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What is your proudest moment in ESO?

I've been playing since December, mostly PvE bit also some campaigning. After a very bad day today, I decided to do a few normal quests in Cyrodil. One of them called for me to walk most of the way around Lake Rumare. A long quest, but I found everything. The quest giver was all the way across the fricken map. I decide to cheat a little and just bloodport to a nearby castle and finish up the quest travel the easy way. All I had to do was die. In Cyrodil that is easy. The nearby castles were quiet, so I started traveling. Oh look, a dolman. No one is ever around for these things so it would be a certain death. I have my bear with me and we go after the first wave. Then the second wave! The third wave!? Four waves or was I hallucinating? Then final boss. I was in Kyne so no CP counted, and I was only level 45. I can't complete an Undaunted pledge or survive any PUGs, but this dolman I did solo.

TL;DR I wanted to die so I could bloodport, but ended up soloing a dolman.

So what was your favorite moment?
  • ascottk
    I had to solo most dolmens in Cyrodiil :p I was working on the "Savior of Nirn" title on my DK tank. I had help from an opposing alliance with the dolmen in Bravil which was weird & awkward at the time. So that title is ONE of my proudest moments.

    My other proud moment is last week is when my templar healer got the Mighty Chudan helm for my tank which brought my tank out of retirement.
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  • Tryxus
    Getting my Amberplasm skin on my Warden Healer :3
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  • tinythinker
    ... ?

    (I'll try again later)
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  • Yubarius
    Probably my first completion of vMA, when I beat veteran sanctum ophidia, or my first 1vx. If i ever become Emp (literally impossible for me but w/e, or if i get Flawless Conqueror they will beat the other 3).
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    • Jaruko - Magicka Templar
    • Selthyn Bavailo - Mag DK
    • Bandit-The-Great - Stam Temp
    vAA - Cleared
    vHRC - Cleared
    vSO HM - Cleared
    vDSA - Cleared
    vMA - Flawless Conqueror!!

  • SirAndy
    So what was your favorite moment?
    Spelling dolmen correctly!

    Just kidding, i still remember my first dolmen solo, that was in Stonefalls during closed beta back when that was the only level 17 zone we had.
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  • LuminaLilly
    When I exposed this trash talking degenerate.

    He taunted me for no reason, rage messaged me for a 500k duel. I soloed his behind and he blocked me lol.
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  • LadyLavina
    Emp in December 2015, on the now non-existant Axe of Belharza server. 2 days of very little sleep/food and we broke them.

    People like to bash Spectres of the Phoenix but they came through for me when nobody else in EP gave a ***.

    I didn't have my GTX 1080 at the time so please forgive the potato quality, but we took this after the last keep fell. I'm in the middle in the regalia. Took lots of video during and captured the moment it said my sorc was crowned.

    Muna Oxina means something like "Remember Axe" in Icelandic though I'm told the actual letters would need accents.

    PC - NA
    @LadyLavina 700+ CP

    Lady Lavina - Nord DK Brick Tank/Off-Tank EP
    Lyanna Nightwind - High Elf Magsorc DPS / Gank/ Crowned Emp EP

    and a random assortment of mules and bleh. Quite a bit of bleh, actually.

    Web Dev w/ front end and back end knowledge/experience.
  • Kikazaru
    Getting Master Angler for the first time.
    Getting Grand Overlord for the first time.
    Getting Master Angler for the first time.
    Getting Emperor for the first time.
    Getting The Flawless Conqueror for the first time.

    Okay, okay... more like moment(s).
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    Iwazaru - Imperial Stamina DK - AD (Rank 9)
    Spade - Argonian Stamina/Magicka Templar - AD (Rank 24) •Master Angler
    Hydrogen - Altmer Magicka Sorcerer - AD ( Rank 18)

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  • THWIP71
    The first time I came up with a build + gear combo that let me run around like Dash from 'The Incredibles'. Not so much "proud" as ecstatic, but happy nonetheless. :D
  • Pink_Violinz
    Finishing vMoL for the first time. I was on the verge of tears

    Vhof, not sure why, I was just angry. Like I wanted to hit things after.
    I can't outheal stupid
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  • AtraisMachina
    I cant think of anything more satisfying than ur first vma complete
  • WaltherCarraway
    VMA completion and killing someone 1v1 in PvP
    anyDK. EP Hit Squad. I have Striped Senche Tiger mount. All veteran content checked

    Venomous Whip
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    Nah just kidding...

