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U28 Combat Preview & Developer Update

  • OldManJim
    But when do we get rapids back?
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  • Sedrethi

    My Frost Warden is happy to see changes finally being made for Frost Staves.

    However, I'd like to discuss the example proposed solution to the Wall of Frost change. The goal is to make it more accessible and viable to all roles (damage dealer, tank, support (healer)), correct?

    Lowering the damage of Elemental Wall for Frost-users does the opposite of improving its viability in DPS scenarios, seeing as Elemental Wall is one of the largest contributors to overall damage over the course of an encounter in general for any Magicka Damage Dealer's repertoire. Unless other Frost abilities are going to see a slight bump in damage to make up for the difference, this doesn't help.

    As far as removing the snare, that takes away some of a tank's options of soft crowd control, which makes the Frost Staff a little less attractive as an option. Sure, they might still slot it to apply the full effect of a Crushing Enchant, but they could do that with a Lightning Staff, too, which is what many do already. I don't think this is the right approach for tanks.

    Tacking on a Damage Shield, after applying the previous two changes, only makes the ability somewhat more attractive for a support builds, however the prevalence of the powerful Off-Balance (and Minor Vulnerability through Concussed) status effect again makes the Lightning Staff the better support option.

    Concerning passives, there needs to be some equivalent to Fire's and Lightning's 8% bonus to single-target and multi-target damage, respectively. Perhaps something like improved Spell Critical Chance, Spell Critical Damage, or Spell Penetration?

    Also, the taunt would be a better fit for the Elemental Susceptibility morph that hardly anyone chooses (in favor of Elemental Drain), seeing as Frost Clench might still see some use on the DPS side so a taunt tethered to that may not be so wise.

    I replied to the Nightblade and Warden pain point threads in the past, and at least one of my suggestions seemed to come through (allowing Path of Darkness to affect allies with the bonus movement speed), so here's to hoping again.

    Thank you for your time.
    Edited by Sedrethi on September 19, 2020 1:55AM
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  • olsborg
    BohnT2 wrote: »
    How about looking into the big PvP issues right now?

    Proc builds and malacath
    HP above 30k on every build
    Stamina necromancer and warden

    This, so very much this. Malacath is so strong even on noprocc builds, because you can just forego crit entirely even in heavy armor and you will be better for it.

    PC EU
    PvP only
  • Atherakhia
    Look, I'm fine with you guys making changes to Frost Staff and Crit chance and all, but are these really the most pressing issues right now?

    I would agree with the general sentiment that Destruction Staff in general has problems. The absolute least among them is probably related to Ice Staff and its role as a damage dealing weapon. Half the skills get no play at all unless the player has a corresponding monster weapon set to go with it. Classes can't afford to dual wield destruction staffs in PvP and because Destruction staff increases damage, most classes can't afford to put all the skills they need on the destruction staff bar and still have room for other support skills on the weapon. And then you have poor passives on top of this. Why would you focus on Ice Staff DPS as a primary goal for improvement for this weapon?

    And the same with Crit Chance. Is this really an issue of such pressing concern that it would outweigh other issues like the simple fact that no one likes CP and it's a hinderance to the game and not a benefit? How long have we been hearing that a CP overhaul is coming? Half the classes in this game need an indepth overhaul at this point. The game simply doesn't work in Cyrodiil at all and PvP outside of Cyrodiil is an unbalanced mess.

    Please get your priorities in order and delivering on issues that actually matter and would actually attract players. No one wants this stuff.
  • Styxius
    I think having sources of crit be more open is honestly good, I think buffing the sources of WD for some other classes to counteract it would certainly be interesting.
  • Styxius
    Random side note, stop nerfing us, please. Frost staff snare should remain, the shielding effect is cool I would hate to lose the taunt on the heavy attack for bar space as a tank. Crit is great for PvE, and I love how it works right now. The group BG Queue is going to be amazing though to have back. Seriously leave the Tri-focus alone and the snare. Add the shield that's nice. Don't combine the crit, we are having too many of these, "everything becomes one" concept mentality. We like variety, so please leave them be.
  • Canned_Apples
    So more nerfs to skill based gameplay and more buffs to proc sets.

    Thanks @ZOS_Gilliam ! This is exactly what we’ve been asking for!
    Edited by Canned_Apples on September 19, 2020 5:54AM
  • Strider__Roshin
    BohnT2 wrote: »
    How about looking into the big PvP issues right now?

