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Broken Lobbies?

In the past couple of days I had nothing but broken lobbies where the battles won't start. There are missing number of players on one or more of the teams but I think its because people I are quitting and not because there were not enough players to start the battle. I know my team members are experiencing the same problem but I am not sure if it happens for them just as consistently. Also, the system doesn't add new players the whole time I am in. I am assuming this is all part of the current event. I would try Cyro if I didn't have to wait for hours in que. I don't have that much time to play.

So is anybody else having the same issues?
Edited by Demra on January 11, 2019 8:30PM
  • Huntsman316
    Yes, I am having the exact same issue. I have just been playing the yesterday and today and this issue happened once both days. Very annoying. The deserter penalty makes me start playing other games.
  • firefrosti
    Soul Shriven
    Today I started playing bgs trying to get tickets , around 4 am EST , I have completed the bg 2xs so far on 2 different toons , and have still yet to get 1 ticket - at the end of the bg if we are in the lead and about to win I get dc'd then tossed to log in screen , which after logging in I am a deserter for 15 mins . this is honestly a joke considering I paid over $800 btwn thanksgiving and xmas for crates plus and other stuff to fun this circus . it seems if someone in the game is forceably closing my connection when I am near them - maybe 1 of the other players in the bg , dont know for sure . really frustrating and almost to the point of uninstalling this thing . why pay and play if we can not even stay in the game , I'm on a 800MB/s dl 45MB/s ul line and hover around 100 ping on east coast - and have been getting spikes to over 999+ all day
  • Tipsy
    I was in one yesterday. The bg never started and it kept saying it was searching for players.
    Initially we were with 3 ,2 left and 2 others joined.
    But it is a trap,cause the penalty for "abandoning" a bg is placed upon you if you leave the broken bg.
    At some point though its worth leaving.
    I think i've been in it for like 30 mins before i gave up ,then got the penalty of,what 20 mins? lol
    Still getting a penalty for something that is not your fault...

    You do everyone a favor by leaving the broken battleground asap.Cause people that end up there only have the choice to abandon it if they do.So best everyone abandons it asap
    Edited by Tipsy on January 15, 2019 1:16PM
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