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I’ve just lost all my Chromium Platings

  • silvereyes
    spartaxoxo wrote: »
    I know there was an add-on that caused false positives for cheating with gold or something like that not too long ago. I also believe some players lost some coins due to it being called duplicate when it wasn't?

    They never said which add-on but I wonder if there is some rare bug that causes this with one still? 🤔
    No, that issue has been fixed. When Lazy Writ Crafter added a new feature to automatically take hireling mails when you open the inbox, the rate at which those mails got taken triggered ZOS' anti-cheat software.

    That's the hazard of being like the most downloaded crafting addon of all time. Any slight increase in your addon's message rate to the server can break the (ESO) Internet. :)

    At any rate, the developers and Dolgubon communed, ZOS tweaked their anti-cheat rules, much mead was consumed in celebration, much Xanax was consumed by customer service, and everything ended well, from what I heard.
  • Celephantsylvius_Bornasfinmo
    Arunei wrote: »
    Youyouz06 wrote: »
    Great now we have cheaters taking people's things.
    What the heck is going on in ESO recently...?

    It's a video game, things shouldn't have real world value. ZOS needs to crack down on these black market practices like a wrecking ball if it's the case.
    Uh, there's no proof that this has anything to do with hackers or cheaters or whoever getting into OP's account. Let's not start spreading misinformation that could needlessly worry people.

    Yes, was a bit short tempered that day.
    I hope it's not the case, but either way I don't like after market sales platforms.
  • Bellstand
    ZOS_Kevin wrote: »
    Hi @Bellstand. We've checked in on your ticket and Customer Service should be helping you shortly. Let me know if you don't hear back in the next day or two.

    You're a saint @ZOS_Kevin, I really appreciate your help! I'll make sure to keep you updated.

    Thank you and stay safe!
  • francesinhalover
    I lost the chromium plating i had too.
    I am @fluffypallascat pc eu if someone wants to play together
    Shadow strike is the best cp passive ever!
  • LalMirchi
    @Bellstand Great news!

    So nice with a happy ending.
  • Sylvermynx
    That's SO good to hear! Happy New Year!
  • Onigar
    Since I noticed post on the topic of lost items from craft bag I now use a spreadsheet to record my stock of notable items such as,

    all improvement mats; green to gold for the 4 trades
    nirncrux; potent and fortified
    Jewelry trait stones (simple 3 excluded)
    Ruby level, metal, cloth, wood + platinum

    As an active crafter I have a LOT of each of the above

    Just this week I noted also my stock of style stones too as well as Hakeijo

    I hope it does not happen to me but at least I have now some way of identifying a loss.

    Updates may not be done at each login but are done regularly.
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