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Do you like Cast times?

  • Casterial
    Gilvoth wrote: »
    animation-clipped-Dawnbreaker with bash- added in mass lagg and high ping = instadeath
    its very old and lame and people actually think that means they are skilled by doing setups "like" that.

    It was.

    Also, cast times is slowly removing the skill floor of the game, eventually you'll just go to wow with how long cast times will become. You let them get away with it now and soon all skills will have it for "animation" purposes. Necro is already bad in pvp because of their animation.
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  • KurtAngle2
    Adding cast times to the ultimates not only destroyed the pace of the game in relation to the skill (it's fast paced if you haven't understood) but it's conceptually so stupid that half of them have became unusable.

    Revert this B()LLSH!T asap, makes no sense and makes the game worse off every aspect
  • brandoncoffmannub18_ESO
    Do we even have a voice?
    Jodynn PC NA
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  • Benemime
    no, cast time should be avoided at all costs, even with a nerf. Cast times are boring, descrease the fun in gameplay
  • brandoncoffmannub18_ESO
    I tried using onslaught; In lag I had a 20% chance of it to work, in not lag it had a 40% chance to work; that's not fun; I quit using it because it was too volatile and not worth the -maybe-.
    Jodynn PC NA
    PvE and PvP MagDK
  • Numerikuu
    Darsaga wrote: »
    It just recently came to my attention that the new lead guy was part of an older game that’s combat system is out dated and boring. After learning that a lot of these changes started to make sense, but not in a good way.

    ESO combat is what has kept it alive this long with the constant degrading performance over the last 2.5 years. If you start stripping away what made this game great your shooting yourself in the foot.

    We don’t want cast times we don’t want cool downs, there are plenty of other MMOs that offer this play style. For the love of everything swallow your pride and dont force a dated games combat system into ESO.

    @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_BrianWheeler @ZOS_RichLambert

    Amen. The game's already suffering from server and performance issues, long-standing bugs and broken systems. If this is literally the path they're choosing to put ESO down, then this game is done for. People are already leaving in droves because of the the former. Do this, and more will leave due to the latter.
  • FearlessOne_2014
    IMO cast time should go. Cast times don't fit TES theme at all.

    Instead of cast times. Regulate the skills and ultimates. By reducing or increasing their cost based on their power. That is what I believe. However cast times are horrible for a Elder Scroll title and just don't fit.
  • Iskiab
    Play with values but don’t nerf abilities with cast times. It’s not fun.
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  • HaruKamui
    Cast times can be cool if implemented correctly. Just slapping on cast times on ults as a way to "balance" it isn't though! Especially for a fast paced game like this.
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  • khajiitNPC
    I disliked the idea of cast times on certain offensive ults, but once it went live I found that potatoes still going to die. I get why they added them, but they should have added it to ALL offensive ults and not just some. I prefer to be able to AC my ults, but again it hasn’t changed my gameplay that much.
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