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What was your most intense moment in a dungeon?

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Figured this would be a fun thread! What has been the most intense moment in a dungeon for you? STORY TIME! Share your story!

Personally, it's WAAAY back. Me and a group of guildees were attempting our very first veteran dungeon (as in, hadn't finished one yet). This was the 2nd or 3rd time we attempted this veteran dungeon... never making it past the first boss. The dungeon was Darkshade Caverns. Well, we wanted to "git gud" so we tried again and again. One time we got the boss REALLY low. First the tank died... and before he could be revived.. both our DPS died. Welp, there was just me, the healer, in a veteran dungeon I had never completed, against a boss we have never killed. I swapped bars and used something like puncturing sweeps and focused charged. I somehow beat the boss. It was the first time any of us had actually killed a boss!

..we didn't beat the dungeon. But it felt AWESOME that we finally beat the last boss (and I was pretty stoked as the healer I had the killing blow).
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  • AzraelKrieg
    Mine was pretty recent. A couple of guild mates and myself were doing Blackheart Haven for the pledge a couple of weeks ago. Our healer had to leave at the start so we decided to 3-man it. The boss before the hagraven we kept running into issues because we didn't have a tank and I was pulling double duty as healer and DPS. The other two in my group died pretty quickly for some reason and left me alone to fight the boss solo. After 5 or so minutes I managed to knock the boss down while trying to keep myself a live and keep my stamina up for blocking and interrupting.
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  • mildlylucid
    So my dps as a tank is a bit of a joke. Did the bloodspawn test as a bit of a laugh, but my sorc friend had his clannfear out and it did as much dps as me. So anyway the last boss on Tempest Island we got down to 5% and then everyone but me died. It is pretty much impossible to res anyone in that bossfight and so I just tried to kill the boss... That 5% took as much time as the previous 95%.

    Only time I've ever gotten the killing blow :tongue:
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  • susmitds
    vCoS, in a PUG with others below 300 CP, all of whom were insistent on doing hard mode. Teaching them the mechanics took time but it was the maze that killed them nearly the all time. To make things worse, they always got the wrong doors. Burned over 100 gems and 4 hours in that dungeon. But yeah, I got my well-fitted medium mask for PvP so it was worth it, I would say.
  • MissBizz
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    @susmitds That's an awesome story! I can see that being intense and draining, but it's awesome that you stuck it out and taught them the mechanics!

    @mildlylucid Any time a tank or healer gets the killing blow it feels GOOOOOD. Haha

    @AzraelKrieg Blackheart Haven, bah. That darn dungeon, that's awesome you could 3 man it though!
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  • Nestor
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    I think the most intense, and I have had a few of these fights, in dungeons and with world bosses, be in a boss fight, the potion cool down timer is still ticking, no magic (or stamina) and only have a small amount of health left. Get the final blow in as a Heavy Attack. I have even had a DoT tick kill me after the boss dies, but I still got credit. One time I remember I barely had any Stamina Left, but I had enough to do the Block, and the Riposte passive killed the boss, that was cool, nothing better than blocking a mob to death. I am catching my own breath while I watch my resource bars climb back from 0 or close to 0.

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  • Beerbong_Ginn
    I remember my first time getting to The Planar Inhibitor in WGT. Did it with two others that hadn't done it before, and one that wouldn't share the mechanics right away (we like to troll each other like that :smile: ). We eventually beat it, but I'll never forget the frantic callouts...

    "I CAN'T TAUNT!!!!!"





    Good times. <3
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  • lolo_01b16_ESO
    Hm, hard to say which one was most intense. But to stay in line with you, I'll also tell a last man standing story:
    It was a normal vCoA run with some friends who all were on ts. We were joking around as everyone had completed the dungeon lots of times. Then the Ash Titan appeared, one of the dds didn't pay attention, instantly got aggro and was dead before I could even taunt. Then a conversation like that happened on TS:
    dd1: "sorry"
    me: "healer, rez him, I can survive without you for a moment."
    healer: "good thing you can survive without me, I'm standing outside the boss room"
    dd2: "I can't survive without a healer"
    a few sec later:
    dd2: "I'm dead"
    Ash Titan: "Hey mortal, don't even try to rez, I just summoned my add. So run Forest, run!"
    The next minutes I mostly spent with dodge roll, sprint, some vigor + rally and constantly below 10% stam. Only interrupted by that short moments when I popped corrosive armour, turned around and did some heavy attacks / executioners.
    But slowly the boss hp decreased and in the end the Ash Titan had to agree that he isn't in the right position to name a true Dragonknight as mortal.
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  • SolarCat02
    It was my entire dungeon group's first run of Vaults of Madness, and none of us knew the mechanics. We had reached the Flesh Atronach boss with the streams of lava on the ground, and had already wiped there twice due to people getting hit off the platform. (Our tank was still in training and not always good stuff holding aggro at the time).