    Proc builds and malacath
    HP above 30k on every build
    Stamina necromancer and warden

    Oh you mean issues that ZOS created and then exacerbated last update? Yeah good luck on that. I'm still waiting on cast times to be removed from "instant" cast abilities.
  • ESO_Nightingale
    A while back, I made the joke that whichever dev was responsible for Frost Staff must have slipped on an icy parking lot before they worked on its abilities.

    I'm delighted to see that Frost Staff is finally getting improvements!

    i don't think it really is from what has been shown here. the only thing that is good is moving the taunt off the passive
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  • Welkynar
    I try not to be negative, but this post is really scaring me. :# I would be fine if there was a way to increase damage done for non-optimized players (which is great for everyone!), but I feel comfortable with the current optimal damage. However, one thing I do want is more build diversity to reach around optimal damage for each class. So idk...
  • ccfeeling
    Please give me the reason I pick clench taunt instead of inner fire?
    Inner fire has lower cost and no weapon requirement.

    New staff, new team?
  • satanio
    Hello Brian,
    I understood. Crit bonuses relatively outperform every other damage bonuses, that is true. But Stamina stat underperforms in comparison to WD and crit. What about that? And recovery bonuses? Penetration has a "cap" but unless the cap is met, pene set bonus is the strongest compared to any other. What about that? What is the end goal for set bonuses anyways?

    Please, dont forget that the content may need adjustment after the damage nerf. Some goals may be unobtainable.

    Thanks for the effort to make the frost staff less dangerous :D. However, fanbase suggestion to create a new unique skill line for "magicka" tanking is not that bad and could solve the potential issues that will come even after these proposed changes.

    ON/OFF switches for buffs may help the server.

    Group Q is nice. Thanks for that.

    Current public stam parses on Iron Atro so far (esologs)

    Current public mag parses on Iron Atro (esologs)
    (non cheese)
  • keto3000


    Might be interesting to have

    FROST light attack- hurls a'freeze/slow' icicle at target (s) , while

    FROST heavy attack- channels chilling ray of stacks until full heavy freezes the target . Similar to a incremental slow death 'petrify' type of damage.

    I remember using this type of skill on a NEVERWINTER Control Wizard build.
    Edited by keto3000 on September 19, 2020 9:34AM
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  • Sarousse
    @ZOS_BrianWheeler and nothing about Wrecking Blow being the only viable (and OP) melee move in PvP ?
  • olsborg
    Sarousse wrote: »
    @ZOS_BrianWheeler and nothing about Wrecking Blow being the only viable (and OP) melee move in PvP ?

    Wrecking blow too widely used ergo too strong atm. Not necessarily nerf it, but put other stuff on par with it.

    PC EU
    PvP only
  • Moonsorrow
    Not gonna comment on other parts, the crit changes and all before know more details (sounds scary though..), but i LIKE the Taunt on Frost Clench and have personally wished it for years so that is good news.

    But PLEASE do make it as functional as Pierce Armor (to have same kind of bar space situation than with SnB without having to put extra resistance debuffs in separately) so put the same Major Breach and Major Fracture on that skill too so Frost Staff is then nearly as viable as a main bar tanking weapon as SnB, SnB still has some better passives (like taking less projectile damage) and extra Glyph and so on. Also do consider Frost Staff also getting the moving a bit faster while Blocking passive as what SnB has.

    Make the Frost Clench range shorter to match the SnB taunt functionality and to not make some nasty things possible at PVP, so it would not then get nerfed due to that if does some pre-emptive thinking and modification on it.

    Would be nice to have Frost Staff being a fully viable "front bar" tanking weapon choice with SnB and not just a back bar option most often to juggle blocking with stam or mag. Currently been SnB/Lightning staff most often or SnB/Bow. So would be nice and FUN to be able to go even Frost/Lightning and be fully functional and competitive at all tanking tasks event at the most challenging Vet content, thank you! :)

    @ZOS_Gilliam Pretty please make Frost Clench as functional as Pierce Armor with same debuffs. You know you want to. <3

    EDIT: Group queue coming back to Battlegrounds is awesome AND having solo queue also, so big thanks for that decision! :)

    Edited by Moonsorrow on September 19, 2020 9:52AM
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  • Sarousse
    Also please watch out by nerfing crit too much or everybody will end using Malacath Ring. :/
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