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PC EU Hardware Update – August 2022

  • redlink1979
    ginoboehm wrote: »
    @ZOS_MattFiror can you at least throw us a lifeline? like a possibility to copy chars to na? like you did with the console accounts when the game came out on console?

    You are forgetting that console's servers data tables were empty when they offered the possibility of platform change.
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  • xDeusEJRx
    Nice, can't wait to come back another year from now and do this same process for xbox then another year for playstation. Maybe by 2025 the servers won't crap themselves immediately making us need to do this again
    Solo PvP'er, GM of Holy Grail Seekers. PS4 NA player
  • Asdara
    Communication? Transparency?
    Good start YAY
    Forget new content for a while & forget adding new DLC, this is a list of what is actually needed in the game:
    1: Handheld magic/ giving you the option to not use your staff to L/H Attack but instead it will shoot from your hand, like a spell.
    2: Spellcrafting.
    3: Combat pet skin / summon Atronach.
    4: Summon weapon.
    5: Change the Housing item limit.
    6: Multi Attunable crafting station.
    7: Add Writ boards and Writ Drop-off's for housing.
    8: Cut the crown price of Mundus stones (4000x13? 52000 crowns?).
    9: Visual upgrade for all spell and animation.
    10: More structural item, door, floors, arch, walls for all size and shape.
    11: Dusting and adding things to the mage guilds.
  • Pyr0xyrecuprotite
    Jazraena wrote: »
    Zuboko wrote: »
    Apparently (because of the chip shortage) in some sectors it takes more than a year to get the needed parts


    Suffice to say it's an issue in sectors far more critical to society than game servers.

    these days, even contracts for 100% reliable electrical power to your datacenter are challenging.
  • LarsS
    Could we get some news about the server code rewrite?
    GM for The Daggerfall Authority EU PC
  • Tornaad
    LarsS wrote: »
    Could we get some news about the server code rewrite?

    Yes! I would love that.
    Katheriah wrote: »

    My group is logging off at this moment because of performance. Good job guys. If you wait long enough, people will be so done with this that the performance issues solves itself because nobody is playing anymore.

    same here on console ps eu, my group rage quitted cuz first of all pvp is almost empty since the pvp event , there was 1 bar ad 1 bar ep 0 bar dc on gh & only 1 bar dc on BR.

    And it was still sooooo laggy on gh!

    So many from my guild have already quitted and im just rn looking for another game to play aswell.

    This time to wait is not acceptable for me at the current state of the game.
  • Oakiyo
    The hardware they're gonna receive will be outdated by the time they implement it on their servers :D

    Considering how much people are switching to PC NA and how lucrative this looks, I'm begining to wonder if the delay, especially on console, is related, even by a bit ...
  • Sandman929
    Perhaps some or all of the combat team could be re-tasked to helping players migrate their profiles between servers at will.
    We won't mind the break.
  • Elsonso
    Interesting. I appreciate the update, but am super surprised at how far out the outlook is. Eeek! :open_mouth:
    Pyvos wrote: »
    What are these critical parts that have a lead time of 2 1/2 months?

    Sprockets for the Hamster wheels.

    Nah. All they can get is cedar bedding, and that is harmful to hamsters. It is worth the wait for quality hamster-approved bedding. :tongue:
    When NA servers were upgraded, as far as I can tell, we were all informed (and it was a huge surprise for everyone) that previous NA servers were from 2012.

    So what year are the current EU servers from ?

    Late 2014
    LarsS wrote: »
    Could we get some news about the server code rewrite?

    Agreed, this should be the subject of another missive from Firor. Hopefully, before the end of the year.

  • Thretion
    After patch 35 and this news, I can only wish you good luck with ur online ;)
    Also, my entire friend list has not been logged into the game for more than two weeks.
  • Ankael07
    When NA servers were upgraded, as far as I can tell, we were all informed (and it was a huge surprise for everyone) that previous NA servers were from 2012.

    So what year are the current EU servers from ?

    Back when Daedric Princes walked on Nirn
    If you want me to reply to your comment type @Ankael07 in it.
  • Knockmaker
    I don't know what to say...

    Actually, I do:

    What about the rewriting of the code? What is the timeline for that? That's as important as server upgrade at the very least. People here deserve to know more about that imo.
    Edited by Knockmaker on August 26, 2022 4:29AM
  • Turtle_Bot
    Can you at least answer why you gave NA the upgrade first, when EU has historically (and continues to have) the most problems and has the higher population (based on previous comments from ZOS)? To stay silent as you done so far just makes this seem incredibly Americentric, which is not exactly a great look.

    keep in mind that ZoS previously did not expect that hardware replacement would necessarily fix performance issues, when it appeared likely that the software/processing/database systems were much more likely to be the bottleneck. The NA hardware refresh was planned as a replacement for end-of-life computer hardware that was almost TEN YEARS OLD at that stage, not as a performance upgrade.

    So why is the EU megaserver being done second? Because it is not as old. If you go back into ancient history, ESO started out with everyone accessing the game from the PC/NA megaserver. It was only after massive complaints from EU users and a rush job by ZoS that a new PC/EU megaserver was setup - late in 2014. (Ah, those were the days when it was possible to rush orders for computer gear.) Basically, the EU computer hardware is two years younger (less old and decrepit) than the NA server hardware.

    I didn't know the EU servers were made after the NA servers. They may be younger, but that still doesn't excuse the fact that due to a decision from a faceless higher up, all servers were not kept up to date over the years and allowed for performance to get as bad as it currently is.
  • BlackCatOnline-
    Thank you for the news. Meanwhile it seems like several content creators on PS NA are moving to PC NA and I've read numerous comments about players quitting :|
  • Luede
    well then, see you in a year, where you tell us that it still takes a little moment. seriously, 2 years too late. game is uninstalled...
  • Tra_Lalan
    Hello Matt, thank you for the information.
    I'm sure it took some guts to step down here on forums and (in some way) confront players. For that I'm grateful.
    Also Your post is a prove, that the Devs are aware of what is going on in the community and (at least some of them) are willing to adress it somehow. This is a step in good direction, because I don't belive that this all fire will just go down by itself.

    Your words are appreciated, however IMHO they are not enought to fix the whole situation. I belive it's time to do something more "spectacular" to regain players trust. Something big. New servers are something big, but unfortunately they are to far away in future. Players need action now. Maybe consider reverting u35? I'm sure we players aren't aware of everything going on behind those changes. So if it is not possible, maybe just tell us why it isn't. Lack of information and lack of trust are a bad combination.
  • Luede
    logan_ESO wrote: »
    I work for a big microelectronic supplier, in Manufacturing Execution System.

    Many factors contribute to the lack of electronics parts. Chip shortage it's real, and lot of factors are in play. No foundry is capable atm to fulfill requests. No supplier is able to satisfy the requests.

    We have just completed the construction of a new fab for 300mm wafers.
    TSMC is building new fabs. Intel is building new fabs and asking other suppliers for support.

    Six, eight months, one year waiting list is normal.

    this info would only be interesting if the game wasn't already unplayable for years (pvp) and also since years infos are given by ZOS, which point to the great improvements in longer periods. when the time has come without change, there is a new post with the next long term plan
  • Meiox
    Finally some good news I thought, oh well =(
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