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Recruitment - Champions of the Asylums (AD)

Champions of the Asylums is a mid-sized, active, friendly Social/Dungeon/Trial guild based in the Aldmeri Dominian (X1 NA). In addition to the typical in-game methods of communication, we also have a Discord server, a closed Facebook group, and an Xbox group (all optional for non-officer members, although highly recommended).

We are interested in a few good new members to join in on our havoc. If you have found this buried post, that might be you! ;) Members must be fun, respectful of others, and willing to learn and share knowledge.

We host a casual requirement-free normal Trials run once a week (Thursday 7pm EST). We are also growing a Veteran Maw Progression Group, and are looking for some fun capable members interested in participating in this journey.

Most members love dungeons of any level, so if you are active in chat you will be able to find a dungeon group during our active hours. Chat tends to stay lively during evenings and weekends (EST).

We also have several members interested in PvP, and will organize events in Cyrodiil as requested by the membership.

Also looking for people willing to organize events!

If interested, please send an Xbox Live message to SolarCat02, including your primary role and resource for your main character(s), and your thoughts on what makes a good guild.
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Why be normal when you can be better?

Elissandra Ravenwing, Magicka Dragonknight Healer
Lady Kalila, Stamina Templar DPS
Stands-in-Danger, Nightblade Saptank
Zalarah, Stamina Dragonknight DPS
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