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Magicka [Xbox One] [RP Guild] [Join Today!]


From the reaches of Aetherius to the mortal realm Mundus comes that which we call magicka. Magicka is the invisible force that holds together the land of Tamriel; the land which we all hold so dear. The threads of magicka flow, bind, and breathe throughout all of Nirn. It is what draws us to Tamriel, lets us explore it, and gives us the strength to in it survive - even thrive. One looks to the High Elves in the starry fields of Summerset, and sees them channeling light in their ancestors’ names. One looks to Skyrim and its bitter cold, and sees the heroic Nords combating mythical beasts in their lairs. One looks to the windy deserts of Hammerfell, and sees a Redguard scout reactivate age old Dwemer construct. Just as the living machines of the Dwemer would not be as they are without the power of magicka, the beasts of Skyrim are sustained by it. Indeed, the elves of Summerset – and every last one of us – are as well. All of these things would not be possible without the force of magicka, and it is in honor of that magical essence that we name our guild.

Magicka was one of the very first guilds in the Elder Scrolls Online, created during the early days of the PC beta. Magicka was then founded in the full PC release under the leadership of @Marginis. At console release, Magicka expanded beyond PC to console, formed on Xbox One by that very same Marginis. Originally ESO's premier PC roleplaying guild, Magicka now stands as one of ESO's most popular and longest running guilds on Xbox, striving to hold true to the tradition set by our first members and be the best place for ESO roleplaying on console.

Magicka exists as a haven for all sorts of adventurers, to assist them in all sorts of ways. Our aim on console, just like it was on PC, is to provide players the support they need to have fun with the game, whether they want to try RP for the first time, are an old hand at RP and want to try it in a new setting, or just want to see what Magicka (or RP) is all about. We delve dungeons, war in Cyrodiil (we primarily fight for the Aldmeri Dominion faction in PVP), and sometimes just hang out around the guildhall and chat. This said, we do exist primarily as an RP guild, so the main thing we do is RP.

For those that do not know what RP, or roleplaying, is: For ESO, it basically means that while you are in-game, you play as though you are your character. You are no longer a gamer playing E-S-O. Instead, you are Tskune the Great, high warrior of the land, adventuring across the expanses of Tamriel! In other words, you do not look at the game in terms of it being a game, with skill trees, stats, and levels, but you look at it as a real world like our own ...with the exception of having magic and talking cat people. As your character, you do not have skills on an ability bar - you might simply have the use of certain magicks. Instead of having a certain level, you might think of yourself as being particularly skilled (or unskilled) at a craft or combat style. When speaking or acting in-game too, you play as though you are your character. This could mean speaking with a hiss as an Argonian or referring to yourself as "this one" as a Khajiit. It could also mean a different personality or quirk to the way you act, anywhere from being as grim and serious as a hardened mercenary to dressing up in a chef outfit and serving everyone sweetrolls at gatherings. The only limits are your imagination (and adherence to guild rules, obviously). For some, this kind of thing comes naturally. Others take time to learn it. Regardless, RP allows all of us to much more fully immerse ourselves in the world of the Elder Scrolls Online, and because of that, we enjoy playing ESO in a way non-roleplayers never will. This is what our guild is all about.

Speaking of roleplay, Magicka being an RP guild, we expect our members to be IC (in-character) in most guild settings. While we do not specifically require RP all the time, and we are quite understanding of new RPers or players with limited English, Magicka strongly encourages staying in-character, at least when in guild chat or at guild events. If speaking OOC (out-of-character), use an OOC voice chat channel or use brackets [ ] (or something similar) to denote that you are speaking OOC. Tamriel is a rich world full of many wondrous things - you would not want to ruin the immersion by talking about frame drops and the PVP metagame, would you? If you have trouble or are new to roleplay in Elder Scrolls Online, or on console, however, do not worry. There are plenty of Magicka guildmates more than willing to help you learn the ropes. Additionally, while old hands at RP are a welcome addition to the guild, please remember that Magicka has its own quirks, so even if one is a roleplay veteran, they may need to adjust accordingly.

RP aside, Magicka is and always has been a teamwork driven community, with veterans helping fresh-faced recruits, Dunmer fighting side by side with Khajiit, and bards entertaining even the most mirthless warriors. And although Magicka is based in the Aldmeri Dominion, where the magicka flows strongest, we welcome with open arms all races and all alliances: warriors, mages, rogues, and wanderers alike – yes, even Argonians. This applies equally to the players behind the characters. We are based on the NA servers (sorry EU players), but we gladly host players from all across the world, from Russia to Australia to the US to the UK. It does not matter if you are young or old, black or white, gay or straight, casual or hardcore, really into Harry Potter or more of a Twilight fan, Magicka will gladly welcome you into our family (but we still reserve the right to silently judge you for being a Twilight fan).

It should also be mentioned that while Magicka does not have any requirements or regulations regarding such, our guild color is blue, and we use the symbol for alteration as our guild emblem when the option is present.

The guild rules are simple, and can be good guiding principles in most circumstances, even when in Tamriel outside the Magicka community. Like the threads of magicka that flow through Tamriel, they can be equally separated into individual elements, but once together, come to be as strong as the invisible tethers binding Aetherius to Nirn.
  • Storm - Follow guild rules, Elder Scrolls Online terms, Xbox Live policies, and real world laws. If you support anything explicitly against guild rules, Elder Scrolls Online terms, Xbox Live policies, or real world laws, do not promote it within the Magicka.

  • Frost - Magicka is a friendly guild, to all players, so be respectful of other people’s viewpoints and be mindful that you don’t start anything that could be construed as harassment. In Magicka, we treat each other with respect and kindness, no exceptions. In that same vein, introducing overt sexual content into the guild is considered disrespectful, and is therefore prohibited. Keep said content private. Magicka is an RP guild, not an ERP (erotic roleplay) guild. While one need not always be mature, one must always be respectful.

  • Flame - While Magicka does not have any requirements regarding activity, failure to appear online in-game on the guild roster, for one year or more, may result in the guildmember getting removed from the guild. If you know in advance you are going on hiatus, or do not wish to appear online in the guild roster, for whatever reason, simply let a guild officer know and a note will be placed next to your guild title, and you will be notified before being put at risk of removal for inactivity.

These only cover the basics. For anything else, the Guildmaster and guild officers’ say is to be treated as official guild rule. If there is any question whether something is against the rules or not, do not hesitate to ask a guild officer.

Failure to follow the rules set here can result in demotion, exile from Magicka, exile from the guidlhall, or a warning, of which there may be only one. Magicka can be a powerful blast, a gentle breeze, or a flowing river, but one must stay focused when harnessing its power, or the backlash can prove fatal.

