The Firesong DLC and Update 36 base game patch are now available to test on the PTS! You can read the latest patch notes here:
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Update 5 Testing Suggestions and Feedback Wanted

Community Manager
Since Update 5 is so large, we'd like to offer you a bit of direction as to what we suggest you test, in addition to specific feedback that would help our team.

  • Play through Veteran City of Ash using the appropriately named template, or your max-level North American megaserver character. Let us know if you plan to livestream your run so we can watch!
  • Check out the new facial animations, and use /bug in-game to record any desyncs with the audio and mouth movements, or any missing animations.
    • Please be sure to include the NPC’s name, location, and line when submitting a /bug.
  • Acquire 10 dwemer scrap metal items, and refine the ingredients.
  • Go through the crafting tutorial with a new character, or skip the tutorial and get certification with a character that already has experience.
  • If you have a character that’s well-versed in crafting, check out the new crafting writs and survey reports.
  • Explore the larger delves in Alik’r, Eastmarch, and Malabal Tor.
  • Use a template to create a stamina-build character (or use an existing North American megaserver character if you have one!) and experiment with the improvements made to stamina abilities.
  • Use any template to create a character that can transform into a werewolf, and try out the improvements to those abilities.
  • Turn on chat bubbles in the Settings menu, and let us know what you think!
  • Create a Veteran Rank 12 character using a template, and play through normally to test the changes made to how you receive XP as a Veteran Rank character.
  • Use the Looking for Group tool to create a group both inside and outside of a dungeon, and make sure everyone is within 5 levels of each other.
  • Try running through God of Schemes, even if you’ve done it before! We’ve recently fixed some issues so it’s not as frustrating to complete, and we’d like to hear your experience with it since the changes have been made.
  • Create a level 45 character using the template “Undaunted”, and open the mail that directs to you the Undaunted Enclave to begin investigating Pledges.


Veteran City of Ash
  • How does the overall difficulty of this dungeon feel compared to other Veteran dungeons?
  • Were you pleased with the loot and rewards you received? If not, please explain what you’d like to see instead.
  • Were the dropped items something you’d actually want to equip?
  • Did you run into any exploits or major issues?

Dwemer Motifs
  • If you were able to collect 10 dwemer scrap metal items, how did the frequency of the drops feel? Did it feel like they were too rare, not rare enough, or just right?
  • Did the entire process of getting 10 drops and refining them feel too tedious or difficult?

Crafting Tutorials
  • How did the tutorial feel? Was it easy to follow?
  • Were you able to find and complete the certifications with ease? Did you find anything confusing or problematic with them?

Crafting Writs
  • What did you think about the writs? Did everything make sense? Was it fun?
  • What did you think about the survey reports?
  • Did you feel the frequency in receiving the survey reports was adequate?
  • Were you able to easily locate the cache of harvest nodes? Did it feel like a significant payload of resources when you did?

Delve Updates
  • Do the updated delves feel more unique? Do you feel they’re large enough for a group of players?

Itemization & Gameplay
  • Are you happy with the itemization changes in dungeons and Trials?
  • Are you happy with the changes to the items you receive in Dragonstar Arena?
  • Do stamina abilities feel more useful now?
  • Do any stamina abilities feel too powerful, or not powerful enough?

  • How do the new werewolf improvements feel?
  • Does the werewolf feel worthwhile and fun with the new improvements?

Veteran XP
  • How does the speed feel for gaining ranks?
  • Is there anywhere you played that did not give XP, or that gave too much XP?

Undaunted Pledges
  • How did the new Undaunted Pledges feel overall? Was it fun?
  • If you ran through with a group, did everyone receive the same credit while working together?
  • If you received a key, were you happy with your reward? Was it easy to understand how to use the key?
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  • Drazhar14
    What is in it for us if we spend time testing?

    Anyways, I played a bit yesterday to see whats new, and here is what I found:

    I had a character who got a werewolf bite transferred over to PTS, so I tried out the quest to become a werewolf. You only get the 2 old abilities when doing this quest, not all 5. Being a vet 14 character, the instance was a bit challenging since is scaled up, and I found that if I was fighting more than one enemy, I would die. The new werewolf heal ability would have been nice to have, along with the other new ones for this quest.

    If you have a food buff on, whenever you use a wayshrine, you will go through the eat food animation again upon loading in the new area.

    I love the bow changes, especially the Arrow Spray new cone size. However, Snipe seems a bit silly now. The animation gets cut off with the reduced cast time, so either change the animation or speed it up. Also, it should have a minimum range of 5 meters. Having no minimum range at all for the skill is a bit awkward and strange.

