of people would love to be bounty hunters or criminals trying to fight/survive against other players. I know that this would be a difficult system to implement but it would by far bring this game to the next level. I can think of lots of friends of mine that didn't try ESO because it is sub-based but have said if this justice system is implemented in a PvP format whether using PvP flags for your character or some other method then they would definitely pay the sub for it.

    I am happy to see all the amazing content you guys are creating and thank you so much for reading our feed-back and when possible acting off of it.
  • Dahakra
    Soul Shriven
    All looks good and promising. But i think there should be yet one more thing You should add:
    - Polearm weapons and an adequate comba style. ( and maybe chain-mail armors?)
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