Magicka, being a roleplay guild as it is, also has rules dedicated to RP. As above, they can be separated into the great elements of the schools of magic.
  • Storm - Guild text chat (/g#), group text chat (/g), yell text (/y), emote text chat (/me), whisper text chat (/tell), and say text chat (/s) should all be IC when interacting with the guild unless noted with brackets [ ]. Zone text chat (/z) is not specifically IC or OOC. Guild voice chat channel 1 is OOC. Guild voice chat 2 is IC. Any other voice chat is not specifically IC or OOC unless noted by the chat leader. Officers chat (text and voice chat) is OOC. If the chat is IC, please stay in-character. If OOC, respect the choice of others to not speak in-character (although one may still choose to speak in-character - we would never say no to more RP).

  • Frost - If your microphone is disruptive, mute it or change your settings so it is not. Remember, if your mic is disruptive, or if you do not wish to speak IC in an IC voice chat, there is nothing wrong with muting your mic and just being along for the ride or RPing in another manner. The same thing applies to text chat. Being disruptive for no discernible constructive purpose is the work of ice trolls, and we don't tolerate ice trolls here in Magicka.

  • Flame - Keep text chat and voice chat conversations separate, and character identities separate from player identities. Just because you can enjoy voice chat does not mean everyone else in the guild wants or is able to (the same goes for text chat), and just because a player controls a character does not mean the player is like the character. Other members should not feel left out because they are not using a particular chat, or feel discriminated against as a player just because of how their character acts.

As before, the guildmaster's and guild officers’ say is to be treated as official guild rule for anything not mentioned here. For example, there are many RP etiquettes and norms which guildmembers are expected to respect. Some of these norms are common, some might be ESO or Magicka specific, but they should all also be treated as rules in addition to the ones above, and will be dictated by guild officers as situations arise. And of course, if there is any question of whether something is appropriate RP-wise (or otherwise), do not hesitate to ask a guild officer.

Failure to follow these rules can also result in demotion, exile from Magicka, exile from the guildhall, or a warning, of which there may be only one. The crippling strength of the elder scrolls does not fade, because like our guild, the scrolls' strength comes from the same massive power source that binds the Void. Push magicka too far, and you will be forevermore blind to the world's wonders - quite literally, in the case of the scrolls.

Ranking in Magicka, like the rules, is fairly simple (the rank colors in-game are only cosmetic. Only title colors have specific meanings to them).
  • Silent - Brand new members of Magicka, or existing members put in time-out, so to speak. Once we see that you are something other than the average ice troll, you will be promoted.
    Silent have no permissions. This is a probationary rank to prevent trolls from disrupting the guild and disruptive members from causing more trouble. Usually within 24 hours, new members will be promoted to Student rank. If not, it is the member's responsibility to notify a guild officer.

  • Student - Magicka's newest initiates, these apprentices should look to the higher ranks for inspiration, and perhaps take to their namesakes and try to learn everything they can about the the guild and its members - soon they will be teaching Students themselves.
    These are new members of Magicka, and have only basic permissions within the guild. All a Student needs to do to get promoted is attend one official Magicka event. Like Silent, if a Student is not immediately promoted after fulfilling the rank-up requirements, it is the member's responsibility to notify a guild officer that can promote them.

  • Seeker - Seeker is the rank given to full members of Magicka. The name is from Magicka's original purpose when it was founded, to seek out and find whatever the Seeker is looking for, and to help other Seekers do the same. Be proud if you are a Seeker, for Magicka is a powerful force to have at your side.
    Seekers have full access to all main aspects of the guild. Notably, they can invite new members, and help the Magicka family grow.

  • Keeper - These are the veterans of Magicka. The original name for Guardians, Keepers are those that have shown that Magicka is their home, and so are charged with keeping Magicka on the right path. More than just a Seeker, Keepers help guide Magicka, just as Magicka guides them. They are mentors and leaders. One would do well to listen to them. One might just learn something.
    Keepers have the same permissions as Seekers, but having been loyal to Magicka, may be given extra permissions for that loyalty. This rank is given to guildmembers that have stuck with Magicka for at least a year, or have otherwise proven that Magicka is their home.

  • Champion - Champions are those who have ascended past simply being a Keeper by exemplifying everything members of Magicka should strive to be. Those who champion Magicka have honor emblazoned on their armor, wisdom etched in their eyes, and probably a medal or two to boot. The only guildmembers who achieve this rank are those who have done something specific, stepping up when they were called upon, and not just saying, but showing, that they are Champions. This rank means something special, and as such is rarely achieved.
    Champions have all permissions available to non-officers, and can also have honorary roles as well, specific to the player. Listed as "Champ" in-game.

  • Guardian - Guardians' role is to keep guard over Magicka, protecting the guild at any cost. Usually being the most active members of the guild, Guardians act as Magicka's moderators, police disruptions when they are found, and fill in as leaders and ambassadors to Magicka in the absence of higher ranks.
    Being the first first officer rank, Guardians can demote members of Magicka to Silent rank as necessary. So it is generally a good idea to listen to them. Guardians take care of most member management, and are listed as "Guard" in-game.

  • Director - Directors are some of Magicka's most devoted members. Guardians above Guardians, each of the three Directors has their own rights and responsibilities. They manage much of the behind-the-scenes work for the guild, and so deserve recognition for that especially.
  • Directors of Storm are Magicka's lorekeepers. Arguably Magicka's most important Director, the lorekeeper guides all RP aspects of the guild. They guide new RPers and make sure everything RP related stays plausible within Elder Scrolls and Magicka lore.
  • Directors of Frost are Magicka's overseers. They take on most of the management responsibilities of the guild, and are responsible for all guild financials (that means the guild bank, guild trader, fundraising, etcetera) - and they keep track of guild history.
  • The Directors of Flame are Magicka's generals. The commander of Magicka's fighters, this Director leads guildmembers to glory in Cyrodiil and other battlegrounds. They head combat expeditions well as offer support for any members who wish to succeed in combat.
    Directors are listed as "Direct" in-game.

  • Elder - A guild Elder is one who leads Magicka, each usually in their own way. Elders help manage events, coordinate the Directors, and most importantly, keep the guild active.
    All Elders are handpicked by the Founder, not only having done significant work for Magicka but also having received a high level of trust. No one Elder has any more power than another, but they should all be treated with the same authority as the Founder himself. Their primary purpose is to act as co-guildmasters when the Founder is not around, but may also have roles unique to them individually.

  • Founder - Kha'jiri is, as his name might suggest, a Khajiit. He is the original founder of Magicka and an immensely powerful mage. Do not fear him as one might the Imperial Emperor though - if nothing else, he is far too furry to be an Imperial. Kha'jiri is a master crafter, an experienced adventurer, and a friendly cat. Just do not mistake his easy-going nature for naiveté. Despite his looks, Kha'jiri is very wise, and has maintained leadership of Magicka for all these years for a reason.
    Both the original founder of Magicka as well as Magicka's current guildmaster, this position is primarily to keep an eye on things from behind the scenes, and try to keep Magicka on the right track. Being the Founder is often a thankless job where a lot of work done is not seen, and a lot of things do not quite go as planned... but every now and then you might just spot a wild Kha'jiri relaxing in a nearby tree.