    Dwemer scrap metal drop rate could be increased slightly. Ran around a ruin for 30 minutes+ and only got a few pieces.

    It was fun to try the new additions, however I doubt I'd go test more though, since there is really no incentive.
  • Thejollygreenone
    Poison Arrow's DoT can't crit. :) Not powerful enough I say! Also on that note, Momentum's HoT and the end heal given from the Rally morph also can't crit. I've tested both of these as extensively as one in my position as a player can.

    On a lighter note, werewolf changes feel FANTASTIC! Sprinting on all fours out of combat, albeit a bit finicky and sometimes doesn't work, is something a lot of us have wanted for awhile.

    Furthermore the new abilities themselves have great effects and respectable damage output. An of course, the devour cooldown reduction is greatly appreciated.

    However I must point out, just about every ability except Hircine's Bounty feels a bit clunky and can't really be weaved in with light attacks cleanly. Maybe a bit of touching up on the animations is in order?

    On a somewhat side note I'd just like to bring up that Hircine's Bounty ALSO can't crit, or at least so it seems, with my measly 17% spell crit I haven't seen it crit once. Unfortunately I don't think I can put on inner light as a werewolf to boost my spell crit to accurate testing ranges :)

    But with all that said, werewolf is a lot of fun to play now. The real question is how it will hold up in a PvP environment, or dare I even say trials.

    EDIT: None of the new Werewolf active abilities are leveling up. We don't get to see the morphs? D:
    EDIT:EDIT: Scratch that, it wasn't yesterday but suddenly I'm getting xp today. Hooray, morphs here I come.
    Edited by Thejollygreenone on October 14, 2014 6:10PM
  • LonePirate
    I have been logging bugs like crazy and starting discussion threads on some topics. Here is a brief summary of my major issues.

    I absolutely HATE the changes to the gold drop rate for humanoid mobs. Please back out this change!

    Dwemer Motif
    I had some very bad luck obtaining the scraps as I received only 2 in about 2 hours of hunting. I received the old Dwemer gears by the truckload. Other people had more luck but the drop rate could be increased. At least the rate is not as abysmal and detestable as the Nirncrux drop rate.

    Crafting Tutorials and Writs
    I love the new crafting tutorial quests. They will be a huge benefit to new players wanting to learn the skills. The ZOS team did an excellent job here. That being said, the Enchanting tutorial has a major bug that prevents its completion for large numbers of players. This absolutely should be fixed before release.

    The writs are fine and they should prove to be useful and popular for players leveling characters or crafting skills. For VR14 characters with level 50 crafting skills, the writs are a mixed bag. They do not benefit from the 20K Inspiration points of the quest reward. For Blacksmith, Clothier and Woodworker, I can sell the crafted goods to a vendor and receive more gold than from the quest rewards, even if I sell the contents of the quest reward chest. The Provisioning writ and possibly the Enchanting writ (depending on the runes harvested) are the only write most max level crafters will complete because they are the only profitable ones.

    I liked the survey reports. I received 2 of them from the 5 possible writs that would reward them. Other people received fewer reports so the drop rate may need to be investigated. I enjoyed the hunt for the locations even though the maps seemed to be off scale slightly and the locations were near but not at the exact places indicated on the maps (probably due to scaling). The Enchanting cache was fine (no Ta or Potency level 8 Rede/Rekura should drop, though) and the Alchemy cache was OK.

    If you want max level players to work these quests every day or even regularly, then either the gold reward will need to be increased or you need to guarantee at least 1 Nirncrux stone at the survey report sites. There were none at the two report locations I found yesterday.

    I will continue to log bugs and post topics as needed. There are already numerous bugs in the 1.5 bug thread with ones related to reset attribute points and skills warranting attention as well.
  • driosketch
    I took a look at the new craft quest system, and the expanded delves in the first zone even though you didn't ask for them specifically.

    First the craft certification. It's very enticing, in a 'I now want to do every craft on every character" sort of way. But I have neither the inventory space, nor the skill points attempt that, coughhintcough. In any case, I might try the tutorials at least. They provide easy gold and a green level item just for trying them out.

    The quest markers for the tutorial could use a little more direction from the certification NPC. At first I thought I had to find the components the old fashion way. The NPC suggested looking in crates, trading with players, or even the guild stores. And I never would have found him at the "cooking fire" if I hadn't stumbled into the inn hunting ingredients. That's when I noticed the quest markers to containers with the items I needed. (Though to be fair I didn't have that quest set to active because of all the craft writs I had picked up.)

