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How would you rate Jester Festival 2023?

  • Bleakz
    i just generally do not like this event
  • Reverb
    It’s always been my least favorite of the recurring holiday events. It’s not terrible, and I appreciate the whimsy, but it’s doesn’t really have replayability for me.
    Edited by Reverb on April 5, 2023 8:39PM
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  • oldbobdude
    Haven’t played. Was going to refresh my tickets back to 12 after buying hidden shoulders. If I do start to play again I’ll want those.
  • lemonizzle
    4, because the Ebonheart pig stealing daily quest is quick enough not to be a bother. Anniversary event will be 5 on this scale, and any zone/chapter/pvp event is the worst.
  • Tenthirty2
    Average, pretty much the same as last year.
    The XP buff is always a win imo.
    The failing comes in the repetition.
    Same "quests" so the bonus is it becomes easily grindable once you get a flow.
    But the failing comes with the same quests, so becomes quickly monotonous.

    If it's your first event tho it's a lot of fun.
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  • Elsonso
    I don't mind the fact that the quests and dialog are the same every year. The fact that this year's event ticket rewards are from the Dollar Store is bugging me. :smile:
  • spartaxoxo
    I just wanted to add that this event is usually one of my favorites. It's fun and silly and I love the way the community interacts with it. It's so unserious which can be a welcome thing.

    So, it's a bit disappointing they decided to spoil this year with the way they handled the event tickets items.
  • CrashTest
    Not the best or worst. I was only interested in double xp to power level alts.
    Edited by CrashTest on April 6, 2023 7:34AM
  • LunaFlora
    i Love jester's festival and the rewards are awesome, the only thing i disliked this time was having to resort to using multiple accounts to be able to get enough fragments of the new costume

    the Passion's Muse personality and the Jester Daedroth costume are both lovely though
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  • tomfant
    Below average.

    The XP boost is the only good thing in this year's festival.

    Pain points are the terrible implementation of the costume fragments with its abyssmal drop chance, and the even more abyssmal content of the purple reward coffers. For me this is a new low of event rewards. It gave me zero incentive to do more than one event quest per day.
    Edited by tomfant on April 6, 2023 9:29AM
  • N00BxV1
    I haven't liked in-game events since the introduction of event tickets. I refuse to pay cash or play multiple accounts to get event rewards just because they make the drop rates so low on new items, or only give us 9 days to collect 10 scraps with no guarantee for a daily drop. We used to be able to collect all the event rewards just by playing, but now I have sooo many unfinished partial fragment collectibles that will probably never get finished. What a waste of time...

    Event tickets were not created to help us. We were already getting rewards from events without them. They were created with the purpose of nudging people into the crown store. And that's why I no longer like in-game events.

    [Edit for words]
    Edited by N00BxV1 on April 6, 2023 1:13PM
  • SpacemanSpiff1
    pretty good.

    only took a couple minutes to get the gold box and then i could move on to actual gameplay. and i made a few million selling dinosaur pajama scraps.
    Below Average for me. I did the full range of quests on day 1 and was then a bit disappointed to find they were exactly the same quests the next day.

    On day 1 I got the Event Keys and the Gold Box but most of the Purple Boxes had very little that I cared about. In all honesty, even the Event Keys are of little value to me since the things that can be purchased are limited in interest to me. Even double XP is not much of a reward (for me).

    So I ended up just doing 1 Quest each day to get the Gold box and keys.

    Deter1UK wrote: »
    Below average

    The rewards are uninspiring

    The quests should be rewritten each year as the lack of variety becomes tedious

    It’s a bit of a shame as the basic idea is great

    ditto. it's the same old quests (for this event and others) that bore me to death.
  • amig186
    3/5, a bit short, but the daily tickets and box were fast to get. Got the rest of the personality and the broom, so that's a plus. The downsides were the boring quests and crappy drop rate of cloth scraps, so overall 3 seems like a fair score.
    PC EU
  • FluffyReachWitch
    Normally when I participate in an event, I can expect that a reasonable amount of gameplay will give me a reasonable chance to collect everything. I was disappointed to learn that this would not be the case with this event.

    If the cloth scraps had dropped from purple boxes, I might have gone out of my way to do multiple quests every day. As it was, I decided to do one quest a day. I can gather the rest of the cloth scraps another year, assuming they return like other fragments.
  • Danikat
    I like events which actually have unique activities and things to do, the ones which are just an extra box of items tacked on to the same dailies which are available all year round are very uninteresting to me.

