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My Grand Topal Hideaway, Decorated

This is my Grand Topal Hideaway.

It is decorated with an island adventure getaway theme with 700 of 700 slots filled. I wanted to create an area where there was always something to explore & discover. This Grand Topal could use about 20 or 30 more slots to polish & detail the presentation. Although, to truly fill the island, I would accept hundreds of more slots.

Some points of interest include a Dibella shrine, Nocturnal shrine, Daedric shrine, wet bar, hot tub, diving board, tree house, small auction hall, fishing dock, and a music band among other things!

Visitors Welcome! Get the Port to Friend's House addon to make visiting easy! @G1Countdown on PC/NA. Thanks for watching!

The video below is outdated. Feel free to visit anytime on PC/NA to see an updated version.

Edited by G1Countdown on October 16, 2020 2:00AM
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