    My crafters are all lower midrange. The inspiration from getting certified and doing writs is very attractive. Unfortunately all the equipment writs wanted me to craft things 2 or more levels beyond my skill. Through what I think may have been luck, I was able to complete the enchanting writ. I had just enough mats to make what was needed, and by chance had already discovered the destination for the delivery, in a zone that was beyond my level. The trade off of make one glyph was a different glyph of the same level in the rewards. Not necessarily a bad trade off, especially when leveling your skill.

    I also took a look at the newly expanded Del's Claim, Emberflint, and Cryptwatch. Over all, I love the new bigger spaces to explore.

    Cryptwatch, you are no longer forced into a counter-clockwise path, the gate on the left side is gone. This means you can take three different paths to the boss in the back. Skyshard is now in a side alcove down one of the tunnels. Two issues, the back dungeon is now an open air space, and it happened to be raining while I was exploring. The original part is still dry, but some of the extended tunnel has interior rainfall. The other is that I found a couple guys in the stockades I couldn't free.

    Emberflint, more complex than Cryptwatch, the sky shard has been moved from under the bridge to the end of the upper tunnel. A little harder to find, but rewarding for those that like to explore. One thing I really liked is the shift in enemies as you get deeper. The scamps early on provide a good indicator of where the exit/entrance tunnel is.

    Del's Claim is by far the easiest to get lost in. Many of the crisscrossing tunnels and enmies look the same, making disoriantaion an issue. Skyshard is in the middle of one of the side tunnels. I did one pass of the large chamber, (bosses are always in the large chamber), before I found the boss randomly fishing in the lake.

    The bosses in general could use a bigger indicator of their location, especially on live when it's possible someone may have killed the boss before you came through leaving you clueless.
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  • Gilvoth
    can we go through the new city of ash as a solo play? or will we be forced to join a group?
    i prefer solo
  • Lady_Swillmart
    Soul Shriven
    I haven't gotten to actually dig down and test a lot yet, but one thing stuck out to me in the brief time I played; for the Facial FX system, does it apply to NPCs only?

    When my player character does emotes, there appears to be little actual change in his expression, unlike before. It's a bit jarring to see him laugh or cry looking totally flat. He flirts without so much as a spark of love in his eyes. He is entirely unmoved by the bread he eats. How tragic.

    I can't tell if this is a bug or a feature of the new FX system; my gut says it's not a bug, which is why I hesitate to report anything. Sorry, I know it's a totally minor thing and utterly trivial compared to bigger issues, but like I said, it was a little off-putting.
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  • Hypertionb14_ESO
    I want to link this topic i created reviewing the general WW changes..

    summed up, the lost of base DPS is too severe, with Stamina builds able to easily hold 1k Damage Per Second the transformation is now a negative. where on live the benifits is that you can hold 1k dps, the PTS changes have lowered this to little over 600-700, not enough to be viable for damage purposes..

    the source of this change is the massive drop in attack speed while in werewolf form, the light attacks on live can be launched at a rate of almost 3 hits per second. on the PTS this is only 1-2 hits per second at best.

    the best Fix for this is just to apply the old speed bonus from berserker to the base WW change. or revert the berserker change since the DOT from the bleed never takes effect while actively attacking a target.
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  • risen1981
    Only had time to try werewolf so far and overall i like the changes alot, been looking forward to this.
    Some suggestions to make it more enjoyable:

    1. Using skills as a werewolf seems to have a delay before anything happens and sometimes it doesn't register.

    2. I really would like to run on all 4 everytime i sprint even if i'm in combat

    3. In werewolf form we still need an Ultimate skill

    4. Devour should should reset our timer to 100% from just one corpse
  • danovic
    Metal scrap rate drop rate is horrible received 6 out of 200. Most of the problem is that about half the constructs drop nothing at all much less scraps. Frankly its dumb because they all scrap metal when I'm done with them. don't know how common the dwarven trait supposed to be but found none.
    Trade writ rewards are bad if I didn't need the inspiration to level after vet 10 I wouldn't even waist time doing them. The maps you get lead you to groves of ingredients most you don't even need. Why do it need birch from Craglorn when I'm crafting with nightwood or lower level cloth?
    I found the new dungeon vet city of ash very hard a quit after first wipe with trash mobs hitting for 600 to 800 per hit we didn't last long.
    Edited by danovic on October 14, 2014 11:24PM
  • driosketch
    Took a look at the some of the NPCs for lip syncing. Some are spot on, others look like a bad dub of a foreign film. Some of the mouths open and close too rapidly for the words being spoken, a little too much waggle in the lips. A few are pursing their lips too much, or look like they are trying to chew on their bottom lip.