Ranks that are Guardian and above (Guardians, Directors, Elders, and the Founder) are considered the officers of Magicka, and collectively, Magicka's council. Officers have access to officer's text chat and officer's voice chat for discussion about guild workings, and can cast ballots in all guild votes. Each officer has their own responsibilities to go along with their more powerful position within the guild, but are also considered to have all the responsibilities of the lower ranking officers when no lower ranking officers are present.
  • Guardian - Guardians' primary job is as moderators of the guild. As the officers most directly involved with the members, they are tasked with policing and moderating guild chat. That means that if a guildmember breaks a rule or is causing trouble, Guardians should be the first to correct the issue. If a guildmember has an issue, question, or concern, Guardians should be the first officer that members go to. Guardians can help with most matters right then and there, and they can bring anything else to the council on the guildmember's behalf. Guardians also have the autonomy to demote members to Silent rank as they deem necessary. Any time a Guardian demotes a guildmember, they must notify the council, so that the council can later look into the demotion and decide what to do in a more permanent fashion.

  • Director - The three Directors are basically the same as Guardians, but are considered to have seniority, as they have extra responsibilities, unique to each Director.
  • Director of Storm - Directors of Storm are responsible for RP and lore, and guiding RPers in all things RP: Teaching new RPers the norms and rules of roleplaying, explaining how Magicka's RP works to players used to other RP systems, and telling others about Magicka's story. Magicka being an RP guild, this is why the Director of Storm is arguably the most influential Director. Their job is a big one, requiring a strong commitment to having as much lore knowledge as they can, as well as knowing the tiniest details about Magicka and its roleplay. A good lorekeeper is inclusive, welcoming, and socially adept, but knows how to have fun too.
  • Director of Frost - Directors of Frost are responsible for all things management. As a detail oriented Director, the Director of Frost is responsible for keeping track of guild bank movements: deposits, withdrawals, inventory and such. They also keep an eye on guild traders: Magicka's, if the guild has one, how much the prices are, stock around Tamriel, and bidding on one, if we decide to. This is also why the Director of Frost is responsible for all aspects of any guild raffles or fundraising efforts by Magicka. Whoever is Director of Frost, they probably have many lists (checking them twice is optional).
  • Director of Flame - Directors of Flame are responsible for the least RP-related parts of the guild - that is to say, combat, builds, the metagame - that sort of thing. A player has a question about the Shadow Cloak ability; The Director of Flame will explain. The guild is having a PVP event in Cyrodiil; The Director of Flame leads and directs our soldiers with battlefield strategy. We need to know if a quest in the game is able to be done by multiple players at once without having them instanced into separate dungeons; The Director of Flame is there to answer and walk us through the quest steps. The Director of Flame has a tough job, requiring them to be up to date on the latest patch notes and know all about the current meta, and then be able to articulate everything in-character (even if they do not). We know it is hard, but this Director is just that good.

  • Elder - Elders, lead the entire guild, and specifically, coordinate the Directors, making sure their work all fits together. An Elder's role beyond that is to be active and present, coordinating the efforts of all guildmembers to make a happy, well functioning guild. Elders can also take on the more routine guild management responsibilities lower ranks do not have the permissions for, like ranking new members. In almost all aspects an Elder should be considered a substitute Kha'jiri minus the fur (unless they have fur too).

  • Founder - The Founder does just about everything there is to be done that is not listed here, but is primarily responsible for making sure the guild is not on fire. The Founder has the ability to make any guild decision unilaterally, but reserves this right unless absolutely necessary. Beyond that, the Founder is just a weird cat that likes to chase butterflies of course.

Also relevant to guild officers, Magicka sometimes holds guild meetings and guild votes. Guild meetings are only for the officers of Magicka unless otherwise noted, and are to be used strictly for guild business only, such as organizing events, discussing members, deciding if we should try for a guild trader, etcetera. The proceedings are led, directed, and moderated by the Founder or the most senior ranking officer present. While guild meetings are able to be held without the Founder present, guild votes may only take place with the Founder present or with his explicit approval. The guild is meant to be democratic in all but the most trying circumstances, so all guild officers have an equal voice at these guild meetings, and each officer has one vote, which is worth the same as any other vote. Guild votes are only to take place at guild meetings. Only guild officers may vote, unless otherwise noted. Absentee ballots are counted, but only when sent to the Founder himself, and are only counted when sent before or at the time of the vote unless otherwise noted. At the time of the guild vote each officer has the choice to vote or abstain from voting. Once a vote is cast, it cannot be taken back. In the case of a tie, the Founder's vote decides the result. In the case of a tie where the Founder abstained from voting, the Founder must cast their ballot in a way that decides the outcome.

Being a guild officer demands respect, but as a wise Khajiit (at least, this one recalls that it was a Khajiit) once said, "With great power comes great responsibility".

If you feel you are able to fill the sabatons of one of Magicka’s higher ranks, there are three things you will want to do.
  • Storm - Recruit new members. Magicka is always looking for new blood (blood ritual every Tuesday).

  • Frost - Be active and involved in the guild. Nobody likes a lazytail.

  • Flame - Contribute to the betterment of Magicka and its members. Everyone does this in their own way, some by promoting the guild to others, some by helping the newbies. Find your own way and you’ll gain the respect of fellow members even before you rank up.

Anyone who leaves Magicka outside special circumstances (discussed beforehand with a guild officer) forfeits their rank. Should they rejoin, they must start again as any new initiate would.

Like ranks, each member receives a title within the guild. These are put in the member's guild note in the guild roster. They may refer to a specific job or area of leadership, such as Guild Chef or Alliance War Captain, but they can also just be for fun. Everyone is given a title upon entering the guild, and may be given a specialized title at the Founder's discretion. To be given a specific title or get one's title changed, all one must do is be in good standing with the guild and request it from the Founder. Title colors, however, have specific meanings:
  • No Color - Means nothing special. Do something special to get a color. Like, make an outfit or something.

  • Blue - For those who have proven their worth to Magicka by being active, helping out at events, being interesting - simple as that.

  • Yellow - For those who have a specific job within the guild, and special responsibilities and permissions because of that. The job will be denoted in their title.

  • White - For those with connections to other notable guilds, and act as ambassadors between those guilds and Magicka.

  • Magenta -For utility purposes by the Founder. Pay this color no mind unless the Founder tells you that you should pay it mind, in which case, pay it mind.

  • Black - For guild management, usually for some functional purpose.

  • Green - Reserved for guild officers.

  • Red - Reserved for the cat that founded Magicka.

  • Cyan - Denotes the other founding members of Magicka. These players will never be kicked from the guild for inactivity or have their title color changed.

