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PTS off time

Between PTS cycles, I would like to see the development team go back to trying new, weird balancing things for some long term alpha testing. Things like HoT stacking could be removed to see how it works out. Lightning staff splash damage could be reduced to 50% to test DPS results. We have like 3-4 months between cycles and I think it would be useful for the developers to throw a bunch of stuff on the PTS, after everything goes Live, just so we can test community requested ideas.

We did this in the past (, but I don't remember there being any outcome announcements from it.

List below the things you would like to see tested and experimented on the PTS
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    A lot of balancing suggestions/ideas could easily be tested during this period, giving them 3-4 months or more worth of feedback and data they can use to tweak numbers or rework things that can't be fixed via numbers tweaks for the live servers.

    It would also help them with determining if a new set/ability mechanic would be inherently too complicated to ever properly balance (see nocturnals/snake/dark con/plaguebreak/hrothgars/etc) and needs a complete redesign or if it can be balanced through tweaks to values which can be done easily once live allowing them to sell it as a strong set/ability on release but make it easy to balance later on because all it would require is adjustments to the numbers.

    For me personally, I'd love to try out some ideas I've seen/posted for sorc fixes/reworks, but also be given a chance to actually test out some of the teams proposed changes to sorc to provide better feedback for them while still in the earlier testing phases allowing more time to make mechanical/design adjustments as necessary without creating a huge crunch issue for the final 5 weeks of the PTS, where currently we get to see essentially what will be the next release outside of a few bug fixes/numbers tweaks.

    I assume most mains of other classes would love to have the opportunity to do the same for their class too.

    TBH, we used to have something similar to this with the class rep program and it worked really well, so I don't know why it was disbanded.
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