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  • LadyNalcarya
    vMoL hardmode. :D
    Finishing vMoL for the first time. I was on the verge of tears

    Vhof, not sure why, I was just angry. Like I wanted to hit things after.

    Same. I just wanted to kick the damn thing, take my quest reward and log off. I guess I'm just kinda burned out after wiping on 4th boss with my guild, then wiping on that boss with another guild after the first one disbanded. After that, killing the last boss wasnt all that exciting, even on hardmode.
    Edited by LadyNalcarya on September 13, 2017 4:07AM
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  • Chronicburn
    Proudest and most frustrating... finally decided to get a mount and realized I missed 4 months of training ... no one tells you about that when you start the game ...FFS
  • sevomd69
    Proudest and most frustrating... finally decided to get a mount and realized I missed 4 months of training ... no one tells you about that when you start the game ...FFS

    I didn't start training for like 5 months because I thought I would never need to go that fast and would never need so much inventory space...
  • Thessalia
    When I killed a crab
  • NyassaV
    First time I cleared vMA, First serious 1vX, First time hitting 30k on a dummy with a stupid off meta set up
    i am stronk woman
    can Dunmer have more fire resist than Breton plz?
    I record thingies for fun and for info
  • Feanor
    The first vMA completion certainly stands out. Still have the screen shot and the memories when Voriak Solkyn finally dropped. I think I even teabagged him :lol:
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    Feanor the Believer - AD Altmer mSorc - AR 39 - Stormproof (PC EU)
    Idril Arnanor - AD Altmer mSorc - CP 211 - Stormproof (PC NA)

    Other characters:
    Fearscales - AD Argonian Templar - Stormproof (healer)
    Draco Imperialis - AD Imperial DK (tank)
    Cabed Naearamarth - AD Dunmer mDK
    Valirion Willowthorne - AD Bosmer stamBlade
    Turuna - AD Altmer magBlade
    Kheled Zaram - AD Redguard stamDK
    Kibil Nala - AD Redguard stamSorc - Stormproof
    Yavanna Kémentárí - AD Breton magWarden
    Azog gro-Ghâsh - EP Orc stamWarden
    Maeglin the Dark Elf - DC Dunmer mDK (relegated to crafting duty)
    Rawlith Khaj'ra - AD Orc stamWarden (lvl 26)

    All chars 50 @ CP 900+. Playing solo PvP mostly on EU PC Sotha Sil (or with a wonderful guild of friends)
  • Sheezabeast
    Mine was getting emp!

    9 Trait Crafter, Beta baby who grew with the game. PC/NA. @Shello2004 if you have crafting needs!
  • blacksghost
    Yesterday @Blackjudas and I did fungal grotto. Just the two of us, and yeah ok it was normal and people say it's one of the easier ones, but I've avoided these places like the plague because of all the negative comments about pug. Knowing now that at least we can get the damn things done as a duo, even If only normal level makes me happy..

    Also yesterday I got my first crafting station so I'm well chuffed.

    But on reflection proudest moment of all, the moment when I said "wow I did that, little old me" getting Kingmaker in Orsinium.
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  • MinarasLaure
    I hate solo content.
    But one day I was really bored and I decided to try vma as a sorc cp300ish.
    Reached the final stage in about 25 minutes.
    Left it there, I still haven't completed vma and never will lol
    I'm proud of it cause as for what I was reading around I was expecting a nightmare
  • Zimbugga
    When me and my two friends (+ random guy (Thank you very much guys!)) did Horn of the Reach DLC dungeons in veteran. Good teamwork make me always proud.
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