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Official Discussion Thread for "Become an Ancient Dragon Hunter with These New Collectibles"

This is the official discussion thread for "Become an Ancient Dragon Hunter with These New Collectibles" blog article.

Prepare for the final battle against Elsweyr’s winged monsters with this collection of thematic items, acquired via in-game activities and the Crown Store!
Staff Post
  • Fischblut
    That’s it!
    (quote from the atricle)

    It that's really it... I mean, if those highlights are the best cosmetics which we can expect in October, I will be very sad :/

    I like the upcoming body paint from daily reward, but same as all body paints from current crates, it's deceiving - it looks black on white manequins, but it actually looks pale on vampire characters :'( Also, if it's the best login reward from October, I'm even more sad :(
  • Tommy_The_Gun
    gepe87 wrote: »
    A pity that vampires can't use properly those Face and Body Marks :/
    I add & Argonians and Khajiits to the list as their scales / fur resets to default variant as soon as ANY tattoo is equipped :/
  • CaffeinatedMayhem
    Oh hey, a tattoo that doesn't look weird on a woman's chest! Can we get more body markings that aren't designed for a man's chest? (*cough* Daggerfall Lion for women please? One you can see with my boobs?)
  • StormChaser3000
    The horse looks not bad. I skipped it's black version, but I'm most likely getting this one.
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