    If I have time later, I can maybe make a list.
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  • Cody
    whoa... I forgot all about the changes to 2H........

    hmm... I may end up trying this PTs out, just to test the new status of 2H abilities. in fact I will, tomorrow or Thursday, whenever I have time, I will test it.

    I will leave very descriptive feedback on it.
  • Ysne58
    Crafting certification. I went through all of them 4 of them I did the quests and 2 I took the other route. I had no issues with any of those. I went through on my vr1 character. I also had no issues starting the undaunted challenges. Haven't tried the first quest though, didn't have a group and I try not to do those solo.
  • OtarTheMad
    Werewolf/Crafting Writs- I really did enjoy the crafting writs and also the certifications and also the changes to WW were very good and made it a lot more fun (imo) but not OP. To me it seems like some people want to jump into WW form and be able to dominate and one shot people... shouldn't be the case. Is the DPS a little lower? Seems like it but I can still fight things and now with a self heal and increased devour (it seems) I can stay in WW form for as long as I want which is fun.

    Dwemer I think the drop rate for Dwemer scraps could be higher and although looking for the new Dwemer motif and lost chapters is an incredible grind at least it's lore friendly so I give you that. It will be a grind though if the drop rate for the scraps to make Dwemer armor/stuff is low and every time you run out you have to spend a good amount of time in a dungeon just to get enough, that might get old fast.

    Templates I'd love to try out other templates but they simply don't work at the moment... tried to make a character based on your templates and just for an error... so... yeah.

    Veteran XP So far I like it.. feels more rewarding leveling up again and can open up some different attributes builds and maybe not make everyone pretty much the same health/magicka/stamina wise after VR 1.

    Stamina build I can only speak for what I have used, which is 1h and 2h and so far I like the changes. Stamina builds are becoming more powerful and maybe with these changes you won't see everyone running around in robes in PvP. I know my DK will still rely more on heavy armor (I was thinking of jumping on the light armor wagon) and I might even get into medium armor now.
    Edited by OtarTheMad on October 15, 2014 2:58AM
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  • Xsorus
    I dislike the removal of arcane fighter in the two handed line and the root on stampede
  • Darkonflare15
    I dislike the removal of arcane fighter in the two handed line and the root on stampede

    Ironic how the passive they replace arcane fighter is called follow up and they change the root of stampede which was once use by people to easily follow up with a stronger move.
    Edited by Darkonflare15 on October 15, 2014 4:02AM
  • katkat42
    I am confused by how the crafting writ request items scale. I have a vet-1 character who is level 48 in blacksmithing and clothiering, and 50 in provisioning, but has only gotten skill points in enchanting, alchemy, and woodworking through books.

    I really liked the dialogue with the trainers, whether you chose the "I'm already an expert" route or the "walk me through my first item" route. The quests themselves were really well-written.

    Then I took a writ in each of the six areas. I ended up with a mixed bag. I was able to complete the provisioning writ easily as a level 50 provisioner with all 6 points in recipe improvement. The alchemy writ was likewise simple to complete with my single rank in alchemy, well-suited to my level of 4 in that skill. I did not attempt the enchanting writ yet, but it looks likewise well-suited to my level of 5 and my single rank in that skill.

    But then I got the equipment writs. Each writ was at least one rank above what I am currently able to craft. I am a level 6 woodworker with only the starter rank point, yet I was asked to craft oak. Likewise for clothing and blacksmithing, where I only have rank points for kresh fiber and calcinium, but my writs were for voidstone and voidcloth. (I'm only vet 1; I can't wear void-stuffs yet, so why spend the skill points?)

    So does the level of the item you're asked to craft scale with your skill level in the craft, regardless of whether you've spent the skill points to max your crafting rank? It's really really really discouraging to get quests to do stuff you just can't do without going on a massive hunt for extra skill points first. Doubly so for daily quests.

    Oh yeah, I want to echo the person who said the rewards for equipment writs are less than you could get for selling the equipment on the open market(s). Do they even cover the cost of purchasing materials, if you go that route? Void-stuffs are expensive!
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  • Darkonflare15
    danovic wrote: »
    Metal scrap rate drop rate is horrible received 6 out of 200. Most of the problem is that about half the constructs drop nothing at all much less scraps. Frankly its dumb because they all scrap metal when I'm done with them. don't know how common the dwarven trait supposed to be but found none.

