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Official Discussion Thread for "The Road Ahead - May 1"

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This is the official discussion thread for the blog article The Road Ahead - May 1. We hope you enjoyed getting a peek into the future for ESO!
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  • leander.lowb16_ESO
    All sounds really good:)
  • Ryskim
    KerinKor wrote: »
    Ryskim wrote: »
    Also, you should be able to kill any non-essential NPC, but deal with consequences.
    No, this isn't an offline game, I don't want camps empty of NPCs simply because someone decided to gank them all .. this isn't the Barrens .. whether they're 'essential' or not.
    Forgot to say about adding the ability to freely switch between phases. There, problem solved.

    Anyways, I'm way more concerned about Necromancy. It should have been available from start, now it's not even under development. Very very disappointed with this, although very excited with that list because all of the things are very needed and awesome.

  • Methtrain
    Soul Shriven
    I welcome the features! Sounds exciting.
  • Rykoth
    It's bad enough people are prancing about with their summoned daedra in cities and cluttering up the streets, don't need dead things either >.>

    Also, thumbs up to this road map.

    Guild functionality IMO should be *the* priority
    Gorthal gro-Gunthak, Chieftain of Mor'Grumaar
    Sigrun Elkhorn, Nordic Warrior and Skald

    Mor'Grumaar - Orcish Stronghold Roleplay
  • Blackwolfe5
    Oh, I wish the bots were only in dungeons. But they are far from only in dungeons..

    As for the rest of the stuff, looking awesome!
  • KerinKor
    The massive number of bug fixes in 1.1 should be released NOW, not wait for the group-only content of Craglorn to be ready.
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