Events in Magicka are held by any member who wants to hold one. There are official events held by Magicka regularly, but most are just unofficial events, set up on the fly by members wanting to do something who then simply ask if anyone wants to join them. If you want to let the rest of the guild know about an event you want to hold, and put it in the Message of the Day, making it official, give a guild officer the location, time, and a short description about it, and they or a higher-up will post it as soon as it is approved. Importantly, all guild RP events will occur with the expectation that text chat will be used, and any events where voice chat will be used will have that expectation noted. And remember to join guild chat if you want to participate in an event or set one up! It is much easier to group up with your guildmates when you can chat with them. Here are some of the events Magicka has put on in the past, and may hold again:
  • Kha'jiri's Storytime - The first regularly occurring event in Magicka, affectionately named Kha'jiri's Storytime by the first attending members, everyone meets up somewhere in Tamriel to share stories of their adventures and exploits. This is a chance for newcomers to hear about the history of Magicka and how it began, for new RPers to develop their backstories, and for everyone to have a good time doing something outside of their daily grind. Everyone has a story to tell, this is a chance to tell one of yours.

  • Landmark Celebration - Any time the guild reaches a new landmark, whether it is a certain number of members or some special recognition, we pick a time to gather somewhere in Tamriel and take on an anchor or world boss. In between bouts of fighting daedra, we can all take a breather and RP or find a nearby dungeon to crawl, and if possible, recruit a few passerby into the guild and our celebration.

  • Storyline Event - Magicka is a storied guild with a long history, interwoven with the tales of its members and the timeline of Tamriel. The story, however, is not over yet! There will be times where members of the guild come together to weave together new stories to incorporated into Magicka's lore. Each event will be different, but each event will have a plotline and an impact on the guild. Any storyline event must be officially sanctioned by the Guildmaster or Founder, and will be posted with more advance notice than normal.

  • Fashion Show - The true ESO endgame content: fashion. What better contest than to be judged by a panel based solely on appearance? Walk the catwalk, show off your moves, and be judged in several categories for a chance to win some prizes. Who knows - you might even impress the guild's resident fashion experts.

  • Murder Mystery - Someone has been murdered! A mystery set up by the event holder, the goal is to work together (or against each other) to try and figure out whodunnit. It could be anyone, so trust no one.

  • Festivity Festival - When the spirit of festivity is in the air, Magicka likes to get together and hold a ball, gala, party, or... something of the sort. Whatever you might call it, it is a way to relax from the combat oriented dungeoneering, strategizing of PVP, or number crunching of trading. Be sure to bring a fancy outfit or two, hotbar your emotes, and pay attention to the theme! If it is a costume party, bring a costume. Masquerade ball - wear a mask. Winter festival - dress warm!

  • Scouting Mission - While Magicka tends to extricate itself from matters regarding the alliance war, there are times when Cyrodiil beckons. Whether for skyshard hunting, exploring the vast expanse in the middle of the continent, or begrudgingly involving ourselves in alliance matters, Magicka, like many guilds, answers the call of Cyrodiil. Make sure to be on a character of the determined alliance (alliance will be noted in the event posting) and bring your best gear (guildmates may be able to help you with this if you need assistance).

Magicka has had several guildhalls over time. First, there was Magicka Keep (Ebonheart Chateau) in Morrowind, a temporary place until Kha'jiri found "Mnemoli Ruins" (Earthtear Cavern). This was Magicka's home, but due to a cave-in, the guildhall had to be moved through several locations - a secluded witch's hut, an ancient Orsimer castle, a lavish Imperial estate - until Kha'jiri was offered an old Dark Brotherhood sanctuary as a gift from an old acquaintance. While at times a bit eerie, it has proven a most capable residence for Magicka's members. What we simply call "The Sanctuary" is accessible to all guildmembers just about any time, and any visitors may use its services for free. To get there, simply select the Founder in the guild roster, then choose "travel to primary residence". If The Sanctuary is ever unavailable via this method, it is safe to assume that it is undergoing significant renovations, or the Founder is using another residence as his primary residence for a guild event, and the Sanctuary will be reopened in due time. If you wish to donate furnishings or schematics to the guildhall, simply send them to the Founder personally or deposit them into the guild bank, and if you have any suggestions regarding the guildhall, let a guild officer know and they will pass the word along.

Magicka, like all guilds of its stature, has a guild store. While Magicka is not a trading guild, our guild store can be helpful in buying or selling useful items with other guildmembers - especially items useful for RP - as well as buying our guild tabard. While not often, there are times when we may try to acquire a guild trader (it is usually Ambarys Teran in Reaper's March). The guild store can be accessed via any banker other than assistants, any guild merchant that Magicka has hired, if one has been hired, and any Cyrodiil trader, if one has been enlisted.

Magicka's guild bank is the place for any and all guild supplies (and guild supplies exclusively). If you have any items to donate to the guild, or items/gold to submit for a guild event (as will be noted for appropriate events), deposit them into the guild bank, accessible from any banker in Tamriel (outside of, again, assistants). The guild bank is only able to be accessed by guild officers, and anything within will be used exclusively for Magicka and its members.
  • Furnishing supplies will only be used for furnishing the guildhall.

  • Crafting related items will be used to supply guild crafters in order to craft items for guildmembers.

  • PVP items will be used for guild ventures into Cyrodiil.

  • Gold and gold from sold items will go toward efforts to secure a guild trader or will be used for official guild events.

Over time, helpful additions that assist with being in Magicka, or just ESO in general, come up, usually suggested by fellow guildmembers.

First are a few places to look for information, incredibly helpful to newcomers to the Elder Scrolls universe or even those just looking for a refresher.
Here are all the places you can find postings for Magicka, although do keep in mind the only one that will always be up to date is the one on the ESO forums (this one). Any place not listed here is not affiliated in any way with Magicka, no exceptions.

  • @Sethuber, for being the first member of, and one of the founding keepers of Magicka
  • @Duskwood0585, for helping establish Magicka's RP and for being one of the founding keepers of Magicka
  • @Sleekorr, for leading Magicka on PC and for being one of the founding keepers of Magicka
  • @Wingsltd, for taking a lead role in the community development of Magicka
  • Razum Dar for being the founding member on xbox with the best name
  • MammothOgr3 for being a founding guardian of Magicka on xbox
  • DiscountBleach for being a founding guardian of Magicka on xbox
  • DeADxRaNGeR for taking lead of Magicka's PVP and being a founding guardian of Magicka on xbox
  • TidiestBeef461 for being a founding guardian of Magicka on xbox
  • RMusick81 for being a founding guardian of Magicka on xbox
  • xI G4TEK33PR Ix for being a founding guardian of Magicka on xbox

Magicka, being the popular guild that it is, has also been allied with other guilds throughout its lifetime. If you lead a guild and you want to ally with Magicka, send the guildmaster a message over Xbox Live, making sure to note your guild's name and if you have a website or forum thread dedicated to your guild, and we will be in touch. Guilds currently allied with Magicka on Xbox One will be listed here.

