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Natch Potes - Stupid Idea Bingo for 3.0.2

As Zenimax somehow managed to bring the community to the edge of open warfare among the classes with one patch proposal, I would like to collect ideas for further fire accelerants.

I am completely sure that one or more of the abstruse ideas in this thread are going to be on the drawing board for "class balance", so I wanted to start a senseless nerf bingo.


Daedric Summoning

Conjured Ward

This ability and its morphs now scale of your maximum health instead if your maximum magicka.

Developer Comment
In the attempt to completely destroy fast paced combat, we want to make this defensive ability consistent with other wards like Bone Shield. Note that this will be a significant buff if your maximum magicka is below 11.5k and a nerf if above.
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  • Banana
    All armour cost reduction passives reverted to original settings would be nice
  • Cronopoly
    Kerioko wrote: »

    Healing Ritual (Restoring Light)

    - Base skill now provides major mending for 3 seconds from the start of cast.
    - Increased cast time of this skill to 3 seconds
    - Increased the base heal by 25%, but reduced the radius to a 5 meter frontal cone.
    - This skill is uninterruptible (however you are locked in the animation until it completes).

    Developer Comments:

    - Due to feedback, we have given templars a conditional method of acquiring major mending through class skills.
    - Healing Ritual was choosen as the skill to provide this buff in an effort to make this skill more appealing as a main heal instead of BoL.
    - Cast time was increased to compensate for the added healing, making this a proactive nuke heal vs a reactive one.
    - This skill is uninterruptible to make it more viable in PVP.
    - This is a buff if you previously used this skill as your main trials heal1

    I died laughing once I understood the timing :wink:
  • Mojmir
    Raising floors and lower ceilings by zos standards has created an iron maiden.
    No matter how well you played,when the game is over,the king and pawn go back in the same box.
    Be careful what you ask for from zo$, you always get punished.
    Call me toxic,your the one being slowly poisoned by greed.
  • eso_nya
    For a more balanced gameplay in cyrodill, we adjusted battlespirit:
    - Health decreased by 5000
    - Range decreased by 8m for skills with a 28m range or greater
    - damage taken, healing received and damage shield strength increased by 50%

  • Kalante

    Lethal arrow now does 100% defile from 30%. Snares enemies by 99% and desyncs have been adjusted.
    Edited by Kalante on April 30, 2017 4:44PM
  • Subversus
    This triggers me because I know for sure that wrobel has at least considered one of the posts in this thread. It's sad tbh...
  • GreenSoup2HoT
    Is there a real 3.0.2 thread?
    PS4 NA DC
  • NightbladeMechanics
    Is there a real 3.0.2 thread?

    Coming on Monday like the last one I think.
    Edited by NightbladeMechanics on April 30, 2017 11:14PM
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    Here's a great thread collecting community ideas for PvP updates.

    [MEGATHREAD] Feedback Threads for Class Reps

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    Dragonknight Discussion:

    Sorcerer Discussion:

    Templar Discussion:

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    Werewolf Discussion:

    Vampire Discussion:
  • Doctordarkspawn

    Ardent Flame

    Lava Whip

    Reduced the damage of this ability by roughly 32%. It has been renamed "Wet Noodle" to compensate.

    Developer Notes
    When Dragonknight was 1st made, we envisioned it as a Tank class. Following this dream, we've decided it was best to make their only spammable worthless as a skill so more people will tank on their DK.


    Dark Magic

    Dark Deal

    This skill know locks the caster in an unbreakable 4 second channel. The heal from this ability has been removed and the resource restore of this ability has been reduced by 33%.

    Developer Notes
    In our war against Sustain and to help promote Warden even more, we nerfed Sorcerer's sustain to the ground. Wrobel isn't happy but we thought that would make you happy to know he's unhappy with this change and has promptly quit as a result


    This class has now been remade for RP purposes only for Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood. If you do not own both of these DLCs, Nightblades is simply removed from your game.

    Developer Notes
    We noticed that player's only use Nightblades for these DLCs. As such, we removed it from the base game and threw it into a DLC bundle pack with ThievesGuild and Dark Brotherhood. Everyone that had a Nightblade before has had them all replaced by Sorcerers, since everyone seems to play them according to our hard data


    Restoring Light

    Rushed Ceremony

    This ability is now a 12m range, 120 degree conal heal.

    Developer Notes
    Just because we're tired of Templar Meta healers, we decided to nerf them even more.

    If Wrobel left I'd dance a jig of joy even -if- everything got nerfed, because from the ashes can come perfection.
  • Kram8ion
    Haunting curse reduced by 50% only on Tuesdays between 4am and 4:37am ty
    Kramm stam man kittyblade

  • smacx250
    Sorcerer, Daedric Summoning, Conjured Ward: Duration for base ability and all morphs increased to 12 seconds. Casting again within 4 seconds cost 50% more Magicka.
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