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Icereach PC NA (Mulaamnir/Kyne/BWB NA PC - Final... Part 2)

Anyone out here? Road to 500?
PVE Main:
Margrave of Tacoma - DC Lvl 50/CP 1035 Nightblade NA PC - Spying for EP, Grand Master Crafter

PVP Mains:
Yama of Tacoma - EP Lvl 45 Necromancer NA PC Icereach
Prince of Tacoma - EP Lvl 39 Templar NA PC Icereach

The Disenfranchised - ZZ!
Viscount of Tacoma - EP Lvl 18 Dragon Knight NA PC Kyne - Lost in the war. RIP.
Squire of Tacoma - EP Lvl 50 Templar NA PC - Died of Knahaten Flu. RIP
Reaper of Tacoma - EP Lvl 50 Templar NA PC - Died of Consumption. RIP
Sovereign of Tacoma - EP Lvl 32 NightBlade NA PC Kyne - Lost at The Battle of Brindle, December 13, 2018. RIP
Dauphin of Tacoma - EP Lvl 50 Templar NA PC Kyne - Overdosed on Skooma. RIP
Wraith of Tacoma - EP Lvl 10 Dragon Knight NA PC - Eaten by a dragon. RIP
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