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How would you rate Jester Festival 2023?

  • Hapexamendios
    I did one wuest a day for event tickets. That's it.
  • SeaGtGruff
    The event ended as well as could be expected for me, so I was happy about that.

    I like all of the quests, and they seem to be a good mixture of easy quests and more difficult quests. For instance, the flower blossoms quest is easy, so that gives low-level characters and players who aren't into anything very challenging a way to earn their tickets. The princess pig quest is only slightly more difficult, and seems like it may have been designed to be especially appealing to players who are into stealth and eluding guards. The dazzlers quest is probably the most difficult of the original three, since it involves questing in two delves. But none of them are so difficult that they can't be easily soloed by everyone.

    The newer quests are a nice touch, and give a bit more variety for players to choose between for getting their tickets. Getting the band together seems like it involves the most work-- or the most running around, anyway-- but is still easy, and I like how you can engineer four possible outcomes depending on who/what you recruit in two of the delves, as that gives players a bit more incentive to do the quest again. But my favorite quest is probably the fight against King Boar, partly because the fight is just challenging enough that low-level characters might need to group with other players to complete it, and also because you can do a second quest at the same time. After the first day of the event, I just fought King Boar to get my tickets, gold coffer, and a purple coffer each day.
    I've fought mudcrabs more fearsome than me!
  • ZOS_Icy

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