How quick did you reach 1000CP???

  • lardvader
    160 - less than a month. Was vet levels back then.
    250 - maybe even less than a month as well?
    500 - 7 months
    1000 - 2 years
    CP 1200+ PC EU EP
  • Sharee
    Ask me next week - i'm at 998 :p
  • Bam_Bam
    Sharee wrote: »
    Ask me next week - i'm at 998 :p

    Nice, nice! :smiley:
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  • Uviryth
    Currently at CP 524, took me about 4 years.
  • HighKinlady
    Playing since console launch .. 1015 CP. We didn’t go through the CP grind so I couldn’t answer the first few. When they swapped over from vet ranks we automatically went to whatever max CP was . Just playing gave me more CP than I’ll ever probably stick around to use at the rate this game is going with being unplayable.
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  • TheShadowScout
    Played since summer 2014, and soon I shall reach 800 CP... but then, I do like to take the scenic route, and spend a good deal of my gaming time on pre-50 alts as well...
  • ku5h
    Playing since mid 2015, hit 1000cp couple of weeks ago.

  • rG_Kub
    Been playing since January 2017 I'm at 1052 cp
  • code65536
    Main account:

    My main account currently has 1249 CP and reached 1000 CP on 2017/08/12. I started playing on 2015/04/17, so it took me 2.3 years.

    Secondary account:

    I've tracked the progress of my alt account in a bit more detail. I don't grind, but I do random normals regularly (a random normal a day keeps the Enlightenment at bay).
    • 2016/08/22 - Reached level 10
    • 2016/08/26 - Reached level 50 / CP 10
    • 2016/08/31 - CP 100
    • 2016/09/15 - CP 160
    • 2016/10/28 - CP 261
    • 2017/01/01 - CP 450
    • 2017/01/31 - CP 500 (cap was 561)
    • 2017/04/05 - CP 600 (cap was 600)
    • 2018/01/13 - CP 800 (cap was 690)
    • 2018/07/02 - CP 971 (today)

    At this rate, I expect my second account to reach 1000 CP some time in August, before the 2-year anniversary.

    Tertiary account:

    Because I'm an accountaholic.
    • 2017/12/16 - Reached level 50 / CP 10
    • 2017/12/20 - CP 111 (mostly from just burning off the initial enlightenment)
    • 2017/12/27 - CP 162
    • 2018/02/06 - CP 301
    • 2018/03/28 - CP 400
    • 2018/05/04 - CP 501
    • 2018/07/02 - CP 589 (today)
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  • Cuthceol
    CP became irrelevant once I hit cap :( couldn't even tell you how many I have lol
  • Tirps
    Got to CP 1000 couple weeks ago and i started at spring 2015 :)
    cp1k+ ( ´•౪•`)
  • crjs1
    I have 400ish and playing for about a year and a half I think! I have done any grinding and taken a couple of breaks.
  • LadyNalcarya
    Around 2 years I think.
    I bought the game in 2015 but cps were introduced in early 2016 or so.
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  • Jurand80
    My jaw drops when i see ppl cp1600+
  • Kagukan
    Currently 610 CP. Have been playing around 11 months.
  • Defilted
    Been playing since June 9th 2015. I am 959cp. I will be there shortly with enough dungeons and daily stuff.
    XBOX Series X

  • bongtokin420insd16
    how are you getting over 750?
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  • illusiouk
    I don't have a 1000cp but I do have a 750cp and a 780cp.

    I say each to their own when leveling, if you want to take it easy its cool. If you are like me I prefer to level to existing cap then take it easy.

    I leveled 0 to 710 in just over four months before the cap was increased to 750. To others they can do it faster.

    In case anyone is interested...

    1-50 dolmens
    I prefer doing the three in Auridon,they pop every 8-10mins and you can do the middle and top and get back down to the bottom one for it starting. I prefer Auridon over Alik'r Desert Dolmens because even though they seem faster in Alik'r you will get more XP from the Auridon ones because of less players.

    Dolmens are good for leveling your crafting as well. when you get to 50 deconstructing more xp from doing writs.

    Daily Undaunted, Public Dungeons and Dolmens (mage and fighters guild daily quests) to 750cp wearing training gear (every piece/weapon) and taking xp pots and having a ESO + account. You also want to focus on using AOE's, the more you hit the more you get xp for.

    Always have a xp buff/pot active when handing in quests.

    Focus on events when you get the XP buff as well. Make a target, when things were slow I always aimed for around 5 levels a day non event and event time it would be more.

    In non events i would play for just a couple of hours a day, if you have a structure it is surprising how fast you can do things in game.

    Like I said there are ways to level faster but hope it helps anyone interested leveling to cap.
  • griffkhalifa
    I'm at 680...been playing for a few years. I just don't do the grinding to get there fast because it's boring to me. I mostly PvP and I also take some long breaks when it starts to get boring.
    PS4 NA
  • LonePirate
    Jurand80 wrote: »
    My jaw drops when i see ppl cp1600+

    They are the proverbial unicorns of ESO. There are a few players with over 1600 CP; but their numbers are very small and they typically have been playing since PC launch in March 2014. When the CP system was first implemented, each new CP required a flat 400K XP, so it was easy to rack up multiple CPs every day. I have been playing since PC launch and I have “only” 1403 CP. The last time I checked (which was a couple of months ago), each new CP required about 1.2 million XP. I gain a new CP every 1.5 - 2 days roughly.
  • static_recharge
    Playing since launch and I hit 1k CP like last month or the month before something like that. Never grinded for it and just did whatever was fun.
  • gp1680
    Playing since sometime at the end of 2015. CP 987.
  • jaws343
    I started Thanksgiving 2016. Hit CP 160 during the New Life Festival at the end of that year. Hit my first CP cap around HotR last year. And right now, after a little over a year and a half of playing I am at 902 CP. Shouldn't be much longer until I hit 1000.
  • Enemy-of-Coldharbour
    I'll let you know when I get there. It'll probably be a couple more months. :)

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  • driosketch
    Been playing since PC launch. Leveling has changed several times since then, so my experience isn't a reliable yard stick. I was VR 9 when Imperial City droped, VR 16 some time after. I caught up to the CP cap during the first Witches Festival. I'm in the 800s currently.
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  • Luigi_Vampa
    I've been playing since beta. I have 750cp on EU and 420 on NA.
    PC/EU DC
  • starkerealm
    I've never had less than 140CP. I earned to around 200, back before CP XP was re-balanced. The costs for CP have changed nine times since they were added, and I've been playing for most of those.
  • Chaos2088
    Been playing just after IC landed so I was still in the land of veteran Ranks so all of this is going to have to be guess work.
    • 160: Think a couple of months of playing
    • 250: About a year after starting
    • 500: 2.5 years after starting
    • 1000: Now on 978 cp
    @Chaos2088 PC EU Server | AD-PvP
  • generalmyrick
    Bam_Bam wrote: »

    In fact, to add some persepctive, how fast did it take you to reach
    • 160
    • 250
    • 500
    • and 1000CP?

    not by *trying*!
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  • Dreyloch
    I'm closing in on 1000, (around 980 something atm). I've taken breaks for months at a time too. Once your at cap, there's no reason to grind them. So what was the point of this thread? If the cap is 750, who cares what it takes to get to 1k. You can't use them anyway ROFL.
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