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Would You Buy Any of the Style Parlor Tokens?

  • raidentenshu_ESO
    These Prices Ruin My Immersion! (No Explanation) - No.
  • atreides
    Yes, explain.
    Imperial with dreads is fun. Its optional fools. You don't want to spend money then don't. But just because some people feel its stupid shouldn't ruin it for the people that have fun buying these cosmetics. Would be great if ZOS also sold tokens to change alliances.

    Anyway its a choice, stfu and opt out if you don't want to.
  • Fine_Rug
    Soul Shriven
    No, explain.
    Anything more than completely free is a rip-off. But I guess as long as people with more money than sense go along with fleecing like this and defend it to their graves, you can't really blame Zeni for it.
  • Silverado
    No, explain.
    I voted no, but after thinking about it, there is a possibility I'd buy different hairstyles. As far as the other tokens go though, the answer is NO! I took the time needed in the first place to make my characters look exactly how I wanted. And because I don't ever get easily bored of things, there is no need for me to buy those tokens. I thought that maybe adding a last name to my main would be cool...but then I discovered how much it would cost me.
    Ps4 NA Aldmeri Dominion
    Wood Elf 310 CP
    Aldmeri Trading Co Guild

  • Uriel_Nocturne
    No, explain.

    I was going to buy a couple of Name Changes, and maybe an appearance change.

    But with one token costing as much as a full-fledged DLC!? No. Not ever.

    Zenimax just lost potential revenue from me. And there's a good chance that I'm butt-hurt just enough that I'm not going to buy the Dungeon DLC because of it.

    Which is more revenue they just lost from me, when before this I had diligently purchased every DLC for this game along with an uncounted number of Crown purchases.

    Nope. This is too much real life money just to rename a file on their servers. They won't see a dime from me for any of the Tokens, nor for this Dungeon DLC.

    It's too bad too. I had a couple of really good names picked out and ready to go.
    PAWS (Positively Against Wrip-off Stuff) - Say no to Crown Crates!

  • Stranglehands
    These Prices Ruin My Immersion! (No Explanation) - No.
    I'm not paying that sort of money, that's why
    .kcoR gnillaF si noitadnuoF esohw ETIYREP oT
  • Mojmir
    No, explain.
    sure I'd buy the tokens,for gold or half the price of crowns
  • Anethum
    No, explain.
    Big race disbalance (sample - Redguard vs Nord...) - big old mistake of Zenimax, and taking worse race by a new player is a result of this mistake, because any official information before starting play didn't showed full race passives or how they can change in a far future.
    So it was like to play roulette.
    And now it's a question of respect to player from Zenimax company.
    There should be a way to 1 change such race at least for a small price.
    Not for rediculous 3000 crowns(14 euro)...

    I don't want to take part in anything, where someone think that it is not necessary to respect me... and hope most of the community think the same about such policy
    Edited by Anethum on August 5, 2016 5:06PM
    @Anethum from .ua
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