To join Magicka, or if you have a question about it not answered here, send a message to the guildmaster or another member over Xbox Live, and we will get back to you as soon as we have the chance, with an invite or an answer! No need for a complicated application process here; as long as you abide by the rules and have fun, you are welcome among us.

Here are some guildmembers' gamertags one can message in regards to recruitment (if you want to be on the list, let the Founder know!):
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    Whether it is crafting an elaborate backstory for one of your characters, or making new stories with your guildmates, one of the best parts about being in an RP guild are the stories. Here is Magicka's.

    And so it appears I shall be writing the story of how the guild began in the stead of Magicka's esteemed Kha'jiri. One need not read it all, or any of it should they not want, but it may give some insight into Magicka's foundations, or if nothing else, at least provide for an entertaining tale.

    The beginnings of Magicka are in fact tied in with the journey of our favorite guild leader, but as he appears to be off on some other adventure, and as I was one of his earliest companions, he thought I might be a good teller to tell his tale. He also tells me how difficult it is to write with claws, but as to how true that is I do not know. While I am not the focus of this tale, know that I was at one time known as Hirauth, and I have journeyed with Kha'jiri under cities and over mountains. While we may not see much of each other these days, there are none who know the cat-man better than I.

    PART 1
    Our tale begins in an alien country; a land quite different from Tamriel. It had great snow-capped mountains to the north, farmlands and scattered lakes to the east, a great forest blanketing the west, and barren, unmapped desert lands to the south. The Silver King ruled this land from his palace in the Silver City, just below the mountains, and civilization emanated out from there, from the craftsmen and traders in the surrounding cities to the farmers in the open country to the nomads wandering the empty planes of the desert.

    Of course Kha'jiri is a Khajiit - or in the very least a cat-person not dissimilar from the ones in Tamriel. While his race was quite uncommon in the Silver Kingdom - these cat-people were not even known as Khajiit in this land - there was a smattering of clans of his kind who lived in the mountains in the north overlooking the land. It was one night under a full moon in that pale white mountain snow that Kha'jiri was born, under the name Moonfur, named for the color of his bright white fur, most unlike the grey and brown cat-people of his village.

    The night of his birth was an auspicious one. Like his uniqueness in appearance, Moonfur was born with a special attunement to the natural energies of the world. From early on it was clear that he had some strong magical aptitude, and so he was given up to the village shaman to be trained. The shaman taught him many things: spells and rituals, hunting and crafting - everything he would need to survive in his cold mountain home.

    Before he reached his teens, after some years of apprenticeship, Moonfur was given his last test of training. He was to travel out into the mountain wilderness. There, in his solitude, he would live off the land and learn the ways of nature firsthand. Once finished, he would be able to return to his clan a full adult, and be able to keep their mystical rites as his teacher did.

    It was in this time of training Moonfur - Kha'jiri - learned to fully tune his talents. He learned to weave wind, brighten fire, breathe frost - even harness lightning. He lived among the wildlife, befriending some animals in the cold, hunting others when necessary. He developed the ability to transform his shape, and even focused his abilities to read and speak several otherworldly languages. There was time when he would craft, time when he would train, and time he would simply take to meditate.

    But as often happens when fate is left to fortune, tragedy took this chance to strike. A rival clan of cats to the northeast was wanting for food because of their poor harvest. Though weak from hunger, they were known in the mountains for their strength not only in combat, but in numbers, and Kha'jiri's home village was not. The rival clan attacked, taking the resources they needed and killing those who got in their way.

    Kha'jiri's parents, and a great many others, were killed in the attack, but by the time our cat-friend completed his training, and returned from his wilderness solitude, it was too late. The village elders had already negotiated a treaty with the invaders. While Kha'jiri's kinsmen did not lack for fighters, Kha'jiri's clan would not survive at all in an all out war with their northeastern neighbors. In addition, what the invaders really wanted was food, to prevent death - not war to make more. The treaty made it so they would receive a part of the southern village's harvest, and in return, Kha'jiri's village would receive a modicum of protection... if only from their protectors.

    Naturally, Kha'jiri was angry. His parents were dead - murdered - and the elders opted for appeasement. But he would not jeopardize the lives of those he grew up with. All the same, he could not stay and lead them like his teacher; he could not take part in the broken system that allowed his parents' death to go unpunished. Instead, Kha'jiri returned to his hut in his winter solitude where he would have lived out his days as a hermit... were it not for three poor, dumb youths not too long after.

    These youths, not yet out of their own teenage years - and not much younger than Kha'jiri himself at the time - were brash and arrogant. And they were from the rival clan. They knew their clan had better fighters, and could easily overcome Kha'jiri's clan, but did not know the restraint of their elders, who had by then already accomplished their goals. When they arrived at Kha'jiri's meager hut one day, it was not for need of supplies, or for diplomacy; it was to make mischief. They quite simply wanted to harass that which they presumed could not retaliate, and the weird hermit living by himself was easy pickings... or so they thought.

    As Kha'jiri learned much later, sitting on grief only breeds more grief. Anger begets more anger, and hate begets more hate. When left alone and bottled up, emotions tend to bubble and expand, until one day someone pops the cork.

    Kha'jiri came back from his hunt that day to find these three sneaking what little he had from his shack. He saw their distinctive striped markings and knew immediately they were from the clan that killed his parents. Without a second thought, his white fur rose with the prickling of electricity, and the first was immediately struck with lightning, killed on the spot. The sky quickly grew dark as storm clouds gathered, Kha'jiri marching toward the other two mischief makers. They were stunned, unable to move. The next kid was thrown up into the storm by vicious winds, whether to be torn apart by the whipping razors of the tempest, or tossed to his death below, Kha'jiri did not care. The third then regained his voice, but his cries for mercy could not be heard over the roaring wind. On his knees, the imposing silhouette of Kha'jiri loomed over him. All the youth could see through the foggy darkness were two glowing yellow eyes. The shadow reached forward, and sending forth a stream of lightning, burnt down to ashes the whimpering creature before it.

    The storm clouds could be seen for miles, and the cracks of thunder heard throughout the peaks above the Silver Kingdom. Kha'jiri's clan knew something had happened, and it was no long shot that the other village would notice three of their own missing soon. Kha'jiri took what scraps he had left - at this point, after the destruction, little more than the hide clothing he had on his back - and made the trek back to his home village.

    When the elders gathered, Kha'jiri told them what had transpired. While a few were sympathetic, most of the council was horrified. The cat himself knew that what he had done was far beyond appropriate, and the elders were fearful of the consequences from the other clan. Even though he still felt his outrage was justified, Kha'jiri knew his village would not survive another invasion, and so he proposed the only solution that made sense: exile.