    Our third attempt one DPS accidentally dodge rolled off the platform while the second DPS and the tank died to the lava, so it was just my healer and the boss. I spent the next several minutes dancing around the boss and his lava to charge my ultimate, waited for the boss to do his heavy attack so I knew I would not be interrupted, popped Magma Armor, and rezzed the tank. He held aggro while I healed him and built up enough ultimate to rez the DPS still on the platform. By this point we had taken the boss down to 20% so the DPS finished him off very quickly.

    It was the first fight where I actually felt confident in a dungeon, much less as the healer, and part of why Vaults of Madness will always be my favorite. The entire dungeon was put together with so much care for details and thought for the boss mechanics. Our group wiping on the final boss for his shattering glass the very first time we saw it merely sealed the deal that no dungeon will ever unseat that one.
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  • RebornV3x
    VWGT AND VICP final bosses were pretty intense for me and my group
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  • Ffastyl
    Intense story?

    The most intense moment in memory is soloing Ruins of Mazzatun on normal. I got to Xal-Nur before being stumped by the mechanic. I asked for help and a certain Khajiit replied. After a botched attempt at soloing the mechanic, he joined the fray. But he was on a newer character built purely to DPS -- he died in two hits. :s So the boss fight was indeed the most intense moment as I had to tank the boss, the adds, do the mechanic and keep my fragile Khajiit friend from dying. Soloing (and then duoing) the Ruins of Mazzatun is the biggest rush I have had since coaching some old friends through a blind Veteran Dragonstar Arena run (I DPSed or tanked while keeping my mouth shut).

    The Mighty Chudan comes close as it actually tested my reflexes. Without a healer, I had to dodge, block and purge with split second timing. That was the first death of the solo as well.
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  • Chew_Magna
    I've had a bunch of "oh crap" and "wtf" moments because I use the group finder. A LOT.

    My most recent good times memory is from leveling my new DK tank. The class never really clicked for me so I was running a light armor magicka tank (as a Nord) mostly just to have fun and because why the hell not. I did quite a lot of GF randoms with her, usually with low level new players. In more than a couple I'd be the last person alive on a boss fight and manage to solo the whole thing, sometimes with the boss at almost full hp. The whole group is all "Good job! You're a badass!" and I'm thinking to myself "I have no idea what I'm doing..." lol.

    Got her to 50, shelved her and went back to my NB tank.
  • wayfarerx
    Chew_Magna wrote: »
    I've had a bunch of "oh crap" and "wtf" moments because I use the group finder. A LOT.

    This is the case for me as well, I've actually been thinking about this thread for a couple days trying to come up with my most intense moment since there have been so many.

    I think for me it was a little over a year ago, pugging vCoA on my magicka sorc dps. At that point I had never actually beaten vCoA on any of my characters yet, so when I got put into a group that had already killed the Fire Maw I did not mind since I appreciated having the ability to practice in that dungeon, pledge or no pledge.

    (The guys in the pug were actually really cool and offered to go back in with me later to kill the Maw but it was pretty late for me already.)

    Anyway, we're clearing trash and everything is going smooth just like you want in a vet dungeon, when we get to the Ash Titan. We get him down to about 50% when the healer gets disconnected. The other DPS dies almost immediately, the tank only lasts a few seconds before he goes down. So it's me, the Ash Titan and about a billion adds.

