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ESOTU Community Ambassador Program

  • lordrichter
    @Turelus @SantieClaws

    What have they said in regards to crashing/lag in Cyrodiil?

    I don't know that they have said anything recently, but see, I think it was Lambert that said there is this onion... with layers...

    Well, I guess the ultimate point is that onions make people cry. I think that is the answer. :smiley:
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  • Turelus
    Community Ambassador
    Turelus SantieClaws

    What have they said in regards to crashing/lag in Cyrodiil?
    Not sure, life's been busy so I don't stalk the forums as much and missed ESO Live. I'm out of the loop on what's been said.
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  • Enodoc
    Community Ambassador
    Turelus wrote: »
    DanteYoda wrote: »
    Necro much.. That said stars and titles are meaningless Zos ignores it all, no matter what your title is..

    Money is their only interest.
    Pretty sure none of the CA have been ignored when giving ZOS community based feedback or passing on links for things which Gina/Jess should look into.

    I would also assume the new Class Reps wouldn't invest their free time if they were ignored. ZOS does listen, they just don't pander to everything we demand (which is normally a good thing for a games balance and longevity).

    I don't have the time to sift through all the posts but I assume you guys have brought up current lag and crashing/freezing in Cyrodiil to them, then? And considering you said they always respond, what was their response?
    Community Ambassadors don't give specific gameplay feedback, because that is not our role. Any gameplay feedback we do give has the same weight as anyone else's, as we can only give it through the same channels as anyone else. What we can do is point them to threads about those topics, but they usually know about them already. In terms of a response, it's usually "we are aware and investigating"; that is to say, it's the same response that they post in the threads.
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  • Dont_do_drugs
    There is a new german ambassador since today, @The_Saint. U're awesome <3

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