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FYI: Updates on Class Rep Program

  • Nifty2g
    Why would you ever sign an NDA with ZOS when you're not even getting paid? I hope you guys talked to a lawyer to have them read it over at least. This is charity work your doing for a company that stands to make loads of money off of your advice.
    Because once money is involved you have to put in work, this is just something people are doing to help better the game for their hobbies and making it more enjoyable. Just because you're helping a company out doesn't mean you need to be paid for it, besides I'm sure being under NDA and hearing some upcoming plans is enjoyable for some of them and that's the deal zos is giving them. The class rep program before the nda seemed pretty undesirable
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  • Girl_Number8
    I think the nda is the wrong direction and will not foster more trust into an already strained program since murkmire. It would be better to have more transparency with the community at large. I wish them the best of luck and hope they help get the game back on a better direction.

  • LuquidSabotage
    Soul Shriven
    So with the race Passive change, are we going to get free race change tokens? Because I’ve oaoreadt paid multiple times already for race changes so I had the better option for passives. Now that theyre changing , it was kind of a waste of money seeing how I’m going to have to change again
  • Sylvermynx
    You get one free. It's all over the index page.
  • keto3000
    Any thoughts to have term limits for Class Representatives so that others in the community will have an opportunity to step up and fulfill similar advisory roles?

    It would be great to have this, perhaps, as a yearly event where ZOS advances a roster of community member names that they have vetted & have agreed to serve if elected and the gaming community has a way to vote for the new incoming College of "Sapiarchs" (class reps)

    You have our account #'s and seems easy to give each one a vote kind of system.

    Any thoughts??

    Hello everyone! We’d like to give you an update on how the Class Representative Program has been going from our perspective, and some updates on the program moving forward.

    We’ve had several voice calls with the Class Reps for them to present combat-related issues that were important to the community, and we’ve found all of these meetings to be immensely helpful and informative. While you may not have always seen changes in patches that you were hoping for, this information is one piece among many that help us in making decisions for the immediate and distant future. We still plan to have these calls at least once a quarter, or more as needed, and provide everyone with the meeting notes.

    We’d also like to take this time to talk about some changes we’re making to the program. Effective immediately, all Class Reps have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to help facilitate more transparency between them and the development team, and allow us to have a more open dialogue more regularly. This means that they will need to be very selective about what questions of yours they can answer. However, we still want to make sure everyone is aware of what we’re discussing. As mentioned previously, we still plan to publish any meeting notes from voice calls we have, and we’re talking about other ways we can keep everyone in the loop. More on that to come as we nail down the exact details.

    Just as a reminder, the job of the Class Reps is to act as advisors, helping to surface issues important to you all and representing the community’s perspective during discussions with the development team. While we greatly value their input, decisions regarding the direction of the game still fall squarely on the development team. This change to the program is intended to allow the Class Reps to more effectively fulfill their role as advisors.
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  • argouru
    I'm honestly worried about the changes to orcs as my main is an orc stamblade and they already have the worst time surviving in pve vet dungeons. Will the changes hurt them even more leading to dying even more often?
  • Somber97866
    They could spend there time talking about how sets effect each class and how.Go through and get rid of all these usless sets and actually create new ones that benefit where certain builds are failing........miserably. Or, Instead of changing the racial passives just make it so that you can pick which traits you want. For example: you get three choices but only one can be damage, one recovery and one specialized. Then a khajit can be a sorcerer
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