    Somehow, amidst the flames and the repeated casting of shields and the endless frag procs, I managed to solo the last 50% of that ugly jerk and all his little buddies, getting him down before the healer had even managed to log back in. When the healer did log back in the regaling of my exploits by the tank and DPS in group chat was quite flattering :)

    We ended up wrecking Skoria on hard mode and I got my first Skoria helm, it had a crummy trait but I was still happy.
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  • AverageJo3Gam3r
    City of ash the last time it was the gold pledge. The fire maw. Im the tank and we decide to ignore the adds and burn the boss. At less than 1% everyone goes down, and for some reason I slotted meteor instead of magma armor on the back bar. I panic with 20 adds plus the maw giving me aggro. Needly to say my resources dropped quick. My health hit 300 something and panicked and blindly drop the meteor. Battle roar gave me just enough resources to block long enough for the meteor to finish off the boss.
  • AzraelKrieg
    New one that upped the intensity. Silver pledge today is Tempest Island. All is going well, some silly deaths but nothing bad. Last boss, I die, then the two DPS die. Whenever anyone was rezzed, we would drop because we couldn't see the AoE from the boss due to being stuck against the walls. Tank solo's the boss from 70% and beats it
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  • The Uninvited
    The Uninvited
    Long ago, before the nerfs, we went on a "no death" run of City of Ash with me as the tank. We made it to Valkyn Skoria without dying and all was going well. Until I lost aggro for a split second and Valkyn one-shotted one of the dps...
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  • Mojmir
    First month of imperial sewers,trying to get back to base with 5k stones. I was so far from home.
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  • Machete009
    Soul Shriven
    It was my first time running the Imperial City Prison. My party was made up of a bunch of randoms from the queue. We all communicated through the chat box and it was a great experience. When it came to the last boss (won't spoil anything), we made about 8 attempts before actually killing him. That ninth and final attempt, three of our party members (incliding me), got killed by by that crazy AOE attack he does. The last party member alive was our tank who had crazy low health with no one to heal him. The chat box was basically all of us freaking out because the boss was at ridiculously low health (can't remember the exact number). Our tank popped a health potion and used his "shield charge" skill and just dove onto the boss. It was probably one of the most epic thingso I've ever seen in a dungeon. We're all dead just watching our tank go crazy on the boss. Eventually our tank killed the boss and we all got up... I've never been so relieved. None of us wanted to make another attempt if we all died again. It's one of my favorite dungoons to this day. (I was playing my Redguard StamSorc as our DPS)
  • Vaoh
    The first time I soloed Valkyn Skoria.

    Had this long, intense fight from 75% health as a CP380ish Magicka Sorc "DPS" (running Willow's Path :lol: ). The PUG group was like "OMG OMG OMG" and sent me friend requests when I killed Skoria. Very intense battle!

    It's between that, and my 15min solo of Ra Kotu in Hel Ra Citadel at night time. That was also extremely intense for me.

    Epic/tough solo battles --> most awesome moments for me :smile:
  • Alucardo
    When I was in AA trying to get a heavy sack. Four people fell off the edge like lemmings trying to get it, and I came really close to following.
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  • whoa_dammitub17_ESO
    First dungeon playing my first MMO- banished cells. went in with guild members who were going to teach me how this works and what to do. reached the end boss and was starting to get everything figured out....then it went south. boss had half life when healer and tank went down....I was a dps. everyone was screaming at me.....KITE!!!! KITE!!!! dodge!!!! run!!!!! stay alive!!!!!!!!!! I panicked and my noob came out......I ran around in circles shooting him, using soul siphon like mad and doing hit and miss tanking strikes and blocks. I was an adrenaline charged one man show- and I managed to take him down. They respawned in time to see the one add on that had gotten trapped in the rocks one shot kill me........
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  • olivesforge
    Molag Kena on vet. I'm heals, boss is around 20%-ish, and everybody else is dead to trying to hug the Atronach (DONT STAND IN AoE YOU - sorry healer rage). All I had was my trusty Jesus Beam and a dream.

    I'm using that helm as a soup bowl if we ever get housing.
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  • Apherius
    Was in my Maesltrom arena since more that 8 hours ... and i kill the final bost ... was amazing .
  • Splattercat_83
    Had my most intense moment today actually, beat Vet Maelstrom arena for the very first time. I have tried it off and on since the Orsinium launch, and pretty regular the last 4 to 5 months. Here's the video I'll let it tell the story; it can do it way better than I ever could. You can see how nervous I got on the crystals lol!