    Which means the Jester's Festival is my second favourite. I prefer New Life because it has more unique quests and they're more varied, but the Jester's Festival is getting there.
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  • jle30303
    I would rate it low, because of the whole Cloth Scraps thing. A thing that required 10 scraps, with it only being possible to actually farm 1 per day and that was only realistically a 50% chance or so, forcing you to buy the remaining scraps with event tickets, and you might have had to buy *all* of them with tickets.

    Jester Daedroth Costume scraps should have been available from purple boxes as well as gold, and thus obtainable more than once per day. This, alone, would have raised my score for the event up from 4/10 to 7/10, because I actually find the quests themselves reasonably fun.

    Except for killing King Boar, which is rather too difficult for poorly equipped or low-level characters: this may be intended as a "group" challenge, of course, but in that case it needs better signposting as such. (A better-equipped, higher-level or highly skilled character should have a lot less trouble with him: he strikes me as more the strength of a Public Dungeon boss than a normal solo-quest or delve-quest boss. I would suggest that he appear with the visual health bar of a Tier 2 rather than Tier 1 boss, that is, two small squares rather than one on each end of the health bar.)
  • AvalonRanger
    bmnoble wrote: »
    I don't remember much about last years event.

    Agree. That's kind of contents actually.
  • robwolf666
    I don't have an opinion tbh. There's nothing that I was interested in this time, except for hide shoulders, so I just did something the first day to get those tickets back.
  • Lumsdenml
    I would have rated it at least average if there was a chance that the cloth dropped from the purple boxes. Even if it was a drop rate equal to nirncrux, that would have been acceptable...
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  • Ingenon
    The pig quests were easy to do and I thought they were funny! I got my gold box every day, no issues. The purple box contents were not stuff I wanted, so I just did the pig quests. ZOS made it so I could sell the scrap of Minstrel's cloth, which I appreciated because I previewed the Jester's costume, and did not think that I wanted it.
  • FeedbackOnly
    Lumsdenml wrote: »
    I would have rated it at least average if there was a chance that the cloth dropped from the purple boxes. Even if it was a drop rate equal to nirncrux, that would have been acceptable...

    At least there would of been hope
  • Sarannah
    To me all limited time events are make or break based on being able to get all the available limited time rewards.... so in this case I have to rate the event a 1/5. The event itself is fun, and alright. Would be a 4/5 if the rewards were achievable.

    What is the point of playing during events if you can't even get all the rewards... atleast let these pieces go into collections for next year. Now the minstrel cloth pieces are going to take up space for another year. (Have 5)

    Way to screw up an event, not fun!
  • Elsonso
    Lumsdenml wrote: »
    I would have rated it at least average if there was a chance that the cloth dropped from the purple boxes. Even if it was a drop rate equal to nirncrux, that would have been acceptable...

    I managed to get the 10th cloth today. I was running two accounts on this event. I used the second account to do something constructive while I waited for the three minute penalty when switching from NA to EU and back.
  • Kite42

    1) Quick to finish a daily quest and get daily tickets.
    2) Gold boxes gave scraps which were valuable. I traded 6 for a million coin and plenty of gold upgrade mats, for an opportunity cost of a half-finished Barney costume!


    1) Unoriginal fetch quest dross. Come on guys.
    2) Bummer if you wanted the Barney costume.
  • MidniteOwl1913
    The purple box rewards were mostly throw-aways. The gold box things I sold as the costume didn't appeal and the broom if I could have used it as a staff would have been nice. But since that wasn't available I didn't even want the broom. The bucket looked really dumb. I really wanted the sovereign pig, but this is year 2 and I only have 4 pieces so far. So pretty much an utter fail. I gave it a 2 because I did make a good chunk of gold selling the scraps.
  • ZOS_Kevin
    Community Manager
    Thanks everyone for their feedback here. We are going to be sending this to the events team as part of our post-event feedback. Just wanted to highlight that and thank everyone for taking time to post constructive feedback and pinpoints for you during the event.
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  • TaSheen
    Reminding anyone who really wanted the costume and is short on cloth scraps that I have some still on both PC servers to give to the RNG unlucky.

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