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Are Bash builds intended?

This may be a silly question, but I want to ask it none-the-less: Are "dedicated" Bash builds an intended design by ZOS?

Yes, we have a couple sets that buff Bash damage.

But many Bash sets are really just using Bash as a proc trigger. And some even have a cooldown that seems to indicate that Bash is supposed to be maybe 1 Bash every 6 seconds.

Bash builds have always been a pretty niche, fringe, gimmick build. With changes like Siphoning Strikes, and ZOS adding more unique Stamina/Magicka restore that circumvents Blocks 0 sustain rule, I want to know if ZOS intends for this to be a build. OR, are we going to get something like Tormentor (with AOE taunts) in the future, where ZOS will say "we never intended for Bash damage and sustain to be so great that constant Bash builds are viable". I assume players LIKE that Bash builds exist as a possible build strategy, but if ZOS doesn't intend this to be a build, then they probably aren't accounting for it.
  • Billium813
    If ZOS doesn't intend for dedicated Bash builds to be viable, what is their intended limiter to gatekeep Bash builds? In the past, I think it was just supposed to be sustain. But what if sustain makes that not a limiting factor anymore? Are we going to get ZOS adding a Bash Penalty similar to the Roll-Dodge Penalty?
  • Necrotech_Master
    bash builds actually dont have that great of sustain (they are usually bash weaving power bash), and even with the buffs the dmg is only moderate

    it takes an incredibly specific build to even make bashing really viable dmg wise, the only 2 ways to even get AOE bashes are from deadlands demolisher or if you are a necromancer using the goliath aoe bash ult (only available for 20 sec at a time)
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  • VinnyGambini
    I think that healing is the problem of bash builds. With bash build, you have no wep / spell dmg, so very weak healing. The problem is class like arcanist, that relies on shields, not healing.
  • KS_Amt38
    There are about 400 sets in the game. Thats the creativity level we get for having so much sets.
  • umagon
    I am not sure what you mean about the zero regen while blocking being a limiting factor. On bash builds you don’t need to block all the time to bash they are separate hot keys. On my build I combo bash with power slam. The gating factor is how the base bash scales. You have put a lot of focus into bash even for the tool tip to get to 5k. And by doing so you give up a lot of other options.

    There is also the issue with power slam sort of locking you into palace while it’s used. I don’t know how else to put it, but if the target is moving really fast it will not connect. The way I see it the play style is already gated and balanced.
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