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Would You Buy Any of the Style Parlor Tokens?

  • Kharnis
    Yes, explain.
    I plan to buy one appearance change token, and maybe three hair styles. That's it. Zenimax could have had me buy more of the new styles, the base game bundle, a name change token, and probably at least one more appearance change. Not anymore.

    In case anyone at Zenimax is paying attention to this thread, this represents what is called a loss of potential revenue. You're still getting some, sure. But imagine how much more you could have made off of me. Now multiply that by however many players are active in the game. Your greed is costing you money, Zenimax.
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  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    No, explain.
    I was extremely picky when I made my characters in the first place, so no need for an appearance change, likewise for name. I don't min-max much so I don't care if their racial passives are sub-par or not, ergo no race change either.

    I still think those prices are absurd though. I was expecting ZOS to get their money out of quantity with these. :/
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  • Conquistador
    No, explain.
    Name change price = *** that.
  • Neirymn
    No, explain.
    I would buy a Face Sculptor assistant for basic appearance changes (No sex change for example), there was one in Skyrim, I think it would be pretty cool to have this plus the Style Parlor.
  • Lumenn
    No, explain.
    I wasn't really looking to do anything anyway. The last mmo I played was EQ at launch +8 years so changing your appearance wasn't really an option. I was very careful creating my characters. Now I DO have a character I wouldn't have minded race changing( really starting to like the bosmer look) but since he's only lvl 22(several traits researched but /shrug) the price is a bit too steep for a few hours of leveling a new character.
  • Ourorboros
    No, explain.
    Too rich for my blood. Plus, I can live with any imperfections on my characters rather than pay dollars instead of gold at any price. But I have no problem if people want to pay these prices so they can look cool. I'd rather put the money in a good investment.
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  • Travy_2Hype
    These Prices Ruin My Immersion! (No Explanation) - No.
    Prices are outrageous, especially if you run more than one character.
    There should be in game purchase options as well, similar to how restating attribute, skills, and points have.
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  • stojekarcub18_ESO
    No, explain.
    I make my characters how I want them to begin with....and I already have 8 slots to fart around with.
  • Eirikir
    Yes, explain.
    I'm getting the 90+ set bundle. I'm not concerned by the prices, and getting any hair or style on the fly sounds fun.
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  • Dromede
    No, explain.
    Wasn't planning on using any all along. I am planning to buy the hair bundle for 1000 crowns. Wouldn't pay over 2k for any cosmetic stuff though.
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  • Fruitmass
    No, explain.
    It would have been a much appreciated gesture of good will, not to mention been a perfect opportunity to create a consistent gold sink (something which is sorely lacking in game), if beauty parlor took both gold and crowns. Say for example something like either 15k gold or 500 crowns. Best of both worlds giving players the choice of which they'd rather spend..

    And I can't accept the rational of the price being there to discourage players from constantly rolling fotm. That could be countered much more effectively by putting a limitation on how often players can change race or name ( once every two to three months for instance). No, I'm sorry, this is just taking advantage of something people have been hoping and waiting for for two years in order to pull in money.
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  • elantaura
    Yes, explain.
    I want to take the circlet of my main character the rest I am happy with really, I probebly only did that as it was a first character. I was carefull after that ( I thought I'd be able to take it off when I made it :/) maybe I'd buy hairstyles but I am happy that I'll keep an open mind towards.

    However I am annoyed for others with race change as they are changing the racial passives, I do think it should be high but at least once free when they make racial changes, I know a few dunmer vamps, who have been annoyed on guild chats. And people not making characters waiting to see what actually happens.something altering people's behaviour as to buying slots and rolling alts, is clearly an issue.
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  • BlueViolet
    Yes, explain.
    I will probably buy a token / bundle for one character, but I believe that changes such as hairstyle or colour, eye colour etc, should be able to be changed for in game gold. STO allows any changes to character creation for nothing, TSW allows you to buy tokens OR in game currency, as well as the option to be rewarded with plastic surgery token as a quest reward, so I fail to see why ESO can't do that.

    I did have a character that needed a name change because she has an accent over a letter in her name, and I can't receive PM's unless people use my username when I am playing her. But at that price, I'm just going to go ahead and not be able to get messages. Name change is too pricey.

    I'm fine with race-change costs.
    EU / NA / PC
  • Wolfshead
    Yes, explain.
    Honest i dont get why you all are so much again this to be honest you guys should play SWTOR there you have pay with really money every part everything from race to what hair color you want if want change any thing on char here atlest you pay one sum and you can everything on char.

    Beside one thing OP forget to tell you all is that you can buy so call Packs & Bundles of those item for example pack that includes all the existing hair styles (90+ in all!) which mean you change hair style for free after that with out any extra cost which i think is really smart thing for agian in SWTOR you have pay extra real money for that change.

    Also this one If you're interested in doing a complete overhaul on your character, you'll want to check out the Name and Race Change Bundle which will offer huge savings, available for 3500 crowns which i think is cheap.

    I can say that the MMO that is much worst when come to char change price so honest people you should start look at other MMO and you will see that this price is not that bad.
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  • Wolfkeks
    No, explain.
    I just wanted to change one characters name, but 2500 crowns?
    I mean I get the high price for the race change but name change? :disappointed:
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  • jeedrzej
    Yes, explain.
    I just need this.

