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ESOTU Console Launch - Known Issues

  • NewWorldShogun
    Soul Shriven
    I'm sure someone might have brought this up already, but if not....

    an error I am getting on the PS4 (NA server) is friends being invisible to me and I to them. Its happened a couple of times. I CAN see them when they go into a house, for example, but when we are in open world, they (and I) are invisible to each other.
  • Smoking-420
    Soul Shriven
    Missing NPCs- played for about a hour before the first one MOGLURKGUL, moved on 20 min later, missing CRAFTY LISA. it prompts A to interact but the character is missing, name does show up. other players seem to be able to interact. xbox one, north american server. game name Smoke Thc.
  • REKS71
    Soul Shriven
    Konzetsuu wrote: »
    what about invisible NPCs on Xbox one? we can't interact with them
    If you're encountering invisible NPCs, can you provide us with the following info so that we can investigate further?
    • Where are you when this occurs?
    • Which NPC is missing (if it's possible for you to tell)?
    • What exactly do you experience (for example, can you see the NPC's name, are you getting attacked by invisible things)?
    • How long were you playing the game before this happened?

    invisible sea vipers while trying to retrieve the sun-sighter for the prowlers, keep getting attacked and killed.
  • bigjohnson54
    Soul Shriven
    Keeps telling me I don't have a valid Internet connection
  • Smoking-420
    Soul Shriven
    Another NPC missing, this is my third so far less then 2 hours of gameplay, xbox na server Smoke Thc is the game name, MOGLURKGUL, CRAFTY LERISA, now, DIANE GUISSANT.
  • glasby550
    Soul Shriven
    Has anyone had a problem with the quest called Vision Quest in Deshaan?

    I got up until I have to re-enter the library at which point I try to enter it throws me back to then main menu. I have tried resetting my console, resetting the game, abandoning the quest and redoing it but nothing has worked.

    Has anyone else had this problem?
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  • Rosebee
    Character Names I want to see them!!

    Text Chat I NEED this to complement/support the voice chat.

  • Rosebee
    I'm sure someone might have brought this up already, but if not....

    an error I am getting on the PS4 (NA server) is friends being invisible to me and I to them. Its happened a couple of times. I CAN see them when they go into a house, for example, but when we are in open world, they (and I) are invisible to each other.

    When I've had this it's been a server shard issue and selecting "travel to player" has helped put us all visible to each other on the same shard.
  • mdhroddie78
    If you participated in the PS4 console beta, you may not be able to log in due to your account being linked to another PS4 account. We are actively working on a fix for this

    can we have a fix on the xbox one also? theres a lot of us suffering this issue
  • geckobetty
    Soul Shriven
    I am having the invisible enemies problem. I have tried rebooting and still doesn't work. Pretty much every enemy in the game now. Also a lot of the online players are shadows. Completely black. I can see their gamer tags and watch them move around, but just black shapes. Xbox one.
  • Tiashi_ci88
    Soul Shriven
    I participated in the Xbox Beta and can't login due to the link issue. I have sent in some support tickets (because you guys don't reply, 1 isn't enough).
  • MiLtOn85
    Soul Shriven
    I havnt been able to do anything except sit on some stupid queue waiting to pick server. Then I get on and get kicked the minute I,start creating my first person. I get new game gonna take a min to get it,together... except it's not new and have been delayed arrival for these kinds of reasons... I just want to know if I can,still get my money back Or am I screwed out of 80 bucks and some change?
  • femtecb16_ESO
    the ESOTU UI.

    • Other player characters will occasionally appear as black silhouettes while either fighting in large battles in Cyrodiil, or when jumping repeatedly within two wayshrines.

    I thought the "black silhouettes" were some new enemies LOL
    they are pretty cool looking ;)
  • femtecb16_ESO
    Leomoon wrote: »
    Is there any plan to make a chat system?

    I think I saw another thread about this in the forums here but I just wanted to say a text chat system would be a big help. I am on the PS4 version and maybe up to 10 people have mic's enabled in the "zone" however, no one is talking to any player in particular.

    Text chat makes it easier to ask for help, to group up, to know exactly what someone what's to trade, to recruit for guilds and for those who want a more quiet gaming experience...esp late at night when all is asleep around us!

