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Official Discussion Thread for "Creating ESO: Trials"

  • Mix
    It says the content is for V1 and higher, does this mean part of the zone is lower level? What level are the trials tuned for? I just find it a little confusing because there is a difference V1-V10, largely gear-wise as the higher level players can use higher damage/healing weapons and higher armor gear, and better enchants. Anyone see any discussion on this?
  • torstenb16_ESO8
    I really cant wait to see it:)
    Some things i really miss at the moment, i would like to see world bosses for raids you can fight one hour or more with 4,8 odr 16 people.I mean bosses with large of xps like maybe in old republic.Also at the moment there are not much dungeons to play,eso has no end content at the moment.Also a large veteran pve map where you can farm and maybe guild missions or daily missions. I'm thick of questing in other dominions, my guild members want to play that with twinks.Hope your new content will not only be an add on for questing.
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