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  • kevlarto_ESO
    No, explain.
    No plans to use any of those services not required for my game play
  • johu31
    No, explain.
    Not at the current pricing.
  • Slakk
    Yes, explain.
    I do have one character that I've wanted to race change for a while, and I will still cave and race change it.

    I normally don't hop on these kinds of discussions but I would agree the accountants got a bit harsh on this one, I've been subbed since the beginning and have even spent a bit more on crowns when there was those fatty sales. I enjoy this game enough to spent a bit monthly on it and not have a problem but in my case it's just fluff stuff that I just buy out of enjoyment.
    I even bought the Dro-m'Athra for when I got the skin, which I do have now. Looks pretty nice.
    To me it's just a feel good special snowflake purchases for me since i've played the game for so long and enjoy it.

    I wasn't too surprised to see a lot of people were not happy about the pricing of this stuff because it feels more like a punishment/regret payment rather than that feel good special snowflake purchase I mentioned.
    Lots of players have created toons and then realized they aren't too happy with their racials as they've played the game longer and longer, and with the amount of time you can put in one toon to max out their mount training or achievements or alliance war rank or even just the sentimental value some players have.

    I would bet a lot of people are going to buy less or none at all and just hope there's another crown sale not far off, or perhaps hope this years black fredas bundle has one for a crazy value. That might have calmed the initial unhappiness of the pricing.

    I don't think it should be everyday cheap, but plenty of players aren't gonna feel good about that one toon they put effort into with the race they might not like as much as they initially did.

    It's a purchase that just doesn't have the same feeling as a cool mount or costume.
  • Lysette
    No, explain.
    There is nothing to explain - I would be ok with those prices, if I would get a pack of 10-12 tokens each for that price, but for a single token that price is just ridiculously overpriced.
  • BomblePants
    Yes, explain.
    Yes I can't wait to change my mains appearance - she's been parked for months cause I can't bear her ham face....

    I don't think the appearance prices are too bad at all - and race should be a little more costly.

    I don't know why everyone is so surprised!?
  • Kaspy
    No, explain.
    Most likely no.

    Appearance change is too expensive, especially if one only wants to change small details.
    Race change is way too expensive.
    Name change price is just ridiculous.

    The need to spend 3500 crowns to change gender + name is outright punishment for using race/gender/lore friendly names.
    The need to spend 3500 crowns for race + name change + 1900 crowns for adventure pack is theft (also the above comment applies).

    Hair styles w/o ability to recolor are not really worth the money imo either.
    Edited by Kaspy on July 27, 2016 10:00AM
  • FloppyTouch
    Yes, explain.
    I can't wait to change my character then put my helm back on ^.^
  • menedhyn
    No, explain.
    As things stand, no.

    Thankfully, I have no need to change character names or races. The time I spent planning what I wanted to play, how I wanted to play and what I wanted them to be known as has paid off in this respect. I'm disappointed that the appearance change is so expensive though. I had hoped to make minor but more frequent modifications or tweaks for RP purposes as my characters developed (e.g. an eye patch or a scar following a particularly heavy fight). 1,000 crowns for the privilege is about £6 in my world, and I can't justify that from what little money I allow myself each month for gaming and other hobbies.
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  • GreenSoup2HoT
    Yes, explain.
    I planned on changing my Appearance and Name. Race change was debatable for me since i like to gank but im an Imperial which is not optimal for that purpose. I really need to figure out how beneficial the Stealthy racial passive is for ganking purposes in pvp (If anyone could pm me some information about the Stealthy passive compared to say 10% max stam imperial gives that would be great.).

    Appearance is 1000 crowns
    Race Change 3000 crowns
    Name change 2500 crowns

    All though there is a bundle for 3500 crowns to change Name, Race and have access to all the hairstyles available for your gender/race and you can switch them on the fly.

    So i guess i'll be buying the Bundle since Appearance and Name change cost the same price.
    PS4 NA DC
  • arkansas_ESO
    No, explain.
    Way, wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too expensive for me. I'd be willing to pay 500 crowns for a name change, 1000 crowns for an appearance change, and 1500 for a race+name+appearance change. There's really no justification for ZOS' high prices, so I won't pay them.

    Grand Overlord 25/8/17
  • AugustoCP
    No, explain.
    Prices are simply absurd. They should be half this price, and it would still be overpriced.
  • Imryll
    hy didn't they handle it like World of Warcraft?
    (0): Hairstyle/Ornaments/Beards are in-game gold. - Even the same with Final Fantasy XIV's Aesthetician! Should've followed through with the original immersive plan!
    (1): Name Change (500) Crowns
    (2): Name Change + Appearance Change (750 Crowns)
    (3): Name Change + Appearance Change + Race Change (1250 Crowns)

    Well, if they handled it like World of Warcraft, option 3 would be 3000 crowns ($25), not 1250.

    I'm also disappointed by the pricing, not of name and race changes, but of appearance tweaks. I'd hoped those would be priced as minor in-game gold sinks, encouraging the acquisition and healing of scars, changed in adornments and hairstyles, etc. I'd also thought to tweak a nose here and the thickness of an arm there, but certainly won't pay ZOS's announced price to move a slider a notch or two.

    I agree that a race change should include name and appearance, but don't think it should be priced to encourage flavor-of-the-month changes.

  • Easily_Lost
    Yes, explain.
    Because I want to!
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  • SolarCat02
    No, explain.
    The crown store is a waste of money anymore, so no, I won't buy them.
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