    Before he left, he met with his teacher. The shaman knew Kha'jiri to not be evil, but his actions were not the ones that should have been taken. Something did have to be done. The mentor taught Kha'jiri one last ritual. It was not much, but it would help him survive the dangerous journey down the mountains into the mainland. There Kha'jiri could seek out the Silver King.

    Now if you think Kha'jiri is clever, you've easily never met his teacher. The shaman was very wise, and it was he who suggested to Kha'jiri that he find the leader of the kingdom and appeal to him. Kha'jiri could gain support for his village from the kingdom of man so that the village might be free from the uneasy truce and one-sided treaty with the other Khajiit clan. He could even bring his entire race into recognition, and redeem himself.

    It was with this farewell that Kha'jiri bid his teacher farewell. With his goal in mind and little more than his clothes, a ritual book, and a trusty old dagger, he left, down the lonely mountain trail from his village into the human cities below.

    PART 2
    It was not long after this I met Kha'jiri for myself. You see, after making his way into the mainland, he had troubles... interacting. I mentioned before that Khajiit were quite uncommon in this country; as you can imagine, his feral and rugged appearance would scare most people off, or provoke them to attack, like a feral werewolf in Tamriel would. Of course, Kha'jiri did not possess the best diplomatic skills at the time either (which could be attributed to a number of factors, but that is neither here nor there).

    The point is, he was turned away at every stop - not only from gaining audience with the king, but from even entering the less rural cities around the capital. It was after these many defeats that he ended up wandering aimlessly along the edge of the border towns, and in turn entering the tavern where I was enjoying a much needed break.

    It was something to see: a rough and worn man, covered in fur and with the head of a beast, clothed in skins of animals he had hunted, with a dagger in his belt and a rough hewn staff in his hand, standing ruggedly in the doorway with his back to the dark night. But the tavern patrons were either too simple or too drunk to care, so as Kha'jiri walked in, he was only greeted with suspicious glares from the bouncers.

    In a bold move, the clearly socially inept cat walked straight up to me, and sat down across from me at my table in the corner. Perhaps he perceived me as less of a threat, as I was likely just as imposing as he was. Perhaps it was my own staff at my side - I learned later that Kha'jiri crafted his rough hewn walking stick out of a lone pine he came across on his way down the mountain, and was in the process of learning to use his powers with a staff. Whatever the reason, I was curious about this strange creature before me. Naturally, I gestured to the barmaid for a couple of drinks.

    The barmaid brought over the drinks, and I took a sip of mine - but Kha'jiri - the awkward fellow didn't so much as take a sip; he just kept looking straight into my eyes, unblinking.

    Suddenly he reached down at his coin purse. Apparently something was amiss, as he stood up and his gilded eyes darted across the room. They landed on a table of obvious drunks laughing and slapping their table, near the door. Without a word to me he walked up to them and demanded they return the money they stole from him.

    Kha'jiri was treated with a round of guffaws, so he said "I'll only ask you one more time. Return my gold." He must have made a funny face trying to look intimidating, because the buffoons only laughed again, even harder.

    As little as I knew about this cat-man, I was intrigued... and I felt a bit sorry for him, so before Kha'jiri lost his temper I got up and walked to the table myself.

    "Return his money before it must be taken from your cold, dead hands," I said. This must have made quite the impression on the men. I was clothed in black leather armor surrounded by a dark shroud, and my own eyes glowed yellow on my hooded face, with an additional faint yellow from wherever my magical tattoos adorned my body. One of the drunks turned instantly pale, another fell off his chair, a third soiled himself, and the last was at least visibly perturbed.

    "We don't have any of your money," the fourth man said, managing a shaky chuckle after he said it. Kha'jiri would have none of it. With a crack of lightning, he split the table and sent half of it - with one of the men - flying across the room.

    I could now see that the fourth man was a sorcerer, as he started to conjure up some magic. I pulled my rapier out from under my shroud, but Kha'jiri needed no help. A blast of cold wind blew the table's other half into the sorcerer.

    "Bob, no!" said the man who had peed his pants. Kha'jiri shot him with lightning and the man was fried, nothing more than a mortal human drunkard.

    The last of the intoxicated men was crawling away.

    "It was just a joke... a prank... why?..." he was crying.

    Kha'jiri probably would have killed him too, had I not put my hand on his shoulder. The bouncers - more like armored guards - had drawn their weapons and were closing in.

    "It is time to leave," I whispered in Kha'jiri's ear. Close to the door, we started backing away. "We will leave," I announced to everyone, "It would be wise not to pursue us."

    Though I hardly knew this strange creature, I found myself jogging along with him into the woods outside the tavern. There we introduced ourselves: Him as Moonfur, the cat-man from the mountains seeking audience with the Silver King, and myself as Hirauth, what would be known in Tamriel as a Dunmer, at the time on the run from dark daedric forces. Kha'jiri's money, he had found, was fully intact. It would appear that the sorcerer had magically lightened the coin purse as Kha'jiri entered the building, a simple prank on the worst possible target.

    All said and done, it appeared mutually beneficial to travel together, at least for a time, so we agreed. I would help him reach the king, as far as my ability would allow, and with his magical abilities, he would assist me in keeping off my pursuers.

    But Kha'jiri had one thing to do first...

    He worked his way back to the tavern, crouching low and keeping to the trees, and I followed. We could both see, under the light from the tavern's windows, the sorcerer, Bob, and his surviving friend. Clearly sobered up from the events prior, they were washing up with water from a barrel.

    "Let me handle this," Kha'jiri whispered to me.

    He crept low to the ground, along the tree line, until he was just across the dirt road from them. Kha'jiri leapt up from the brush and sent a lightning bolt straight into the sorcerer's friend. Before he could turn around, Bob was covered in the ash of his last companion from that night. Horrified, he barely mustered what focus he had, and started resummoning his magical power. Unfortunately for the sorcerer, Kha'jiri was already five steps ahead of him. The Khajiit summoned a flame atronach shaped like a great hawk, and sent it flying into the sorcerer. The blast was loud and bright, and the flames reached even to the tavern wall Bob was beside.

    Unlike his friends, however, Bob was no normal human. Covered in the ashes of his companion, and set ablaze by Kha'jiri's fire, while hurt, he had only a visage of anger. The sorcerer charged into the barrel of water, busting it open and dousing himself, and started stalking toward Kha'jiri.

    The cat-man was unfazed. He called down thunder and struck the soaked sorcerer.

    Bob fell, but was not dead. Kha'jiri left him, and casually walked back to my spot in the trees, the Tavern burning down behind him, and said "Let's go."

    PART 3
    I do not know if "funny" is the right word... but it is at least odd how such a violent experience, where so little was shared, could form the bond it did. Despite all things, I would from then to now consider Moonfur a friend, and I'm sure he'd say the same of me. A friendship for life, formed over the destruction of a tavern and nearly killing some man named Bob (and actually killing several of his friends)...

