How quick did you reach 1000CP???

  • Waffennacht
    1 month after console release

    1000 - Essentially now lol
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  • TrinityBreaker
    3 years, currently sitting at 1151
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    Xbox NA
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  • Sandman929
    On since console launch, with about a 2 month break at one point. Just a few hours a day, most days, CP 998
  • BigBadVolk
    dont know reached it last year but during this period I earned 200 cp and I mostly have 2 chars atm a third is at feeding mounts
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  • Katahdin
    Playing since beta
    CP system started later (2years after launch??)

    About 1090 CP atm
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  • generalmyrick
    wouldn't this be measured by hours in game instead of actual time?
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  • FakeFox
    I'm a bit over 1000 CP now with 5900 hours played.
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  • Ratzkifal
    Gotta ask my friend how much /timeplayed he has, because he is almost at 160CP and started three weeks ago (with only playing an hour every few days) but we grinded him all the way to lvl50.

    I am currently at 819 and actively played since Tamriel Unlimited.
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  • casinoguy
    I am 994 after 18 months with one character.
  • Karivaa
    I’ve played since launch and am at 999 champions pts., so 3 years.
  • BRogueNZ
    Sitting at 820 or so and seem to stay up with cap without much effort required other than daily pvp play
    Im at 93? So about 60-70ish away then I can finally die with dignity.
  • Konstant_Tel_Necris
    I have 888 CP and play game since 25th October 2015, but I play at evening after work.
  • Amadis001
    850 CP. Joined December 2016.
    // Amadis of Gaul -- DK Nord (Lvl 50 CP 1000)
  • newtinmpls
    Back when "160" CP was vet level 16, I got there about 4 months prior to the CP system starting.

    Still at about 600-some right now on my "main" account, and 500-some on my "other" account.

    Been playing since shortly after PC release, and play 20+ characters, I have deleted a few, but for me it's rare.
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  • ProbablePaul
    Been playing since console launch and I'm only CP600+. I am assuming that because I have always played a magicka nightblade is why I haven't hit cap yet; I cloak past most garbage mobs, and generally only play solo. My XPing really tapered off after I got Tamriel Hero, and The Explorer titles/achievements, which was also before they added the xp bonus for people under CP Cap. I pretty much get all of my XP now from pvping and writ quests.

    To be honest, I sort of like being under cap to deceive people in Cyrodiil, people attack me or are willing to fight me more often in 1v1 encounters. When I have been at cap in the past, lots of players wouldn't attack me so recklessly as they seem to now. It's confusing though, because if they look at my CP level, they must see my title and rank? Who knows.
    Ratzkifal wrote: »
    Gotta ask my friend how much /timeplayed he has, because he is almost at 160CP and started three weeks ago (with only playing an hour every few days) but we grinded him all the way to lvl50.

    I am currently at 819 and actively played since Tamriel Unlimited.

    Leveling is kind of ridiculous now with that resilience buff or whatever it's called. You can hit 50 in about 6 hours, then I think it's only about 50-100k xp needed per CP point until you're about 200CP, meaning those lower end people need a fourth or an eighth of the xp other players do to earn a point.
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  • FloppyTouch
    Well this is a hard one bc cp use to be harder to get when they first release cp. At they same time there was a exploit to get a lot of cp fast.

    I been playing since beta every day since they released the cp update and did the transfer to xb and I hit 1000cp a year ago. I play about 3-4 hours a day so maybe 2.5 years.

    I did start a new character on EU and took maybe 3 weeks to get to 160cp from lvl1 then another week to 300cp it's much much faster but seems to slow down a lot near 400cp
  • Taleof2Cities
    CP949 here but a lot of game time logged on non-vet characters.

    EDIT: Just hit CP950.
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  • LadyLethalla
    I got to VR 16 within a month of the change to CP.
    Got to the cap when I think it was 631. Can't remember.
    Currently at 957 or so CP on EU.
    Also had a brief stint on NA before CP was introduced; came back for a month or two early this year and I had something like 106CP. Got to 160 within a very short time. Currently am at 444CP but went back to EU. Had I stayed I would think I'd probably be close to 600CP by now.

    I miss the days when maintenance on each server would be done separately - so if EU was offline you could still play on NA. :(

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  • Kram8ion
    Just ticked over for me
    One toon few hours every day 90% pvp no scrolls or purpose farming ap and since consoles release :)
    Kramm stam man kittyblade

  • MissBizz
    I'm not 1000 CP yet! Actually I never even got to CP cap until it was in the late 600s I think?
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  • DisgracefulMind
    I've played since launch without a break until recently and have 1400cp at the moment, I think it just depends on how much you play. I got most of my CP from VDSA and PvP.
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  • blacksghost
    18 months and just shy of 800
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  • ADarklore
    I'm almost there... it's been about four years. I would be a lot higher if it weren't for the fact of spending so much time creating and deleting new characters... you don't earn CP below level 50. In almost four years I hadn't completed Orsinium, Morrowind or Clockwork City main quests until just before Summerset release. In fact, I still haven't even completed Cadwell's Gold yet on ANY character. I love questing and especially leveling, but I get bored very quickly with characters once they're maxed. In ESO there's no real 'progression' once a character is maxed... unlike many other MMOs where each new DLC brings a new level goal to achieve, not so for ESO. I'm sure those who chase 'achievements' it's fine... but for me who likes to see my character developing continuously, that is what is missing from ESO... and CP just doesn't feel like 'progression' to me.
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  • pdebie64b16_ESO
    Playing since beta, currently 922 cp.
  • PlagueSD
    lol, 1000cp. I just broke 700 the other day...I have quite a ways to go. Also, I'm not grinding, I just play. It's not a race for me.
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