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PTS Update 41 - Feedback Thread for Undaunted Key Rewards

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This is the official feedback thread for the increased Undaunted Key rewards. Specific feedback that the team is looking for includes the following:
  • Do you feel this was a reasonable change?
  • Was there anything you feel could be further improved?
  • Do the rewards feel reasonable for the amount of time you need to invest?
  • Do you have any other general feedback?
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  • Billium813
    • Do you feel this was a reasonable change?

      This is a step in the right direction, but unfortunately, Undaunted Keys just aren't enough to incentivize players to play Vet content even when they are fully capable of doing so. I'm glad there is a difference now between Normal and non-HM Vet, but I think this shouldn't have been restricted to only Urgarlag Chief-bane dailies; it should be consistent across Undaunted Dailies.
    • Was there anything you feel could be further improved?
      1. Transmutation Crystal rewards should also be re-balanced. RND and RVD give the same Crystal rewards. We need to incentivize players to play Vet content to improve queue times. Rewards are where that starts and the rewards just aren't rlly worth it.
      2. Players need more things to spend Undaunted Keys on. Perhaps a bound Monster Mask style page could be purchased with keys, similar to how Infinite Archive sells pages. Some special furnishings purchasable with Keys would help too. We just need more stuff.
    • Do the rewards feel reasonable for the amount of time you need to invest?

      For Veteran Hardmode on base-game dungeons & Veteran DLC dungeons? Sure. The content is relatively easy and Undaunted Keys are a fine reward for newer players. More Transmutation Crystals too would be an improvement though.

      For Veteran Hardmode on DLC dungeons? No. 1-2 extra Undaunted Keys does not equate to the difficulty. ESPECIALLY for dungeons that use HM banners. Experienced players are the ones that are going to run these and they don't need/care about a couple of Undaunted Keys.
    • Do you have any other general feedback?

      Expand on the Undaunted please. It's a great part of the game that needs a bit of TLC. Urgarlag Chief-bane is starting to get too many DLC dungeons and the rewards just aren't that important. Also, curate Monster Shoulder drops from the coffers.
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  • Necrotech_Master
    i think its great that the key rewards are being improved, but like its been said there isnt enough worth spending them on

    the monster style pages when they are available, are too expensive (as suggested adding a cheaper bound option would be great)

    there should also be a box with curated monster shoulders, even if that costs 10-20 keys per open (more than the specific dungeon ones which are 5 each)
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  • gariondavey
    Thanks for this change.
    Shoulder boxes should have a curated option though.
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  • James-Wayne
    Do you feel this was a reasonable change?
    This change is definitely appreciated, I dont think its enough especially for Vet HM content but I like it.

    Was there anything you feel could be further improved?
    Lets be honest, there isnt a lot you can buy with keys as it stands. I do love the reward vendor system with Infinite Archive, a ever changing list of items each week that you can spend your earned currency on. I would love to see this for Undaunted but throw in items that are specific to Dungeons and Trials including set items (curated). Ive course adding in a golden vendor here may mean you need more ways to get keys like in the final drop of the boss or random drops in chests through the dungeon which should slow some players down :smile:

    Do the rewards feel reasonable for the amount of time you need to invest?
    Normal dungeons 100% Vet dungeons and Vet HM especially DLC ones, it needs to be higher. The newer Vet DLC content isnt to bad but some of the dungeons shortly after the early DLC years can be pretty full on especially for PUGs but I guess you just need to pick something that is even across the board.

    Do you have any other general feedback?
    I have feedback for dungeons in general but probably not the right place here for that so in regard to the key change nothing else but will leave it at great change, look forward to more rewarding ways on future. I'm glad these older systems are being relooked at and improved upon no matter how small they are.
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  • Uvi_AUT
    The Key Increase is nice. But you should also increase Transmutation Crystals from Veteran Dungeons. That would be an incentive to play Vet over Normal Dungeons.
    Plus with all the uses for Transmute Crystals it would be nice to have more sources for them. There are so many Sets and so many Characters, and that would take a bit of load of the Grind to outfit a character.

    And can you please mellow out the difficulty for Vet-DLC-Dungeons. I am all for difficulty, but some of those are straight up overtuned compared to other dungeons.
    If not, maybe you can increase the Keys and Crystals for VET-DLC-Dungeons even more.
    As it is most players only play classic VET-Dungeons.
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  • ndcndc
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    Do you feel this was a reasonable change?
    Yes, higher effort should get higher reward.

    Was there anything you feel could be further improved?
    In my case, after countless attempts trying to get Swarm Mother shoulder by gambling and failed, I have given up trying to get it with key and now just wait for it to appear at Golden vendor. It would be nice if the chance to get shoulders you don't yet have is made higher like overland drops. Don't make getting specific shoulder so hard that people give up.
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