  • vyndral13preub18_ESO
    The first time I ever did vet spindelclutch. I hate doing dungeons before I have leveled up, and I hate doing dungeons on my healer first. So usually in mmos i get to max level, run a bunch on my dps and then when I am comfortable with mechanics I switch over to my healer.

    But we had joined a small guild and they were new players who had been grinding and my gf really wanted to do a dungeon and they needed a healer. We were around vet 8-10ish so ofcourse they wanted to do a vet!

    None of us had ever been in a dungeon before we knew nothing about spindelclutch and both our dps were some where around 15k health while im healing. Luckily the tank was a beast.

    I dont remember much about the run just a whole lot of screaming and dying. But we got it done some how.
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  • Totalitarian
    Lord Warden Dusk has wiped a group that I'm in, and I've had to be the only one left alive.

    Had to solo the guy from 30% onwards.

    When it happens, the adrenaline starts pumping and my hand starts to shake, and I beat the guy and the group chats: "OMG!"
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  • Karius_Imalthar
    I would say when I was brand new to vet dungeons just after I turned vet 1. People would add me to the group to downscale the vet dungeons. I played a tank build at the time... and I was terrible! I didn't have a grasp of the mechanics, sustain, etc. Previous to this I was in dungeon groups as DPS which, in my newbie mind at the time, meant I had, like, a bow and dual wield. That makes me DPS right? I had no skill and terrible gear. I have learned a lot since then. When I end up grouped with people like I was then I try to be polite and let them know they really need to work on their skills; that tanking is more than holding block; that dps is more than spamming Twin Slashes.
  • Dasovaruilos
    As a healer, my story is very similar to other healers.

    I was trying to farm normal WGT with PUGs to get my SPC the other day (I know, terrible idea, but my only option at the time) and I got placed into a group with a 60CP tank, a level 37 DPS and a level 41 DPS. Both DPSs on their first dungeon ever. They had never done the dungeon, but since they were all very nice people on voice chat, I just decided I would try teach them the mechanics. Didn't expect to even get pass the first boss.

    And so we began, and it went great! They all listened, and we killed the bosses on the first try, even the Plannar Inhibitor that I said was the hardest one there. We just flew through the dungeon with a few deaths here and there until they learned the one-shots and faster AoEs.

    And then we got to Molag Kena... The first times, they all died very quickily... Thrown in the flames, staying in the Attronach AoE, staying close to the shield guys after they killed them, being caught in the blue fire rotating thing.

    I explained the mechanics each time, and each time we got 5~10% less health of her before dying. But we were getting tired. This fight was lasting more than one hour. We were approaching 20 tries. Just this boss. People were running out of food, repair kits and soul gems. Desolation was setting in... We were so close!

    We decided to give it one less try, since we managed to get Molag Kena to 10% health last time before all tree got caught in the double fire thing and we wiped.

    And the same thing happened this time. Except she was now at about 7% health, tank and the 2 DPSs died, but I was safe. Just switched to my DPS bar, Puryfing Light, Blazing Spears and Radiant Oppression. The fires were closing on me, she was at 4%, I was at 50% health. My health just dropped, 40, 30, 20%... She was at 2%... I was at 10%... She at 1%, I was at 7%... Just one more second... I'm going to die... And then, she died! I think I had about 5% percent health left.

    The other tree were just screaming of happiness. I had completed vWGT before, but this time it was so satisfying... It just made my day that we did it, and it was so close. We spend about 10 minutes after this just chatting and celebrating. It was a great ESO moment.
  • kylewwefan
    Healer takes bets he can solo the whole first mobs at the end of bridge in VetHelRa PUG. It took him awhile, but sure enough he did. I lost 10k :neutral:

    Sadly, we spent the next hour calling in friends and favors, could not beat the air atronach. This is why I don't PUG vet trials anymore.

    Best moment ever had to be killers blade to the lordwarden face while the rest of group was dead and I was about to be. I haven't had a rush like that since.

    One of these days, I'm gonna get a whole sorc pet group to run mol to see if it can be done. It'll be 36 of us vs Rakkat LOL!
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