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Never have the threads of fate become so twisted...


"Never have the threads of fate become so twisted. Two worlds hang in the balance. Come, champion. Let us preserve what threatens to unravel, like pages tossed in a roaring fire.""
Developer_Direct & ESO Global Reveal - Jan. 25 @ 3pm EST"
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  • Faulgor
    Yup, that's the Woodland Man alright.
    Alandrol Sul: He's making another Numidium?!?
    Vivec: Worse, buddy. They're buying it.
  • SilverIce58
    Ooooh this means eldritch-looking daedra. Since memory is water, i can't wait to see what new daedra variants we get. Hopefully we get some real cool looking ones. And maybe a Herma-Mora statue for our homes too.
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  • chessalavakia_ESO
    metheglyn wrote: »
    I'll be pretty disappointed if we have to muck about with Hermaeus Mora. He ranks only second after Sheogorath as the most irritating character I've ever encountered.

    Yeah, I might skip this years expansion if it looks to be mostly him and doesn't have much else of interest.

    From an RP perspective, few of my characters would actually interact with him because he's creepy.

    The thing is, we already have an existing quest in ESO where
    he has questionable dealings with his mortal partner and then stiffs us
    so I'm unsure of why even my characters that are a bit slow and ignored the creepy behavior would work with him either from an RP perspective as he didn't appear to exactly be "reliable".

  • Faulgor
    Danikat wrote: »
    Varanis Arano: "Do I really have to ally with Hermaeus Mora to save the world?"

    Hermaeus Mora: "My records show you've allied with Meridia, Clavicus Vile, Mephala, and other lesser daedra in the past."

    "That was different."

    "And that you also became both a werewolf and a vampire for dyes and achievements. So what's your problem?

    "...fine, sign me up."

    Oh, now I really like the idea of Hermaeus Mora breaking the 4th wall at some point. He's supposed to have access to forbidden and unknowable information, and that would be a good way to demonstrate it.

    Careful, you're getting into "why doesn't Hermaeus Mora have CHIM?" territory.
    Alandrol Sul: He's making another Numidium?!?
    Vivec: Worse, buddy. They're buying it.
  • Jaraal
    The Prince of Fate who rules a realm of endless pages.

    Maybe we can finally get an Oghma Infinium furnishing for our houses!

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    RIP Bosmer Nation. 4/4/14 - 2/25/19.
  • Kirawolfe
    I'm excited!

    I can't play the game properly, but I'm excited!
  • BretonMage
    Soarora wrote: »
    Back to dark promotional material again! I liked the light but Hermaeus Mora was one of the Daedric Princes I wished got more spotlight since he only has one quest in ESO that I know of and it’s a public dungeon. I hope the writing quality pulls through and does him justice.

    Me too. I used to wish we had more quests with him involved, but now I'm wondering if perhaps Hermaeus Mora should remain mysterious. It's hard to give any topic in ESO the kind of gravity he deserves.
  • CameraBeardThePirate
    Hopefully a Mora themed update means a buff to the useless Mora's Whispers mythic wink wink nudge nudge
  • roykirkb14_ESO
    metheglyn wrote: »
    ...second after Sheogorath as the most irritating character I've ever encountered.

    Blasphemy. Sheogorath is best NPC.

  • Jaimeh
    We've been discussing in discords what the two worlds could be, if it's meant in a cosmological sense, like we might visit an aedric place, or in a geographical sense, like if we might visit a new continent... Either way, the hype is real! :smile:
    Edited by Jaimeh on January 20, 2023 8:39PM
  • jaws343
    Syldras wrote: »
    I don't think the "two worlds" thing means something too fancy, to be honest. Probably the most obvious thing if Hermaeus Mora calls us: Apocrypha and Nirn.

    The remaining question is where on Nirn it will take place (as for sure we won't spend the whole chapter in Apocrypha). I still assume it will be some Telvanni place. Maybe not the Telvanni Peninsula but the smaller Telvanni Isles. I don't think we'll get a really big zone on Nirn if there'll also be Apocrypha maps.

    Could still be Solstheim, and something similar to the way they did the Skyrim/Blackreach split with the island and Apocrypha.

    And interesting thought I had regarding the new feature, what if it revolved around the Black Books. They could use those here, within the potential theme, to provide skills (if we wanted skill crafting lite) or even mundus like boons that you can choose from.
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