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Male version of sexy female costumes
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Soul Shriven
I would like to put a loin cloth or some kind of provocative costume on my male toons without having them cross dress. Like a male version of the timbercrow costume but without the top, so more similar to the Nordic bathers towel. Or just a banana hammock would do lovely. Thanks.
  • Jaraal
    Agreed. Would it be possible to ditch the sports bra for our male characters? The diaper looks awful, but that's for a different thread.


    For reference, you guys did great with the male and female versions of the Dark Shaman costume. Perhaps a simple update like this to fix our Timbercrow look?


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  • Blinx
    This would also prob have people buying more body markings, as they would be easily shown off, I know I would
  • NotaDaedraWorshipper
    I've wanted something like a male version of the Egg-Sister Bias-Cut Casual Wear and Lizardly Four-Fabric Skirt Set to my argonians for a long time. Just a nice fabric sarong without a top. Maybe some jewellery like the bands around the arms at most.

    The other argonian costumes that fits male characters better got those awful stiff reed-cone skirts.

    Costumes like this but without the top, and maybe a tiny bit longer.
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  • Lailaamell
    Also like alot of tattoes is placed badly for alot clothes just hide them makes me feel why did i even bother getting it then i never get to see it but i agree with diaper it just look bad like they could added pants instead or made more cowering pants just made texture less daiper like
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