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• [COMPLETE] PlayStation®4: NA megaserver for maintenance – May 24, 1:00PM EDT (17:00 UTC) – 3:00PM EDT (19:00 UTC)
Maintenance for the week of May 27:
• PC/Mac: No maintenance – May 27
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No patch to download and can't login,

Eu Megaserver Not a clue what is going on this website seems to be having trouble to.
  • AngryNord
    "Login timeout" here too... Nice practical joke you just played, Zenimax... NOT!!!!
  • czechdrakeb17_ESO
    Same problem here.....

    I wonder if they even bother to read the forums......
  • ashley-jamesb16_ESO
    having the same issues, no patch update, and login just times out
  • Jirki88
    Indeed. There's no patch to download, and all login attempts render in a "Login timeout" message. And I've been trying quite a bit. And the forums are unreliable at best, when it comes to stability. Not too reassuring, unfortunately.
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  • Arkadius
    Same here.. They must have forgotten to release the patch..
  • Lee85
    Yup same here..
  • Darlon
    Same here
  • white00devil
    same here
  • weresloth
    Same as well, login timeout and no patch after EU megaserver maintenance.
  • Xabien
    Same here. Keep checking for patch and no joy. Keep checking forum - keeps timing out. Come on ZOS you can do better than this guys.
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  • quatzacoatlb16_ESO
    ye doesnt download a patch for me either. And when i connect i keep getting timeout now for the last ten minutes
  • nextlvl
    Soul Shriven
    Eu megafail server :\ Won't pay a cent for such service
  • Snugenz
    Same here
  • CrispZ
    no patch for me too
  • daniinturre
    Soul Shriven
    1,100+ views in 3 minutes, we are not alone!
  • Valerien
    Same here don't know if we should just keep trying or its broken, would be nice to be told about this sort of things on the forums.
  • williemccrb16_ESO
    Exact same here :(
  • Valerien
    Same here don't know if we should just keep trying or its broken, would be nice to be told about this sort of things on the forums.
  • Jambo
    same here.
  • williemccrb16_ESO
    Exact same here :(
  • Atwa
    I lost 1 day waiting this ppl.
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  • Edhenor
    Soul Shriven
    Same here, no patch, no login
  • warhawk1984
    no patch all login attempts fail with a time-out, forums seam to be having a lot of trouble as well
  • Danzq
    Same problem.
  • Danzq
    Same problem.
  • Magnar_Prime
    Last update was the same..they want to have the server stable before they allow thousands of clients downloading and loggin on same is like opening doors from hell lol
  • MigzPT
    The reason why we can't log-in is because multiple players are attempting to log-in simultaneously.

    But since we are paying for this, they should get a better server :|
  • Ticare
    ZOS care to respond to this? Are we EU players going to need to sit through NA maintenance too? I'd rather not wait any longer if that's the case
  • ZunaRoath
    Same here :c

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  • conthox
    Soul Shriven
    Got error 301 now, seems to be a heavy load on login servers which is not so strange. Just wait a bit more and try later :)
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