    ^ This
    I went into a dwarven ruin and it took me 30 min to find 6 dwarven metal scraps it also took me 20 more minutes just to find 1 more metal scraps. You need 10 scraps to refined the item. This bothersome plus I did not find any motifs but that was expected.
    Crafting Writs are fun until you cannot do them. The provision writ ask me to make this item but I could not because I did not have a recipe for it yet. So that was a buzz kill. The rewards are a little lack luster and could use some improvment like more money.
    I wanted to try out being a werewolf but could not because I could not find a person that could turn me or there is no infectious werewolves out. I wish you could make it easier to test vampires and werewolves on the PTS server.
    The dwarven motifs split into chapters sounds nice but is going to be a pain to find in dwarven ruins.
    I would also love to test how strong I doing my attacks but there seem to not be a way to test on the pts server.
  • Zed
    I wanted to try out being a werewolf but could not because I could not find a person that could turn me or there is no infectious werewolves out. I wish you could make it easier to test vampires and werewolves on the PTS server.
    The veteran City of Ash template comes with werewolf. Give that a try if you'd like to test it out.
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  • Fat_Cat45
    Crafting Writs

    What did you think about the writs? Did everything make sense? Was it fun?

    -It is a good improvement. It helps people use resources which would otherwise probably be sold to a vendor or crafted and sent to an alt character for deconstruction.

    I think the reward from the sacks are a bit lackluster. I usually got a trait gem, a white item with intricate or ornate at 280%, and maybe a few repair kits (which I do love that idea of repair kits, gets them in the market). I would like to see them buffed to also include items similar to hirelings, like upgrade tempers or even raw materials of your craft level.

    What did you think about the survey reports?

    -They were a good addition. My favorite part was how the resource locations are never guarded by enemies, especially when the reports are for Craglorn and you're solo.

    The part I did not like about the survey reports was getting lower tier materials than your current level. Such as completing the woodworking survey report lead me to some mahogany and ash wood too. I'd prefer if it were all nightwood since that's my current highest usable material.

    Did you feel the frequency in receiving the survey reports was adequate?

    - It would honestly be cool to always get one, but it would ruin an "aw yeah" moment. I feel like I got them about 1/3 of the time.

    Were you able to easily locate the cache of harvest nodes? Did it feel like a significant payload of resources when you did?

    -Yes, the maps were easy to understand. I think the resource nodes, specifically for alchemy and provisioning, should be triple instead of double.
  • Darthryan
    Anyone try dk reflecting silver shards now? Are they even more op now? If so I need to reroll dk. So tired of watching two dks taking on 20.
  • danovic
    So I created a level 14 Templar for vet city of ash as none of the armor has the magic regen a Templar has to have. I went and created seducer and magnus sets the same as my vet 10 Templar and so my surprise my vet 14 in vet 14 purple armor with the same enchants has 200 less magic and health then my vet 10 in vet 10 blue gear. The tradeoff for point for the veteran levels already earned gives up far less health magic and stamina then before effectively nerfing everyone in the game. If that hits live think have half the players in the game will quit. If its not that then some passives are just broken. I wear 4 heavy three light the same as my vet 10.
    I tried two hander wile it is much improved it is still Stamina based so usually run out of stamina in middle of fight. Until you cut the amount of stamina taken away by blocking and rolling stamina builds will never work especially now that you reduced the overall stamina for vets.
  • Lalaeith
    I only tested the writs so far. They are a great addition to the game, especially for crafters that are still leveling because of the inspiration you get. However as a lvl 50 crafter (equipments) they are really not rewarding. I crafted 6 (clothing) or 9 (ww) items and the reward was less than the gold I get selling them, Inspiration I can not use, one piece of equipment of the same level (whats the point? I just proved I can do that myself) and a trait stone. They are littering my bank already. Granted, the equipment pieces we're once ornate and once intricate, but that's still not very useful.
    So overall this ok if you are still leveling, but I would love to see some incentives for leveled crafters. E.g. more high improvement mats or maybe even a chance for special crafting equipment you can't get anywhere else?