    Anyhow, we actually ended up traveling south, away from the capital city, avoiding as many towns as we could for a while to keep from getting arrested by those who might recognize us from the wanted posters. If I recall properly, we were both also trying to think of a different route to the Silver City, but honestly? Neither of us had any clue what we were doing.

    Eventually we wound up at a crossroads - the exact center of the kingdom. To the west, the path leading deep into the great forest. Immediately to the south, the deserts of the nomads. North would be going back the way we came, and east was toward a mess of lakes and farmland before we would hit ocean. Exhaustedly trying to figure out what we were doing, I leaned back against a nearby fence post. Kha'jiri, bored, did as he does, and climbed up the grand tree in the middle of the clearing, to perch atop the branches. There were a few other bipedal creatures milling about, either looking at maps or enjoying the balmy summer afternoon. There were a couple of wood elves, a half elf, a buff Argonian, an Imperial looking gentleman, the odd minotaur, and what appeared to be a purple high elf.

    A motley assortment, for sure, but we had no idea we would all be teaming up together. To make a long beginning short, we all fought the giant tree.

    To be more detailed: one of the two Bosmer saw something sparkling in the sunlight amongst the branches of the great tree Kha'jiri was occupying. The elf skillfully leapt from branch to branch and snatched what we learned later was a small silver (go figure) ring from the leaves. This awoke an ancient dryad spirit occupying the tree who then started attacking anyone nearby. If you can imagine the scene, in the middle of a large open crossroads, a giant oak tree was twisting and thrashing about, trying its best to impale or pummel anyone it could reach, while Kha'jiri rode atop it like a bucking horse (he appeared to be having fun, as a matter of fact).

    However much fun he was having, Kha'jiri did eventually jump down once he realized the others were taking combat stances. It is as he was dismounting the tree he noticed a number of engraved plates surrounding the base of the tree, keeping it in place. As much as the dryad spirit bent and reached, if we were out of its range we were safe, as it was, in fact, a tree rooted in the ground. However, those plates were what seemed to really be holding it in place. Kha'jiri zapped one plate with lightning from his staff, and the charred metal plate came flying off. He shot me a look, and for my part, I started conjuring a magical barrier in between the tree and fighters. I knew Kha'jiri was well versed in natural magicks, but apparently he could even understand what the nature spirit inside the tree wanted. The cat-man used an icy blast of wind to lift another plate off the ground and throw it into the air.

    Unfortunately, against an ancient tree spirit trying desperately to reach and maim the surrounding spectators, my mental power would not hold. My barrier broke, and almost all the people that were just moments ago milling about the area, now also unprotected by me, sprung into action, attacking the tree. Kha'jiri blew three more plates off from around the base of the tree. While the others attacked branches with swords and axes - one of the fighters even shot a magical spell into the trunk - I could see the tree's roots starting to yank themselves up out of the ground. Looking to Kha'jiri I gave him a look, sending him a telepathic message.

    [Do you know what you're doing!?]

    Kha'jiri did not respond, so deep into the fray his mind was, although I am still quite sure he heard me. He blasted off another three plates, one right after the other. By this time however, one of the people fighting the dryad had noticed what Kha'jiri was doing. The tree was aching and straining, pulling as hard as it could trying to break free, not even trying to attack anymore. The Imperial-looking man, who was apparently a mage, shot a blast of magical force straight at Kha'jiri, knocking him back and to the ground, away from the battle.

    The purple elf, however, who was previously attacking the tree with a hammer, seemed to have just noticed what was going on. He may very well have only just noticed that there was a man who had the visage of a cat there. He decided then and there that he wanted to help the kitty (his words, not mine). Zachar ran straight to the base of the tree and repeatedly beat the last glyph-bearing plate, denting it until it could no longer lay flat. One more well-placed hammer strike underneath sent it flying.

    The dryad spirit wrenched itself out of the hole with one last strained effort, in the process whacking the purple elf, knocking him out and throwing him backward.

    The massive old oak tree, as it was, lurched a step away from where it was. It seemed tired. Everyone had stopped attacking it once they realized it had free motion, and in the middle of this fight, we had a moment of uneasy quiet.

    The dryad took another lurching step, but this time revealed something underneath where it was rooted. It appeared to be... an uncovered grave.

    Kha'jiri, holding his head, sat up and watched from a distance.

    Out of the hole rose a beautiful woman. Clothed in vines and roots, with pale green skin, she was nonetheless very attractive. Without speaking a word she waved her hand in a wide arc in front of her and we were all pushed back. It was like the wind was taken right out of us. She then took a look at the slowly heaving oak tree beside her. She started waving her hands, and before Kha'jiri fully stood up and was able to sprint to the woman, and shoot her with electricity, the great tree started glowing from the inside, a deep red. Kha'jiri stopped in his tracks.

    The tree's roots began crawling over each other. The oak began to draw itself toward the adventurers who were just moments ago attacking it. Digging themselves in, the fighters readied themselves just in time to defend from the rushing attack. The dryad threw itself forward, crashing one of its branches into the ground, making a crater where it impacted. The two elves had dodged just in time.

    Meanwhile, Kha'jiri and I were focused on the nature goddess. Both of us could feel the magical power emanating off her, so we dared not attack directly, but she noticed our gazes all the same. As she looked straight into my eyes I felt a chill run through my spine. She had a haunting laugh, one that I will never forget. As her howl echoed, she began walking leisurely toward the forest. The others, still engaged with the raging dryad spirit, and Kha'jiri and I, knowing her power, were in no place to follow, and she knew it.

    Kha'jiri stood up, and looked to the tree raising hell a few meters away. He squinted in concentration. While he was probably trying to calm the tree spirit, I was practical. I joined the others in fighting the dryad.

    My tattoos glowing bright yellow I disabled the nature spirit. Like trying to catch a fish with your bare hands, every time the dryad would try to strike an opponent, it would be a couple meters off. Where it saw an enemy there was nothing. The dryad being unable to deal with the illusion magic, the human mage had time to gather his energies. He shot a blast of sunlight into the dryad. The light rebounded back as the dryad shrieked, and the mage bounced it right back, intensifying the burning light. Rebounding again, the mage continued the loop as far as his strength would allow, the other fighters having to shield their eyes as the dryad died, falling down, the tree becoming inert wood. As the light faded you could see parts of the tree still glowing with embers, and other parts hollowed out, where the wood was turned to ash.

    But the battle was not over. A contingent of soldiers, from the king's guard by their insignias, came charging from the north. While in formation, they had clearly been on a long journey and a bloody battle. We had passed them earlier on the way to the crossroads, and they were traveling north, but they must have had seen the magical light and heard the commotion. Seeing the fallen tree and scarred ground around the grave, their march turned into a full on sprint. One could see battle in their eyes even through the helmets of those that were wearing them.