    Maybe it's a feature to come?

  • TheLordMarshall
    Soul Shriven
    How about they fix the login issues before we talk about adding features
  • d.gordon
    Soul Shriven
    Game crashing 5 min. into playing.
  • Trollz13
    Soul Shriven
    Would love to not get kicked after 5 min of playing and the game telling me i have no internet when that is not the case doesnt seem like the mega server can keep up with this volume of players
  • dudenamedchris
    My veiled inheritance disguise vanished after I started doing some storm quest near the beginning. Would like to report this bug and would like to have the disguise available since its hot
  • thetopher1981
    Soul Shriven
    Horrible wait times!!! Paid $100 to wait in a line I think not. Took 3 ding days to get my crowns I paid for. I think for such a crappy launch we all should get 1500 crowns.
  • LT_ya_momz
    I can't play for more than 3 to 5min. I'm in coldharbor in the tutorial. Once I've been in game for about 3 to 5min I won't be able to interact with anything, then i get kicked back to the main menu. There is an error message that reads " Unable to connect to game server. Please make sure you have a valid internet connection." I'm currently running a 41mbps download speed and a 11mbps upload speed, and my NAT type is open. My router sits directly next to my xbox. I'm getting very frustrated with this game because I sit in a queue longer than I can play the game. Meanwhile I have friends playing online right now without any problems. I sit in the queue for about 10min before the "connection to the server timed out." so i try 3 to 4 more times before i can actually sit in the queue long enough to get in the game.9f12b9d13b946961f461f62e1daa33a7.jpg
  • LT_ya_momz
    Sorry about the pic of the wolf. I tried to upload the picture of the screen i keep getting.
  • jebus527
    Soul Shriven
    Maybe I'm just being an idiot but I have not been able to eat any reagents I have found to learn their first trait. I'm playing with PS4 and I have searched and searched forums for anybody experiencing this issue and have found nothing close. Is anybody else dealing with this or can point in the right direction please?
  • Ifantis
    I wouldn't get so mad if I got a picture of a baby wolf when I crashed
  • xMiKex
    Soul Shriven
    this queue and sat and waited 15 minutes then get on and get kicked 2 minutes in like since game came out i've played maybe 15 minutes getting very fustrated at spendiing 100 bucks for game i can't even play i dont have problems with neverwinter besides lag once in blue moon destiny had same problem but they fixed. i realize its new in consoles and theres bound to be growing pains but please fix
  • aBMWfan314
    Soul Shriven
    Anyone else having issues with the auto stack feature? Auto stack for my personal bank and character bag fails to auto stack crafting items which causes me to have multiple stacks of the same items like iron ingot, jute and diamond (EX: Jute x53, Jute x20, Jute x17, Jute x4 instead of Jute x94). I know for certain this was not happening on PC, for me at least, so it appears to only be console (PS4) related. I don't see a way to manually stack items, so if there is a way and I have missed it please direct me on how I may correct this. Thanks in advance.

    Also, is there anyway to target enemies? I've searched the web and can't for the life of my figure out how this is done. Thanks!
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  • crixuz
    Soul Shriven
    Position queue 1
    Wait time 1

    I'm assuming this means, "you're screwed!"
    Considering I have been waiting for 20 minutes. Maybe I'll go back to COD, at least I know I'll be able to login and play. Maybe you guys should have just not done the online things. The game was great just playing by myself, in fact that's all I do. I mute everyone else, I don't care about join a guild or going PvP. Maybe I should wait another 2 years for the next elders scrolls to come out, because this *** is giving you guys bad press.
  • Jon_harbert0785
    Soul Shriven
    I've been in the log in queue for two hours
  • bigspender42002
    This is crap I've been here for 40 min
  • Greatargonianelder
    Quest: To Fort Virak
    Level 10

    The Covenant has taken Fort Virak, a vital strategic chokepoint. I must travel to Fort Virak. I need to help pact soldiers retake it.

    Talk to Sergeant Gjorring

    For me Sergeant Gjorring is invisible and cannot talk to him or her.
  • Greatargonianelder
    This is crap I've been here for 40 min

    close your game and power down your console then try to log back on
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