    Oh and I also shot some things with my bow. Snipe feels great without the min. range and overall the changes are great improvements :)
  • AngryNord
    I can answer for the Eastmarch delve, tried it this morning: felt slightly more unique, difficulty and number of mobs about right for soloing.
  • myrrrorb14_ESO
    Only spent a little time on PTS. Dont have a lot of spare time now and didn't want to waste too much of it on something that doesnt count towards my real account. I was mostly interested in the crafting and found that the tutorials were very nice. I'm at max level, but I think they would help new crafters out tremendously. The writs are fun, but really not worth it. I agree with the other posts on that. The amount of materials you use versus the rewards for turning it in are just bad for max level. It looks really nice if you're still leveling up a skill though. Maybe high level refining materials blues and purples would be nice as a reward.
  • phraetor
    Soul Shriven
    Will vampires be getting more powers in the future? It seems like each update the vampire gets more screwed. I think since they get 50% more fire they should take 50% less frost. And I've said on another forum why did you take away the speed stacking? If some one doesn't like how fast they were going they can craft a different set of armor. I for one enjoyed the speed boost. On a second note if I play in the pts will I automatically get the dwemer motif? And are u going to make dwemer material found in dwemer boxes and urns or only from killing dwemer machines?
  • Maotti
    @ZOS_GinaBruno‌, i made a new VR14 character on the PTS and how can i test the God of Schemes quest when i don't even have the wayshrine to Coldharbour so i can do the required quests there?

    And no, i have no intention of going through the entirety of Aldmeri Dominion just to test this quest!

    Edit: Never mind, got help from Gamemaster Prehn, thank you for the port to The Hollow City. :)
    Edited by Maotti on October 15, 2014 9:00PM
    PC EU
  • AngryNord
    Maotti_Nor wrote: »
    @ZOS_GinaBruno‌, i made a new VR14 character on the PTS and how can i test the God of Schemes quest when i don't even have the wayshrine to Coldharbour so i can do the required quests there?

    Isn't there a template that starts you in Coldharbour outside the Hollow City?

  • Maotti
    AngryNord wrote: »
    Maotti_Nor wrote: »
    @ZOS_GinaBruno‌, i made a new VR14 character on the PTS and how can i test the God of Schemes quest when i don't even have the wayshrine to Coldharbour so i can do the required quests there?

    Isn't there a template that starts you in Coldharbour outside the Hollow City?

    That's a lvl 45 one, not interested in that.
    PC EU
  • demonlkojipub19_ESO
    LONG WALL INC! And repost in a better section.

    My focus is on weapon abilities. Some nice changes but some are just not cool, and some of the patch notes don't correlate to what's actually in-game. Listing them all that I have found.

    Two Handed:

    --Cleave changes feedback:--

    Can tell you right off the bat that it still cannot "compete" with impulse, as the player skill lead supposedly wants it to be. Impulse still listed to do more damage with same amount of resources, still cannot be blocked (at least there is no patch note saying that changed) and another problem I will post in the impulse section.

    The bleed on cleave does not make cleave do any competitive damage with impulse. no one is going to cleave once then just wait until the dot wears off. thats 10 seconds to deal about 40% more that cleaves base hit. 10 seconds of not doing anything. Meanwhile people hit impulse multiple times, because the base hit even with elemental ring is stronger than the dot. its actually made to be better with rapid use.

    Cleave is not, and will not do equal damage with impulse with these changes. Impulse not being able to be blocked is the primary reason, and means they are always doing close to the listed damage depending on resisted (and glitch manipulation) in 360 aoe, while cleave will not even get close to the damage impulse can do even when not blocked in a cone angle.

    I also do not see why carve's ultimate bonus was reduced before the removal of aoe caps. i can see doing it WHEN aoe caps get removed, but not before. premature nerf.

    --Critical Charge change feedback--

    Im all for the immobilization being removed from stampede. I was for removing myself in one of my 2h weapon feedback posts. I don't think the 10% reduced base damage of critical charge was needed tho. Stampede is nice as a 60% snare for 5 seconds, but the change really didn't warrant a 10% drop in damage.

    But, there is a slight problem with Critical rushes "buff".

    "Critical Rush (Critical Charge morph): Increased the ranged damage bonus for this ability to 68%."

    I was happy when I saw that, meaning critical charge would be buffed while the un-morphed and stampeed damage would be reduced... however:


    What you see here is that its bonus damage is actually LIMITED to 68%, not increased by 68%. Not a buff. I also tested the damage dealable by critical charge after this, and ... not a buff. Its actually a nerf to the potential of critical charge.

    --Momentum changes feedback--

    This is probably the actual only big buf with the 2h line.

    For starters ive read what other people have said, and no, momentum does not increase damage dealt by 20%, it increases weapon damage by 20%. That is not the same thing and is not NEARLY as big of an increase so stop acting like it is. Its really not much different from the old momentum. That one went passed 20% actually, in 2% intervals every 2 seconds of the ability, it just didn't last as long.

    Now, the added hot and duration to it make it an awesome part of any 2h users arsenal. if anything the survivability of 2h users has increased. Rally especially is good.