    Kha'jiri stepped forward, clearly frustrated with the way the previous battle turned out, and as the soldiers raised their weapons, their battle cry turned to yells of pain, a giant hawk of flame sweeping their ranks. The others that were defending from the dryad picked back up their arms and joined the attack against the formation before the soldiers could counterattack. With only a few arrows and sword slashes the soldiers were made short work of.

    What had just happened? Well, with time to cool down and speak, it was found that we were all in some way seeking out the Silver King. It was his armies - that contingent of soldiers - that were razing nomad tribes. The minotaur and his female companion - the half elf - were sent as envoys of the nomads to stop the massacres. The pair of elves were from the western forest and seeking audience with the king to help stop goblin incursions into their villages. The human was a scholar for the king, and it was from him we learned that we had awoken an ancient evil nature goddess. Something (I found later it was the elf taking a magical ring from the tree's branches) had awoken the tree spirit standing guard over the evil goddess. That it was awake, it could feel all the pain being inflicted by the inhabitant of the grave underneath it. Regardless of everything else, it seemed, we all had a responsibility to alert the king to the ancient evil we had - accidentally - unleashed upon the world.

    We had a long journey ahead of us, many allies to gain, battles to fight, adventures to have... At least for the time being, we all decided to group up.

    And so a ragtag band of adventurers burned down a tree, unleashed ancient evil upon the world, killed a bunch of royal soldiers, and went to see the king whose soldiers they had murdered, but only after looting their corpses, burying them in the hole the evil goddess came out of, and praying that no one found out who did it.

    Kha'jiri carved into the ground, "Bob was here".

    PART 4

    PART 5
    (To be continued...)
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    • Removed gold sourcing from Guild Store section
    • Edited Guild Bank section to be more specific and clear
    • Added to Guild Bank section that guild gold might go to guild events
    • Changed Storyline Event under Events section to minimum 1 month advert for consistency

    • Changed wording in Events section to clarify that all events posted in the MotD are official events. Unofficial events are not posted by the guild, and are held by individual members without Magicka necessarily supporting or condoning it.

    • Added Guild Officers section to add some sorely needed detail to their roles
    • Added the seven founding Guardians of Magicka on xbox to Honors section, under the gamertags they joined with

    • Added small note to Guildhall section regarding the use of The Sanctuary instead of Mnemoli Ruins

    • Modified wording and made small edits for grammar throughout post
    • Tweaked Ranks section to jive with in-game ranks (colors in-game were changed to help understand relative positions; colors match up with titles; some names had to be shortened in-game ;official rank names are unchanged)

    • Added another contact to Joining section

    • Added language specifically regarding ERP in General Rules section
    • Added language regarding character-player separation in RP Rules section
    • Moved Guild Story to second post for space (was hitting the character limit for a single post)

    • Updated top image with a more current one. Moved old image link to Extras section.

    • Removed references to previous guildmaster that was forcibly removed from the guild.
    • Added Roblox Killer4 to Joining section.

    • Updated Ranking, Officers, and Titles sections to reflect in-game changes.

    • Minor wording edits as my whims direct me.
    • Updated all references to ranks to reflect current ranking updates in-game.
    • All new members post-2018 will have their join date included in their guild note.
    • Removed some restrictions on some things for future endeavors - no current practical changes.
    • Added the up-and-coming RP guild Rosy Lion to Allies section.
    • Happy 2019!

    • Set up a guild discord server after many requests.
    • Invite link to Magicka Discord added to Resources section.

    • Made updates to Allies, Joining, and Banned sections to make them current.
    • Eliminated Extras section because of broken links and lack of content.

    • Minor wording changes throughout charter.
    • Updated Flame in General Rules to reflect current policy and make it less complicated.
    • Got rid of Ally rank as it was redundant with the White title.
    • Renamed Warden rank to Director rank, and renamed Leader rank to Elder rank to clear up confusion often encountered because of similarity to other names in different contexts. Their functions are primarily the same.
    • Updated Elder in Officers section, to highlight a slight change in role.
    • Updated Titles to be a bit more accurate and less confusing.
    • Updated Bank and Store to reflect that Tythis is no longer the only assistant banker (o.o Ezabi)
    • Changes colors on Elder and Director to match their in-game colors... they still mean absolutely nothing.

    • Changed intro picture to one from the same screenshot session without UI visible (the previous one had a barely noticeable player name in the background).
    • Removed the Banned section, as it is redundant with the blacklist feature in-game. The note in the Banned section that read "There is only one Magicka on xbox, and one Magicka on PC (inactive). The only Magicka in-game is the one with "Magicka" as its guild name. Any other guild is unnaffiliated, and any claims to be affiliated in any way are false," is still true, but is not currently listed in another section.
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  • TheRealLP
    Count me in!
  • ThePeskyCrow
    TheRealLP wrote: »
    Count me in!

    Yea I want in on this too! :V GT: The Pesky Crow

    Crows and Kappas are accepted right? ~:v?
    I ate your sweet roll! Kaw~ :v
  • nolaneyles32
    Soul Shriven
    HalfAChub32 invite me please
  • jbaz1982
    Soul Shriven
    Gamer tag is justabaer is love to join please add me.
  • jbaz1982
    Soul Shriven
    I would love to join my gamertag is justabaer
  • Jon_Snow998
    This sounds so awesome! My gamertag is x4HollyWood
  • Marginis
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  • kalroyb14_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    I would like to join.
    Gamertag: Kalroy
  • Mattgatt
    I'd love to possibly join. I'm not particularly into RP but am impressed by how friendly and detailed your post is written and a general desire for the guild for the guild to do well and flourish. GT is gattilicious69 .. I'm new and still learning tho
  • zacharycohen423nub18_ESO
    My GT: Zrad Jenkins
  • Kencan333ub17_ESO
    Jragondir V13 dk fire mage main EP NA, Twilightblades nb v5 crafter AD NA

    acct name: @divinitywep
  • Marginis
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  • HannibalLecterMD
    Hey, I'd like to join.

    GT: DrAleksander
    GT: DrAleksander
  • jlholland81b14_ESO
    nvite please. My gamertag is jlholland81
  • Marginis
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  • ThePeskyCrow
    This place has many lusty argonian maids!
    I ate your sweet roll! Kaw~ :v
    Soul Shriven
    this guild sounds great and i would love to join
    GT: J1MJAM29
  • jscastelli
    Add me! GT: Sir Jashwa
  • DrDingleBerri
    GT Dr Dingle Berri
  • Marginis
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  • Imperatoris
    Good morning. I'm definitely interested in getting involved in role playing. It's one of the biggest things driving me to play ESO in fact. I'd appreciate an invite to your guild please. My gamertag is Legio M Divum and my character name is Imperatoris Augustus. Thank you.
  • Marginis
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