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Do you honestly still care about campaign score- does it even matter?

It seems as though the Dynamics of cyrodill have been the same since launch. There's just nothing fun about winning a campaign that's dominated by whoever can put the most players on the map 24/7 and take empty/barely defended keeps.
Plus, AP is what gets you amazing gold rewards and rewards for the worthy, so you can virtually take 0 keeps and as long as you make plenty of AP with kills and farming you can get much better rewards than people who choose to PvP against keep walls all day.
Please explain why you chose yes or no.
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"You either die a 1vXer or live long enough to become a zergling"

Do you honestly still care about campaign score- does it even matter? 371 votes

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  • NirnStorm
    I've been PvPing since the game was released. For a long while I cared a lot about campaign scoring, faction loyalty and the ever important "Alliance War".
    But almost every long lasting PvPer realizes at one point or another that the score doesn't truly matter other than very few rewards and that the players on every faction are generally the same. The only difference that determines who wins is which faction can keep the map overpopulated during more hours of the day.

    At this point after too many years, I don't care one bit about faction scoring and honestly not even AP. The only thing that matters to me and keeps me in the game is skillful outnumbered PvP, which is has no ingame rewards and isn't considered important to the score, but is the only way to feel you need to be good individually to win and not just zerg marked locations.
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  • Zeytio
    but if you have more score you're obviously better players ;)
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  • GeneralSezme
    Difference in winning the campaign is the amount of gold, not anything worth winning for such as Master Weapons or even some exclusive PvP only weapons similar to those of maestrom etc.

    But yeah, no incentive to stay on one faction so I switch between them frequently.
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  • RaddlemanNumber7
    I enjoy being on the winning team every month.
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  • Feanor
    The last campaign I cared for was Thornblade 2016.
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  • Alpheu5
    The only incentive I can think of to get anybody to care is vastly improved campaign rewards in an all-or-nothing scenario, where only the winning faction gets those rewards. Of course this brings up the problem with faction swapping and changing sides mid-campaign, but it'd hit massive ball groups hard in that all the AP they're farming in one spot won't mean anything if they don't defend multiple objectives at once from the multiple smaller groups.
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  • VarisVaris
    No last campaign i cared about wabbajack 2014
  • dotme
    The rewards for 30 days of work are weak, and ZOS hasn't figured out how to provide a level playing field (balanced populations)
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  • Passifest
    Nah don't give a ***. They should add pve rewards like vdsa/vma/asylum weps to the winning faction's top 2% then maybe I'd care.
  • arkansas_ESO
    Why would I? Apart from helping to take/defend a friend's emp I have zero incentive to care about the state of the map or it's scoring. Most of the people that are hardcore faction loyalists are incredibly cringe in zone chat or on the forums as well.

    Grand Overlord 25/8/17
  • VaranisArano
    To anyone who does care about the score and remembers past campaigns on PC/NA Vivec, I'd be delighted if you could help me fill in the blanks here:

    I know I found that the scoreboard changed more than I had remembered, which was kinda cool.
  • ezio45
    Its really disheartening to see how few people actual care about the score and their alliance winning
  • geonsocal
    yes in that I get sick of the same side always winning...

    no because I have characters on all three sides - so, I'm always first, second and third...
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  • Maura_Neysa
    I hate the way its done though. Home keeps should have some serious NPC defenisves. Right now the meta is to avoid fighting people at all and just gank keeps. ZoS needs to adjust things to force front line fights. You should need to plus keeps in order.

    Like you should need Brindle and Ash or Dragonclaw and Aleswell to push Glademist. Dragonand Chalman or BRK and Drakelow to push Arrius. Drakelowe and BRK or Brindle and Roebeck to push Faregyl. I dont mean that those home keeps should be unbreakable, I mean they should be seriously harder to take. Like every Guard is a WB level mob harder. 4 WB level melee with 2 WB lvl range guards on a keep door wouldn't be all the hard for a group of 10+. It should be impossible to solo though
    Leave the Imperial keeps the same and make those home keeps work on the same buff type system that resources do. So that only having 1 of the keeps makes it easier.

    The point should be that the best way to gain AP should be via actual PvP not gorilla style PvE avoiding actual players as much as possible.

    If you dont care about campaign scoring, BGs is just better all around then. Don't waste half your time looking for a fight.
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    Playing BiS isn't impressive, playing unique at BiS lvl, THAT's impressive.

  • Ackwalan
    Same old story. The folks in first place, claim to be playing the campaign. The folks in last place, claim to be just looking for small group fights and don't care about the old campaign system.
  • DaveMoeDee
    The reason I say no is that every individual player is not online most of the time. Yes, objectives are important when I am on. But why should I care what alliances rack up points during times when I can't play?
  • jaime1982
    Sort of, kind of, not really. Meh PC-NA-V.
  • JaZ2091
    Nope. I just run with a guild and grind AP/stones. Eventually I'll find 2 more guilds on the other factions and grind for stones as well.
  • the_broo11
    zyk wrote: »
    I don't really care who wins that much, but I chose a team based game with objectives for a reason. I find combat outside of the context of objectives to be boring. I've never enjoyed deathmatch only games.

    So while I'm not that invested in the campaign score because scoring is so broken in many ways, I'll always care about the map. If I didn't, I'd move on to a better game. AvA is what makes ESO PVP interesting.

    This is pretty much my thoughts as well (despite voting differently). I don't really care about end of campaign scores, but I generally try to at least help out with my faction's presence on the map until we can push out to at least the two home emp keeps.

    The main reason is that a stagnant map tends to push mobs towards a few set points of combat. That leads to a zergs, lag, and DCs. Combat isn't even that fun in those fights. I find open world to be a lot more fun when the map is more dynamic.
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  • Joshlenoir
    odd111out wrote: »
    Spoon finds that people who say they have no ambition in Cyrodiil are like those friends you take out for some nice ice cream, and you say now what flavor do you want, and they say "I don't care."

    Everyone likes ice cream. Don't lie.

    Granted scoring evaluations over the entirety of a campaign don't really reflect the strength of a given faction. And people can twist winning or not winning into "proving" things about their rival factions that are just pure conjecture.

    But there's no nuance in a poll like this. And the very people who object to a faction taking it's home keeps back, or getting it's scrolls back, or pushing for the de-emp of a rival.... are the very first people to log out in the face of a gate camp because "they'd have to ride to far to get a good fight." (How dare you siege a keep, you should only be out here fighting.....We have no keeps? Going to Vivec, bye.) Seriously, these things get said by the same people.

    So Yes, you can shrug when one side takes the #1 and runs away with it, and still get excited when you log on and there's a de-emp on the menu. And people want you to say No, as a prelude to agreeing not to show up when they want to 1vX Front Door Guards. After a ram accidentally fell out of someone's pocket.

    URMERGUD!! AD showed up to defend Brindle!! So uncool that …. they … care... about... campaign!!

    You're conflating looking for fun fights and making AP with campaign score. I will go to keeps for fun fights and to kill people but that's it. I could care less if my faction is in last place, neither will I run zergs to grab as many keeps as I can to fix that.
    I care about cyrodill PvP, I don't care about the numbers on the scoreboard, because they are objectively meaningless. They only mean something to casual players who need something to work towards that's not demanding and doesn't require them to spend hours learning the ins and outs of their classes.

    "You either die a 1vXer or live long enough to become a zergling"
  • Qwazz
    The draw of Cyrodiil for me is the ability to fight outnumbered and come out victorious. Overcoming those odds is much more gratifying than winning the campaign in my eyes.
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