    I have used tested rally it goes by what the tooltip says properly. At the end, the heal is listed low, 99 for me. It increases the longer rally is active, and will instant heal you for that amount if you use the ability again any time during the buffs duration. meaning if you use it 2 seconds in you'll get healed for maybe 120, but if you use it 9 seconds in you get healed for ~300 or some. I have gotten healed for 724 at max, at duration end and that is awesome.

    I still think the forward momentum morph should change to remove a snare and immobility every 2 seconds of activation to make that one more attractive.

    --Reverse slice change feedback--

    Far better than it was before, thats all I have to say. The base skill would still be meh to use in pvp with either morph.

    --Uppercut changes feedback--

    Now.... seriously? 2% increased damage and 12% reduced cast time. This can only tell me how reluctant the person behind skills is to make any changes to this skill. now, the new .8 second cast time would have been openly welcome, but changes made to its similar skill from another weapon automatically make this change not enough. it needs to get down to .6 seconds, .7 at the most.

    2% increase is just plain insulting. What I see is trying not to make its damage go higher than snipes damage. For PvE, thats all well and dandy, but when you get to pvp a melee skill cannot do the same, or less in this matter, than a ranged. Once again I see some people trying to factor in all the nifty bonuses and buffs they threw in there, without looking at them obviously. Bow has its buffs too, and they are passive, so that nullifies that.

    And then there is the attempt to relate sneak attack damages by throwing in some pve references. PvE is so whatever. In PvP, against another player, the sneak attack multipliers are the same for snipe and uppercut. But since snipe is always with the same gear and stamina listed as more damage than uppercut, it will do more damage with a sneak attack than uppercut. This has already been tested by me and hundreds of players. My lethal arrows can do 1.4k and I can barely break 1.3k with uppercut from a stealth crit. That gives 0 incentive to ever try to sneak attack someone with a sword. Zero.

    The idea of bow losing its stealth bonus is good, but I for one think Bow in pvp should have a base damage reduction modifier towards players period. This will not affect PvE whatsoever, but it is needed for pvp.

    The attack SHOULD have a higher, much higher, base increase than 2% at the very least. 15% would have made much more sense, or maybe 12% which the cast time reduction got. but 2% is just a waste of time to type all the data into the computer to change anything.

    On a positive note, I am happy with the change to dizzying swing. Tho, something needs to be done about wrecking blow now especially since I have bugged it to not be increasing the damage of the next attack properly. But back to a negative feedback, dizzying swing still needs to start the damage reduction after the stun of the attack ends. The same thing needed was added to Bombardment for 1.5:

    "Bombard (Arrow Spray morph): This ability now applies a snare after the immobilize ends."

    Dizzying swing needs the same thing done to the damage reduction started after the stun ends, not while the target is stunned. The target is already dealing 0 damage to you while its on the ground, same as the target is already not able to move while snared.

    Another thing about uppercut as a whole is that this skill shouldn't be interruptible by interrupt abilities (bash, venom arrow). You can't do it to NPC's so I don't see why it should be doable to players. Its not even a spell.

    --Arcane fighter replacement feedback-- would be good if it did what the patch notes says:

    "Replaced the Arcane Fighter passive with Follow Up. This will increase your damage by 5%/10% for 7 seconds after activating a fully charged heavy attack."

    That I would have approved of. It is much better than just increasing the damage of heavy attacks by 5/10%. But, follow-u in-game is:

    Different, yes? That is actually crappy and a huge nerf to 2h. Thats not worth the unblocked damage you'll be receiving to charge up a full heavy attack, plus the risk of being cc'd while you do it. That is the main reason why uppercuts cast time was unacceptable in the first place. People already do not do very many heavy attacks with melee weapons for those obvious reasons.

    --Heavy Weapons change feedback

    The quicker bleed damage for great axes is good but the actual bleed damage still should be a bit higher. I still don't see how great axes bleed would be better than the now and much needed improved 20% armor pen from mauls or 5% increased damage from greatswords. I'm thinking it should be 75% of weapon damage over 6 seconds. That will also scale in an obvious manner easy to calculate manner.

    --Forceful change feedback--

    I'm going to roll with it for now... but, I still think it should be a block mitigation penetrator instead.

    Destruction Staff

    --Impulse change feedback--

    This one is first because you missed this patch note change in-game.

    "Impulse: Reduced the radius of this ability to 6 meters from 8 meters."

    However, Impulse in-game:

    Notice it still says 8 meters on it. This was the only actual skill change in the destruction staff line that wasn't meant as a bug fix, but it didn't seem to get done.

    Also its still not changed to be blockable. That is the major thing that will fix this skill's balance with other skills (tho it is not the only unblockable skill that needs to be made blockable).


    Yes, I have my VR14 Bow of hundings rage I use to get easy kills in cyrodil.

    So. Everything else done to bow, fine with. But snipe is just not cool. 1.1 second cast time skill that does very similar damage related melee skill at 43(+7) meter range is an overbuff. It didn't need another cast time reduction, or at the very least shouldn't go past 1.5 seconds. I already have no problems with the 1.8 cast time it has on live. The damage it deals for its cast time and range is too high. There is also no minimum range now. It also does even more damage because of the range damage bonus from the trait, also added that the required range is shorter so that all bow skills can receive this bonus. That's 12% more damage, which is not 12% more weapon damage but 12% more skill damage, added to the attack at passive.

    There isn't enough of a cast time OR damage difference between the two skills uppercut and snipe. The 5% reduced damage from the change finally makes its listed damage to be lower than uppercut's, but there is still no risk, as others have stated, at all in using a bow. No incentive to sneak attack with that melee weapon because the bow can and will do it faster and harder from a safe distance. Its not enough of a damage drop change its function, especially since you can just shoot it faster and get more snipes per second now. Burst damage dropping by 5% is nothing compared to the greatly increased sustained damage of it.

    Sneak attack crits with bows on live are already off the chain. I know this, as a bow user. As others suggested, maybe bow shouldn't get a sneak attack crit bonus, or just snipe since it is just WAY too easy.

    --Volley continued feedback--

    Well maybe not everything else is hunky dory. The buff to volley is welcome, but it still has that hidden cast time in it and is not really instant. From the time the area circle disappears when you select the area to the attack actually starting to hit something is a little over a second. First there is winding up your bow, thats like snipes new cast time right there. then there is the wait after you release the arrows into the air. That is really far from "instant".

    A good argument may be for the sake of realism, but it makes the skill clunky and hard to use. At the very least stop making the tooltip deceiving us to believe the attack is instant, because it isn't.

    One hand/Shield

    Overall for 1h/sh I feel I would be able to make use of more 1h-sh abilities instead of just having shielded assault or invasion on my bar!

    --Shield bash changes feedback--

    First off, I think the base cost of this skill is too high for its effects when you are outside of pvp. Against a stunable NPC its good to take them out of the fight for a good long time, but its almost always a waste of stamina against a player.

    Which brings up Reverberating bash changes. This one is actually not a waste of stamina against a player anymore because of the healing reduction. its also a good change since low slash was changed to reduce all damage dealt at base instead of having to morph to deep slash. It was also unfair and unworthy that reverberating bash use to only reduce weapon damage. That was quite useless.

    Powerslam probably wouldn't be either but I feel its damage isn't high enough to take over the new reverberating bash. I think the damage should have been increased rather than the stun be made longer.

    --Low slash changes feedback--

    Making it reduce damage dealt by 15% at base was a great change.

    Deep slash is good too now that it hits 3 targets but would have been nice if the patch notes said the 2 other targets receive less damage, but thats cool. It now serves as a triple snare and damage reducer with nice damage to the initial target.

    --Shielded Assault change feedback--

    The re-applying shield change is cool, but I never really even noticed it didn't re apply in the first place. So... thanks :smile:

    And thats all I have... for now.
    Edited by demonlkojipub19_ESO on October 15, 2014 11:39PM
  • demonlkojipub19_ESO
    Actually... Overall it looks like you guys are trying to make each skill out to be like a stepping stone to the "next better skill". This is why cleave, which is the first 2h skill, seems to never even be ALLOWED to reach the level of impulse, with is the last destruction staff skill. I see that as being the mindset.

    That is also why it seems like Uppercut can never be better than snipe, since uppercut is a 3rd skill and snipe is a 5th skill.

    I think that the team needs to fight against that mindset when it comes to every skill line in the game. Each new level should simply unlock something different. Or even better, to better get off that trend, just take all the abilities off of level requirements and let us learn them in whatever order we want. Just leave the traits level based.

    Thinks like the fighters guild and undaunted would probably have to stay the way they are since you need faction standing to better those skill lines.

    I also still believe each weapon line needs 5 more abilities added to them to broaden what you can do with the weapon. For instance there aren't enough single target abilities with 2h weapon and, each weapon should get a full-aoe ability that performs its function slightly different than the other weapons full aoe ability. Maybe 2h can get a full-aoe that can actually be on-par with impulse, since cleave won't reach that level at this rate.
    Edited by demonlkojipub19_ESO on October 15, 2014 11:47PM
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